Dictator McGowan making his own rules, locking the unvaxxed out of everything and thinking he’s PM

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    • Roy Cart
      followed this page 2022-01-15 05:26:32 +1000
    • Editor
      commented 2022-01-14 14:51:15 +1000
      Too right! This entire vax mandate would have been illegal prior to 2019, it seems the states have lost sight of what their political role actually is – we do not look to the government to manage our lives and dictate which medicines we need to take. The exclusion of citizens who choose to not participate in this medical experiment goes well beyond Nuremburg; history will condemn these premiers and McGowan in particular.
    • Editor
      tagged this with good 2022-01-14 14:51:14 +1000
    • Lana Knight
      commented 2022-01-14 14:31:23 +1000
      how to be a dictator in a ‘democracy’
    • Lana Knight
      tagged this with good 2022-01-14 14:31:23 +1000
    • Tabatha Dickinson
      published this page in Please Explain Animation Series | Episode Suggestions 2022-01-14 14:24:31 +1000