$320 Million Rorted for Foreign Scholarships

Pauline Hanson discovers the Governments $320 million dollar African Education Scholarship to Australia

***SCHOLARSHIP SCANDAL UPDATE 2nd***The Government has been forced to correct the record.Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed Australia is spending $320 million a year on 4,000 scholarships for international students not, as it previously claimed, 10,000 African students.*****I don't know about you, but it makes my blood boil when I discover the Australian Government have given a $320 million dollar education scholarship package for up to 10,000 Africans to come to study in Australia.Eligible Countries include Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo(Republic of), Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia.All of their expenses will be paid, including the uni degree. Am I the only one who thinks this is complete madness?Over half a trillion dollars in debt and here are the Government and Labor throwing borrowed cash around the globe. It's an absolute insult to every citizen in Australia and a disgrace to hard working people who slave their guts out to be taxed so people like Julie Bishop can go around big noting themselves on a global stage. These people are elected to represent you, not nations across the globe. I wish they'd remember that!!! ***SCHOLARSHIP SCANDAL UPDATE 1st***Senator Gichuhi has called this fake news but that is not good enough. It might not be 10,000 African students but is it 10,000 international students? We don't know.The Government put out this information and they need to release a detailed explanation.What we do know is DFAT has CONFIRMED this program costs taxpayers $320 million.The Government might want to call this fake news but the price tag looks very real.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Africa #Education #Scholarship #Australia #JulieBishop

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The Government has been forced to correct the record.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed Australia is spending $320 million a year on 4,000 scholarships for international students not, as it previously claimed, 10,000 African students.


I don’t know about you, but it makes my blood boil when I discover the Australian Government have given a $320 million dollar education scholarship package for up to 10,000 (***4000***) Africans to come to study in Australia.

Eligible Countries include Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo(Republic of), Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia.

All of their expenses will be paid, including the uni degree.

Am I the only one who thinks this is complete madness?

Over half a trillion dollars in debt and here are the Government and Labor throwing borrowed cash around the globe. It’s an absolute insult to every citizen in Australia and a disgrace to hard working people who slave their guts out to be taxed so people like Julie Bishop can go around big noting themselves on a global stage.

These people are elected to represent you, not nations across the globe. I wish they’d remember that!!!

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  1. Ian Waren
    Ian Waren says:

    This puts to rest any doubts that may have been held as to the intelligence, common sense and capabilities of our elected politicians, most of whom would not know their arse from their elbows. How can our elected government, having been left with a massive deficit, even consider such a massive foreign aid payment when our own economy is struggling and many Australians are either unemployed, living on or close to the poverty line or, in the case of many younger Australians cannot afford the high costs of a university education. Hang your heads in shame.

    • Kay Scurr
      Kay Scurr says:

      I agree with everything you saw, but what can we do about it…my children graduated from uni with hefty hex bills…one still currently paying it off….talk about discrimination.

      • David A Lawton
        David A Lawton says:

        Kay, I am saying the same, reality is we all get “revved” but at the end of the day ‘NUFFINK’ happens to correct these absurdities.

        My post addresses the same question.

        …. Why is this question not asked on a public forum like Q & A ????

        WE are so disorganised that the message will never get through to these dopes.

      • john mackenzie
        john mackenzie says:

        Kay what can we do about it !! What did we do about the damming of the Franklin river ? what did we do about the Vietnam war ? the same as the Gay & lesbian people, they got their bum and demonstrated against the government of the day, let them know they are their to do what we want not what they want.

    • David Lawton
      David Lawton says:


      Cast your mind back, remember Turnbull sprouking about how sad the cookie jar was as a result of LABOR’s fling.
      Turnbull is a dope.

  2. Clint Burnette
    Clint Burnette says:

    Selling out this country is treason. When One Nation eventually becomes the dominant ruling party in Government let’s remember this and the penalties for treason going back to the administration of Gough Whitlam and every politician since.

  3. K.Oades
    K.Oades says:

    $320,000,000 to foreign students when our public schools are falling apart? Oh, but of course that doesn’t include the private schools that their kids go to. You know, the schools that are funded by tax payers whilst our kids struggle to get any sort of education in public schools.

