NSW premier vying for auslan interpreter job

Watch his press conference 23/12/21 while Hazzard is speaking, Perrottet makes many hand gestures that are obvious signals to shut him up. He holds his glasses (looks like hazzard hit the plonk again) He hits the palm of his hands (2 hits can we shut him up, 4 hits where is an assassin) He pulls at his fingers (Adding up how much he can take from the budget to pay the assassin) He checks his watch (how soon can we get the assassin here) Taps his fingers together (2 taps stop the media from asking questions, 4 taps can the assassin do a bulk deal) Hits his palms 6 times then touches his glasses (Bugger all the assassins quit as job keeeper paid better) Half eye rolls (trying not to fall asleep) Fake smile (desire to punch hazzards teeth out)

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