(1) The Big Tech censorship (2) Australian Sovereignty

(1) The Big Tech censorship. Need I say more? Okay... censorship and suppression of use of Ivermectin. Refer to YouTube Dr John Campbell's video "New Pfizer drug and ivermectin". So it seems the new Pfizer drug works the same way as ivermectin AND YET ivermectin was essentially banned by Big Tech BUT ALSO in Australia. Now we learn that Pfizer's new drug works the same way. I find it hard to believe that Pfizer developed their new drug without knowledge of how ivermectin worked. (BTW: There is also the new Merck drug but this works quite differently. The 'Fact Checkers' are trying to confuse everyone about this.) N.B. How many Aussie lives, esp. in Victoria (and globally), were sacrificed due to the suppressed use of ivermectin ? How to portray this in a cartoon? Good question... but lots of material there. (2) Australian Sovereignty... This is in respect to Climate Change and how the banks ('financial institutions') are cutting off funding to fossil fuel use (new power stations). Since when have Banks told Australia what to do? Who voted them in? Will Banks get to veto Australia's use of nuclear? But, in reality, it's not just about Banks and fossil fuel... It's everything around 'climate change' and trade with, even the UK. And back to basics... What Global Warming? Lots of recent YT videos from the Heartland Institute (for COP26) but this one is easy to follow at a high level "Follow the Science: The IPCC's Backdoor Science Agenda".

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