  4. Graham Richardson
    Graham Richardson says:

    I am a pension, Australia looks after outsiders better than the Aussie’s,
    The Government of today is doing to the Australian people what they should be doing to there wives, girlfriends.boyfriends.??
    I don’t think much of women in power, BUT I have been behind you since you started, hope you become PM and get us back on track

    • Noreen Kewin
      Noreen Kewin says:

      There’s nothing good to be said for the so-called men in power either. Big boys with little boys with their “me, me, me” mentality. And isn’t it the “men” behind the scenes in the party room who control things? The entire political system needs serious and drastic overhaul. Kick out the thieves and the deceitful, whatever their gender, and without the benefits they think they are entitled to and start anew. Go for it Pauline.

  5. Ian
    Ian says:

    We are right to be outraged. A lot of these countries are majority Muslim and hate the west. Get the oil-rich Saudis to sponsor them.

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      Saudi Arabia took zero Muslim refugees from Syria while we took 23,000 which was 23,000 more than our allocated humanitarian intake.

  6. MANON
    MANON says:

    What is going on?
    African scholarship for $320 millions, who’s behind this, let the Australian people have their say…..
    This is outrageous, how can this be proposed, politicians take the Australian taxpayers as fools. Good on you Pauline for letting Australians know.

  7. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    That is appalling,when do the people who have worked hard to earn that money get to have a say,I had to pay for my sons education with no handouts, we are a laughing stock to so many nations that know our government is a soft touch.
    When is someone in government going to stand up for the people like what President Trump is doing.

    • Sharyn
      Sharyn says:

      Probably not until Pauline & One Nation gets more of her party in & lots of power….we have a bunch of gutless pollies running the country. Only Pauline & very few others ever speak out …. they are all in there certainly NOT to help or benefit Australians….they don’t give two hoots about Aussies who are the ones that pay their tax AND their wages …. we are not all a bunch of idiots like the think we are, but we certainly need more people turning against the major parties or these stupid decisions will not ever stop ! The more mozzies that they let in power & into the country the harder it’s going to be to stop….look at what is happening overseas…..the frustrating thing is they can say & do whatever they like ….we are expected or bow & scrape to them then if we do or say anything against them & their ideologist we are the racists the bad guy & as happened in England & here, in Australia end up in jail ! Talk about double standards….they are NOT compatible with western society & the last thing we need is our money paying for them to come here to study at uni when Aussies can end up with debts of over $100,000 …..but they think that’s ok ! NO !! subsidise Australian students with that money NOT Africans !!!! Turnbull you disgust me with the stupid decisions you are constantly making for this country ….you are destroying us …. so much treason happening within the government & it needs to stop !
      We need someone like Trump, along with Pauline who have the guts to follow through on the promises they make !

  8. F. D.
    F. D. says:

    I put this on my fake book page:
    Gonski #3. Idiocy is alive and well within the Australian Political System, i.e.
    the Watermelon Party, (far, far, far left,) the Center of the left, (Labor) and the
    “Left Liberals”.

  9. Yvonne Brien
    Yvonne Brien says:

    My little 17 year old grandaughter wants to become a nurse in aged care. She wll have to go to a tafe part time and work as well to pay her way. I think i will write to julie bishop, and seeing that she is so accommodating in giving away 320 million dollars for an educational grant to 4,000 overseas pupils, including a uni degree and paying all their ssociated costs … maybe she would consider paying for my grandaughters uni degree in nursing, plus all her associated costs……?

      • David Lawton
        David Lawton says:


        If’n it were not real it would be funny ….. sadly we are governed by self serving bums.
        Would we all not bow down to a politician that said, and did put Australia first, it would be the act of the millennium.

    • David A Lawton
      David A Lawton says:

      True, it is absurd.

      Fact is we should be told BEFORE they start doling out our money.

  10. christine
    christine says:

    The sooner you are in power the better, to STOP this rot. I find this outrageous !!!!!

