Behind the Scenes - More Tyranny from our Premiers! (idea from my partner Stephen Putt)

Hello Pauline Can you please explain the self-indulgence and self- righteousness of polies and how many believe that laws and ethics don’t apply to them. I have an Idea for a cartoon! Scene. Set in a pseudo period of the Dark Ages. A huge {Over the top} feast is displayed in a great hall. The furniture {table} is supported on the backs of naked non-elected high profile public servants. Anastasia Palaszczuk and Mark McGowan sit on chairs that are also made from naked non-elected high profile public servants. Queen Palaszczuk, Mary 1st of England {Bloody Mary}, or in this case {Bloody Anna} invites Emperor McGowan {Caligula} over for dinner to boast about their personal extravagances, their cruelty and sadistic treatment of the peasants {us}, and their double standards. They laugh and make jokes about how they have kept the peasants locked down and have suppressed, destroyed their livelihoods, kept families separated so that they could not visit their loved ones and/or dying loved ones. They laugh about how they can fly around the world, appoint themselves in new jobs {Olympics} and do anything they want whilst the underlings cannot. They laugh about how easy it is to take Human Rights away from the underlings, including breaking and bending the current laws of the Commonwealth and mandating vaccines. Whilst Palaszczuk and McGowan absolutely gorge themselves, throw up, then gorge themselves again on the extravagant food offerings, the organised entertainment unfolds before them. Firstly, Dan Andrews bouncing around like a lunatic {that he is} dressed as a Court Jester talking absolute political garbage and trying to gain acceptance from Queen Bloody Anna and Emperor Caligula that he is also a very, very bad boy and shouldn’t be reckoned with. Secondly, Queen Bloody Anna, Emperor Caligula, Jester Andrews all watch on excitedly and dance and cheer on the table of festivities, as dozens of naked peasants, who are held securely in wooden stocks by their hands, feet and neck, are forcibly {raped by Human Rights definition} given a COVID injection by the new order Police and Army personnel. Saviour ‘Pauline of Arc’, leading her army of ‘One Nation’, finally arrives to save the day and free the people from oppressive tyranny.

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