One Nation Registers in Victoria

Party spokesman, Malcolm Roberts, has announced Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is officially registered for the upcoming Victorian election.

“Our local Victorian members have been working hard on policies that are specific to their home state, and in due course those policies will be release,” Mr Roberts said.

“Further we encourage Victorians to submit an expression of interest in becoming a candidate,”

“Applications must be submitted soon, as our new vetting process is extremely thorough and may require an extended period to complete,”

“I have had the privilege to go through our new vetting process, and can say it is exhaustive and rigorous,”

“One Nation is only interested in preselecting hard working, ethical, honest Victorians who have their state’s interest at the front of their concerns,”

“As revealed recently, our party has enjoyed significant growth in Victorian membership and participation,”

“We have a growing network of people on the ground who are ready to serve and assist our well established movement,”

One Nation plans to focus on the Victorian Upper House, with a goal of having members elected who can hold the balance of power.

“We know that Victorians are hurting. Hurting from high crime rates, high electricity prices and the recent excessive rates immigration,”

“One Nation Victoria will present positive policies that will address these concerns,” Mr Roberts said.

The Party’s success in the Australian Senate in negotiating important achievements for Australia will be the template the Victorian arm of the party is seeking to emulate.


One Nation is accepting candidate applications at

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One Nation Victoria Registration On Track

In a great success for the party, One Nation Victoria successfully lodged its application for registration for State Politics.

The Victorian Electoral Commission will now survey One Nation members in the State for confirmation. The party’s application will then be advertised and any objections to the application responded to before registration is complete.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Victoria has called all current members to action to respond positively to the Electoral Commission to ensure the registration goes smoothly.

Now is the best time to get involved with the Party as One Nation Victoria takes expressions of interests for Regional Coordinating Committees.

Not a member yet? Now’s the best time to join.