  11. Janet Tuft
    Janet Tuft says:

    I cannot understand what is going on in these politician’s heads. Who do they believe they represent? Not Australians apparently. Keep up the good work Pauline, I’m backing you all the way.

  12. Hilco Zwiers
    Hilco Zwiers says:

    Dear Pauline,,

    Yes this is a total rort, I am sure , but can’t prove it that whoever organised that will have a fat envelope given under the table.
    NO government in its right mind would do ANYTHING like that , NOT when our own BACKYARD is screaming for financial help in many ways , E.G. Farmers .
    This woma, Either Julia Bishop or whoever has organised this very cleverly needs to be held to account over this.
    I am sure One Nation can do something about this in Parlament?
    I love to see the outcome of this

  13. Christine Watton
    Christine Watton says:

    I am a registered nurse working for the Shoalhaven Area Health. Last week, I believe, the public hospital had to cancel surgery as the staff were overworked +++ and what happens when staff are tired of shift work, overworked and being pushed…they get sick too! In the are where I specialise we have no space for all of the extra trollies, bins, equipment, lifters, beds etc left in the small area we work. We are in desperate need for a new unit. I cannot believe that this prosperous country is in so much debt to other countries and this spendthrift politician (who is obviously out of touch) is able to give away money like this when there is so many areas of health that this money can go to. I am disgusted! You will get my vote gladly Pauline.

  14. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Recently there has been lots of discussion about a few interrelated issues.
    Chinese students paying for degrees in Australia as a stepping stone to permanent residency including their families. None of them are free from the watchful eye of the CCP.
    Black/African youths running amuck in Victoria terrorizing people including racial slurs. Most recently, a large group partying in a short term listed apartment (in private residential zoned area) acting out against police and vandalizing police cars.
    So are these youths from Africa being given the (equal) opportunity to also apply for permanent residency?? Or will they go home to help their own countries?
    How can this govt policy exclude the needs of the Australian taxpayer/voter?
    Australia simply cannot afford to this. Financially or socially.
    Thanks again Pauline.

    How can

  15. kevin thornton
    kevin thornton says:

    what is it with the current politicians, all parties included, do they like to big note themselves, buy giving away money for no other reason but to appear as the worlds most generous nation, when we have full employment and do not borrow money to pay the bills, thats when you can become a giveaway nation, get your priorities in order, and how come the public always seems to know nothing about this type of activity, where are those reporters who seem more interested in the royal family, than reporting the the real stories to the public. Pauline my wife and i have decided that from now on you have our votes, so keep up the pressure, and thank you for supporting the pensioners .

  16. Ken Benson
    Ken Benson says:

    This is a disgrace we continue to spend borrowed money because we do not have our own and the debt grows along with the interest paid in lost revenue. I agree Julie Bishop has no idea of the problems being created. God help us if she ever became Prime Minister. It is not a joke, it is a disgrace. Pauline thanks for you appreciation and understanding of what we really need.

  17. John McDermott
    John McDermott says:

    Julie Bishop – One World Govt – United Nations puppet. She has already given 100s of millions of Taxpayers money to the Clinton Foundation over the last 10-15 years under the disguise of foreign health aid. The WHO determined a decade ago that the Clinton Foundation was not qualified to administer Health aid programs (e.g. Haiti) but that didn’t stop Bishop from still donating to them.
    The Liberals and Labor and Greens are all puppets of the same criminals.
    Come on Pauline, come on, come on – you go you good thing.

  18. Allan Noffke
    Allan Noffke says:

    A complete disaster and an insult to voters who have paid tax in Australia all our lives to provide for our children and grand children. Our families don’t get that help and struggle to pay for their education. Really, are lies told by Politicians a form of Treason to the people. Perhaps we should investigate that side!

  19. C Somas
    C Somas says:

    What a disgrace. Just another slap in the face to us again,,,why doesn’t Shorten stick his nose in this one on the media to stop this from happening. Bishop can just say sorry we have lack of funds to the Africans and redirect the funds back to our schools ((((its OUR money)))))) AUSTRALIA FIRST

  20. mike
    mike says:

    We do not govern Australia, others tell Turnbull and co this is what you will do, remember the pairs agreement was signed just after Abbott was knifed by Turnbull and what has happened since has been planned for some time as we could not be the odd man out.
    This is just another way that we get the refuge influx into this country. People what is happening in Victoria with the gangs well get ready for more of it.
    This wont effect most of the polys as they are in safe seats where riots happen and when they do they are very careful in what they say as they don’t want to offend the rioters as the next time it could be in their own back yard.
    I call Julie Bishop Turnbull’s pinup girl as she is all smiling and usually like the rest of the team reads from same usual hymn sheet.
    Well Malcolm continue to be wherever you can for the selfie and the cameras and fill your photo album because that is all you are good for and soon you will be history like the rest of your good for nothing party.

  21. David Iles
    David Iles says:

    Disgusting. First they sell out the country to big business and then give away whats left to 3rd world countries. Charity begins at home. How about we look after our own first. Whilst Im at it how about putting an end to the International Student scam. 600,000 student visa’s and most come here just to work depriving our own youth of jobs and forcing down wages.

  22. Kay
    Kay says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg. Please investigate more about the damages caused by international students. Lately the government privatised child protection agencies and gave priorities to international students to apply for the most sensitive jobs

  23. Mr Robin Tisbury
    Mr Robin Tisbury says:

    I live in Victoria, I wish we had a candidate, we need one badly.
    These article make me mad, I have 3 Grandsons going to uni and running up Govenment Dept and here we are giving uni places away to overseas students. How can we get this message out there in the public.

  24. D.Burgess
    D.Burgess says:

    Ditto to all of the above…and double it . treble it. Pauline Hanson you are absolutely fantastic.

    Can anyone find an explanation that Ms Bishop and co-horts have given as to why they are doing it ?

    It is simple to make such pronouncements but what reasons are given for committing such an act of lunacy ?

  25. Lyn. C
    Lyn. C says:

    Thank you Pauline for letting Australians know about this…How else would we get to hear. [email protected]@dy Julia Bishop going on another spending spree with tax payers money, with know benefit, only detrimental to the Australian people…We are being robbed blind! Shorten turns a blind eye! just as wasteful….Daniel Andrews just as bad….cancelling a major road in Victoria which was already paid for in the millions…Credit to Pauline for her ongoing True Blue support to the Australian people…..One Nation ..truly patriotic!! Australians would not be doing it tough if charity/caring was to start at home!!

  26. Roderick Smith
    Roderick Smith says:

    The LNP, Labor and particularly The Greens are a bunch of self serving Political Troglodytes leeching off the hard working Australian Taxpayer, Unless we all individually and collectively band together and throw these UN/NWO/Islamic Appeasers out of office at the next election this country will be in deep shit!

  27. Tracie
    Tracie says:

    Pauline, the Australian Government needs dismantling! Anyone past or present even leaning toward Treasonous behaviour removed, incarcerated and not entitled to tax payer support. Id like to see all misdemeanor non treasonous criminals released to make room for these self serving maniacs who must face court marshall. Australian Defense need full audit and reigning in from the bottom up, theory being the grunts know better if educated or given a voice. There is no relevant education in schools. I could go on and on. Cash and Bishop need to cease pretending they care about anyone or anything other than grandstanding and the sound of their own voice, and I cant stand to hear them speak the lies and misinformation, but they are but a symptom. Where can we be most effective with such a mammoth adversary and task. When are you next near Logan QLD??

  28. Joy Bradley
    Joy Bradley says:

    Come on Pauline, let’s rally hard and fast for the next election. You are the only Party interested
    in keeping Australia Great. The Liberal, Labour, Nationals and Greens are only appeasing themselves – you are the only ONE looking out for Australia. Thank you.

  29. Dean Hooper
    Dean Hooper says:

    Truly a disgace , what future have our kids got with this absurd uncaring manner of waisting tax payers money labor and liberals haven’t got clue would let them run a public toilet . Most of them should have started there and work out how hard it is Australian people that care about our future must support Pauline she’s the only one that’s got common sense and the guts to stand up for us all and that truly has the countries interest at heart never over seas talking shit.those of us who say we can’t do anything about our countries state of stupidity and arrogance . Can support One Nation more support more power it’s the only way we can get out of this mess.

  30. David A Lawton
    David A Lawton says:

    BUT ….. what or how can us minions do about it.
    FACT: the bulk of the electorate I am sure are slightly pissed off with majority of self serving politicians.
    Regardless of political persuasion the facts are , Turnbull says he knows what is best …… Ah ! the banking Royal Commission that he says we did not need …… shows him sort of wrong, the advice re the Sheep ships they ignored from a shipping company, yet the government did ZILCH.
    We all expect that our leaders who have a mile of consultants would get the big issues sorted.
    BUT they cannot …. they bumble along, are an embarrassment to our society and never seems to sack anyone.
    It gives rise to the sort of frustrated public uprising that says “throw therm out” ….. in some countries it would lead to RIOTS.
    Yet we appear to be so accepting of all this mindless bull- shit.


  31. David A Lawton
    David A Lawton says:

    A point that no one seems to address or be aware of.
    Not my opinion but from the Australian Government archives.
    The nitty gritty is way back in late 1940’s 50s.
    The government became aware of the establishment of a welfare program that European countries had implemented. It was for people who became pensioners after their working life. It was then set up in Australia a similar scheme by the government of the day.
    It deducted a percentage from each wage earners pay packet.
    Work out the numbers as to how much loot would be / should be in the can, however in the late 1970 some smart arse politician decide to raid the cookie jar, took millions of dollars that was not theirs and supposedly put it in to consolidated revenue.
    The electorate apparently knew little of this raid.
    Then in later years the Hawke government feasted on the balance; and yes it has NEVER been repaid.
    The fact is it was never theirs to nick.
    Another example of the way that those in power deny us what is ours.
    Have a look at the world ranking of Australians with respect to pensions.
    Last time I looked as a ranking of developed countries Australia is eleventh in the world.
    Have a gander as to how much we pay in foreign aid and behold, if you ask to see where did it go there is NO accountability.
    It will stun you when you see the arsehole countries that we give our hard earned loot to.
    And the total of the tape is absurd.
    The politicians are incapable of understanding the inequity of this policy, ….. give to others …. yet stuff their fellow countrymen.
    Fact: As a helicopter pilot for many years I was flying security for the PNG Constabulary in Rabaul when dopey Gareth Evans flew in to Rabaul to do his big man thing, his much publicised trip to PNG to deliver I think $33 million dollars for Foreign Aid.
    Were there any conditions as to where the money goes …. you jest ? anyone who has worked in PNG will attest that the rorting of the system by those in power, is so blatant and visible it is laughable.
    That is not only PNG nationals, but also the so called do-gooder expats that are there for the take.
    I must qualify that there are many who sincerely strive to help and support groups of PNG citizens.
    They are in the minority.
    The Australian leaches sadly are a realty, you can see it everywhere, usually pissed by 1000 am at the Yacht cub, Squash Club, Golf club .. YES …. those who prostitute them selves at the expense of those they are supposed to serve, they take their money with all the concessions that are given and yet still deny those in need and to those so entitled of the aid money.
    …………. When are we going to balance the books ….. these arseholes cannot be allowed to keep on conning us.

    • Geoff Schleehauf
      Geoff Schleehauf says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with this and they don’t have to be “working” overseas. There are many here in Australia doing exactly that, particularly those working with Aboriginal and Islander Affairs and obviously those in the know who help the Muslims and Illegal Immigrants to thwart the system in getting maximum Centrelink benefits (sickness benefits and the like). There has to be a business that has sprung up where either accountants, lawyers or other learned people know exactly how to wrought the system, which in turn denies genuine Australians from receiving the assistance they so badly need. THIS SHOULD NOT INCLUDE DRUG ABUSERS OR ALCOHOLICS AS THAT IS SELF INFLICTED. I maybe straying slightly, but with all the schemes and processes that have been unsuccessfully employed to stop drug abuse, NOTHING has worked. It’s time to stop using kid gloves and give those who import or deal with this garbage to be given a death sentence ASAP after being found guilty. There should be no appeals, and no prison sentences. They are nothing but parasites and cost not only lives of victims, pain to the victim’s families but huge amounts of money to try and rehabilitate those caught up in this insidious business. It’s time to let those involved in drug trafficking that Australia means business and that if caught up in dealing/supplying, your are going to be as dead as your victims – but quicker! Australia is seen as a laughing stock by criminals, both home grown or foreign. The Goose that laid the golden egg! I hate being thought of as a GOOSE by rip off merchants.

  32. Maree
    Maree says:

    This is like the fruit picking as they pay for flights and also accommodation and they get paid more then a Australian. If you have a look they will only hire back packers now and people are losing their homes and a lot more. They say for Australians need jobs well how can you when they give them to overseas people? They get all there tax back when they leave Australia. If only you could see what is going on. I cannot get work now thanks to back packers only. Amazing.

  33. Shane
    Shane says:

    This makes me so angry.

    I work 7 days a week sometimes 6 depending on when the bosses say. I work 8 to 12 hour days and I am a loyal worker and always have been.

    I have done fruit picking since I was 5 years old as my parents done it so the children done it too.

    Now these days it’s back packers as they will not hire Australians at most farms. They get in overseas contractors and only hire their own nationality.

    They pay $60 a week for a nice cabin as the government helps them to pay the rest and I live in a old caravan to where I pay a full price. How does that work?

    I would like you to come and see me in Mundubbera as my partner cannot even get work due them only putting Tonga people on and they sit under trees and here I am working so hard as I believe in you get work for what you get.

    I think it’s not Australia anymore and it’s sad.

    Please email me or ring me and come out to some places that I can show you what they have done as you would be shocked.

    Thank you for reading my option.

  34. David A Lawton
    David A Lawton says:

    F O R E I G N A I D
    We are missing the point.
    Tell your local member;
    On all issues relating to what our government wants to pay out for OTHER countries shall go before the electorate to vote on at ELECTION time.
    (It will be there for all to see).
    Tabulated will be the amounts prescribed for each country and also how will the distribution of that funding be nominated for and how will it be accounted for.
    It is mandatory that a report on the application of those funds be given to the Australian electorate prior to the next election.

    Folks, we must take action to pull our so call ‘servants’ into gear.
    Can you not appreciate the fact that NO POLITICIAN would give a ‘rats’ as to how much of our money is given away.

    Stick it into your local member, other wise sit back have a cuppa and don’t whinge, the fact that these politicians are having a lend of us.

    …. appreciate any comments …. don’t claim to get it all right but concerned for our country and those who work hard and are being SCREWED.


    • Susan Brit
      Susan Brit says:

      Well said we must take action now to make this government accountable but unfortunately the mjasses don’t know how to go about it and slip into complacency. We need to bombard our local members until something change is made. And vote 1 to Pauline who is obviously their for the love of her country.

  35. Alison Williams
    Alison Williams says:

    For God’s sake, when is the Government going to wake up and get their backyard in order and look after their own. Why are we handing out money hand-over-fist to any country other than our own. We are talking about taxpayers money here, our money!

  36. Susan Brittain
    Susan Brittain says:

    Our country is on its knee’s because it is a signatory to the UN and they call all the shots as well as on our immigration intake and who comes here etc etc etc It seems our culture! our Anzacs! have no future in the new world order or the history books! Heaven forbid what they will be portrayed as in the future! Unfortunately with the immigration intake we are loosing not only our identity but also our vote as we the true Australian people who have made Australia a prosperous country will eventually have no say in the 100 mill population they predict. Mr. Turnbull & Mr. Turnbull plan to give the prosperity Australian citizens have built since colonisation and give it to anyone but the Australian people Shame on them Its all a scam and brainwashing of the public into thing they are there for us

    • Susan Brit
      Susan Brit says:

      My husband has a rare condition of MND called Kennedy’s disease. He has also been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and barrets syndrome which is a pre cancerous condition of the oesphagus. He is currently going through biopsy’s ops etc etc.My husband and I were both made redundant at age 60and because of my husbands condition must maintain private health care otherwise his life is on the line. We have worked hard all our lives to possibly have quality in our retirement but unfortunately not so due to circumstances as above but at least for this I would hope for guaranteed health care. Even going privately he has to wait 5 weeks for a biopsy. A life time for us. But to see non citizens being given free health care etc etc etc as with the amount spent overall on schorlarships is obscene at the cost of needy Australian citizens. This not meant to be a sob story but the sad facts of one pensioner couple

  37. Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown says:

    Thomas Brown 4 May 2018 730 pm
    Pauline you make so sense Australian people need the money 1st before any foreran students.

  38. Jim spratt.
    Jim spratt. says:

    Having watched and listening to Paulines video message, I read all the comments from everyone and came to the conclusion that anyone of us could write a thousand words each and still that would not be enough to describe the madness of julie bishops actions. Yes you may have noticed that I have written her name in lower case because that’s what she deserves. WOULD SHE PLEASE CONFRONT THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, ESPECIALY THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED HER AND EXPLAIN IN PLAIN ENGLISH HOW SHE MADE THIS DECISION. THE ONLY WAY FOR FOR US IS TO GET HER OUT OF OFFICE. TO THE VOTERS IN W.A. DON’T VOTE FOR HER. To anyone who reads this thank you . To anyone who reads this and will take action THANKYOU A thousand times over. Jim from W.A.

    • David Lawton
      David Lawton says:

      Jim I agree totally, BUT listening tonight to Shorten and the crap he puts up what hope have we got ? ?

  39. Jes Jorgensen
    Jes Jorgensen says:

    Jes Jorgensen
    Giving money to other countries for education when we need the money here
    just tell you there is something wrong “upstairs” with politicians. At the same
    time criminals from overseas can stay in Australia, what a joke. I can not vote
    for someone who only look after their own pocket and don’t give a sh.. about
    the Australia people. I hope the next election will change the way we are going.

  40. Artin Goc
    Artin Goc says:

    Beautiful Pauline I am 73 years old one of your biggest supporters, may god give you unlimited energy to stand and fight with this idiots who running this country and extend my life to see you the prime minister of this country before I die. I hope this nations wake up in this not Lucy Country but stupid country who feeds foreigners and ignores his own citizens who pay taxes. You are so good and so correct this nation should open their eyes and ears to liste you. Woman YOU ARE GOOD, god less you

  41. Peter
    Peter says:

    I give up. We have lost our beloved country. I am glad people are now saying what I have been saying for years. Whitlam started it. Great statesman, rubbish. The labour Libs and greenies should hang their heads in shame. I use my freedom of speech and daily admonish all who are here for the welfare, break our laws and hate us. So I treat them with the contempt they treat us. One day I may get killed as I , when I see them, Africans , Muslims and Indians doing wrong I tell them in no uncertain words. Our police are on the gravy train as well. Frightened and only can pick on the weaker older Australians. They know who the real crims are. Anzac Day is a day that no immigrants have any respect for. Why were they sacrificed by our and the lousy British Government. Also sick of hearing about the the so called immoral Royal Family. They are just useless unworthy scum.

  42. Ken Andersen
    Ken Andersen says:

    I would really like to become a member of your party, but at this stag being an old age pensioner with the cost of living be the way it is in this fair state of Queensland, I find the cost a little to much at this stage
    Continue on your way Pauline you have my support
    Ken Andersen

  43. Dawn Bell
    Dawn Bell says:

    Hi Pauline
    Thank you for your concern in this situation. It is disgraceful negligence on the part of Julie Bishop and and all concerned who have passed t;his payment. The problem as we see it is only half the story. Julie Bishop has her own agenda, to ingratiate herself with the UN to gain a place on this evil organisation. She has zero concern for the Australian People, and being the evil snake in the grass that she shouldn’t even the position she holds that gives her the checkbook.she is a disgrace to the Australian people. So grateful for people like you Pauline, that has our country and its people at heart. Thank you.

  44. gerry
    gerry says:

    did I read right 320 mill a lot of that could go to our farmers to give them a hand and to the homeless why have we got homeless people in our beautiful Australia anyway? the mined boggles

  45. Joe Attard
    Joe Attard says:

    I can not believe that these educated politicians are so stupid to to be running our country into the ground. So the only other side of this coin is nothing more than plain old corruption with those at the top being bribed by corporations and the UN wanting to turn Australia into another third world country. Lets no kid ourselves no matter it Liberal or Labor the results are the same form the gas in the ground to our power crisis to this aid money to help outsiders who do absolutely nothing for our country. We have pensioners who can’t afford to eat doe to the cost of living to veterans on the streets and returned soldiers being dis guarded like litter in a bin. When will the people say enough is enough and if the govt won’t listen then it may take civil war against our own govt to rectify it.

  46. Alice
    Alice says:

    Can’t they get their university education online? Why do they have to come here? Will they decide to take up Residency at the completion of their studies? Do we, as taxpayers, really want our tax contribution spent on foreigners rather than our own Australian kids educations? My son has a huge hex debt as do many young Australians. I believe in putting Australians first, as does Pauline, which is why she gets my vote. Every other political party panders to foreign investment and agendas.

  47. tom-paul jagg
    tom-paul jagg says:

    PAULINE HANSON, I totally agree with you. This is like slapping the Australian people in the face and it needs to be stopped NOW. Enough is Enough. Im VOTING FOR PAULINE HANSON!!! tpj

  48. PBraun
    PBraun says:

    I don’t care the details,,,, if we are spending money for African students instead of Australian students then I don’t believe in it,,,, Our priorities are WRONG !!!!!! We are not that well off to be sending millions to Africa when we have our own young lagging behind in the education….

  49. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    In reply to one nations view on foreign students getting this outragious payment on educating in Australian universities when we have young Australian trying to get enough to even live on i can assure you that both sides of the political agenda are nothing but outragious liars and do so because they have what they call parliament privilege which allows them to lie and cheat without remorse, whether the check book be in julie bishops hands or the oppositions the same thing would be the same even worse.We have a primeminister who is obsessed with taking selfies of him self whenever he goes to a meeting or function instead of worrying about the economy, man who in my oppinion believes in himself so much that he most possibly drinks his bathwater,when are the people of this lucky country going to wake up and give these two mager parties the shove, this country is going down the drain hole so fast if we as true Australians dont act very soon it will be too late, our children now in some cases are working for foreign companies and foreign bosses and getting worse. Greed and corruption is alive and flowing in this country in all aspects of life and the two mager parties are right in the middle of it all because they are getting bigger and fatter all at the expence of the hard working australian battler .wake up Australia we possibly may never get rid of them but we can build a third party with pribe anb dignity to counter balance the corruption that is rife and well in the two major parties today

  50. David Lawton
    David Lawton says:

    Folks ,
    Hear ye all.
    After the budget put down by this government I would BET my u-know whats that the Turnbull government days are kaputski; ….. they are gone …..sadly the alternative is worse.
    How could any person with a brain have listened to the unbelievable events that were tabled at the banking investigation and still persist in giving the millions to them (banks) and others.

    Is it not an insult to US ?

    Turnbull is hopeless, do not forget “We don’t need a bank enquiry” days later “Oh yes we will”

    He takes us all for mugs.

    • Renata
      Renata says:

      Thank you Pauline. We’re not for you, we would never know about these sneaky expenditures of money about which Australians would never have been told. You are doing wonderful work Pauline.

  51. sharon grey
    sharon grey says:

    I also have a problem with these foreigners coming here my daughter has to pay a debt of $14000.00 as she decided to take up a course for makeup as she is sick of being on the disability pension and coping flack from her job provider, anyway she has been for interviews and told the only way she can work in a store in Victoria is she has to speak fluid Manadarin where do they get off with this we live in Australia not Asia. They need to shut the gates and look after their own the government is a god dam joke and we are their clowns vote Turnbull out and vote for Pauline Hanson she will do the job, i am going to ask people on facebook would they vote for her?

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