9 Year Old Refuses To Stand For National Anthem

What do you think about a 9 year old refusing to stand for the National Anthem in school? Is it the parents fault?We are all Australians under the one flag. If the anthem's good enough for Cathy Freeman, Johnathon Thurston, and Warren Mundine to stand, it should be good enough for this 9-year-old

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

9 Year Old Refuses to Stand For Anthem – Has Brainwashing in our Schools gone too far?

What do you think about a 9 year old refusing to stand for the National Anthem in school? Is it the parents fault?

We are all Australians under the one flag. If the anthem’s good enough for Cathy Freeman, Johnathan Thurston, and Warren Mundine to stand, it should be good enough for this 9-year-old.

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    a nine year old does not have the capacity to understand this action, but i am sure the parents do and are using there daughter to push this crazy notion, they should be the ones the school attacks

    • Bruni Brewin
      Bruni Brewin says:

      And if the school does that, can you imagine the racist comments going their way? Like every kid that does wrong by the schools rules, the child should be sent home as a punishment with the full realisation that it has decided not to accept the ability to be taught to read and write, to be able to become a leader in their own community and make things better to integrate into the Australian culture which is part of who she is. Obviously, the parents didn’t get much schooling or they would have worked this out for themselves. If she has a problem now, what will she grow up to be as an adult?

  2. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    At nine years a child really hasn’t formulated opinions of their own, they merely emulate what their parents do. So yes it is the parents fault.
    The curriculum must really put more emphasis on our kids understanding of Australia’s institutions, such as the Westminster system, common law. As well as our historical figures and national symbols.

    • John Culnane
      John Culnane says:

      Is it any surprise that the child is a ‘Brat’??? Both of the parents are senior university faculty staff…
      This is what you do to get the attention you seek but can’t get a response from any part of the community so you use your children… DISGUSTING!!!

  3. Robert E Lee
    Robert E Lee says:

    I have the Mississippi River flowing through my veins, I love Dixie, but I love the Australian National Anthem with equal fervor, I’m proud to share it with all patriotic Australians, and I love Australia.

  4. Ian Melville
    Ian Melville says:

    Both parents are professors so it wouldn’t take much to work out who is driving this. They should be arrested for child abuse. Fancy subjecting a child to this sort of scrutiny when the parents are too gutless to do it themselves…SHAME

  5. Steve Dulfer
    Steve Dulfer says:

    GOOD ON YA PAULINE !…..For saying it publicy, If these people don’t face the flag & sing our National Anthem, they obviously don’t HONOUR THIS COUNTRY. either get rid of them or take all their benefits like Medical, Schooling, Pensions etc etc., I’m angry too ! I was horrified to think this could happen. ALL you GUTLESS Politicans who do NOTHING… Stand up for our Country & formulate a LAW to make this scum change their thinking or GET RID OF THEM ! NOW. before they overrun us like the vermin they are.

  6. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    All children mix and play together no matter what race, they have a blank canvas in their minds and enjoy each other’s company, nothing else matters other than having fun, the perpetual problems that arrives is when their are parents brainwashing their children with their hatred of past evens that happened in their lifetime, it’s usally a twisted version and a biased view, sad thing is they generally are not honest about evens that happed that were wrong on both sides, but chose to be bitter and with one view. These parent need to let go and move on and let their sibling become citizens of a nation without any baggage. Not moving on will only set a bitterness that will eat up their children’s personality to become the same as their own parents

  7. Ian Brander
    Ian Brander says:

    It is painfully obvious that the Aborigines and other ‘minorities’ are being duped / Used !!
    Why, you ask ?? …..This is part of a much bigger agenda to ‘divide and conquer’.
    And they get them on side by offering money, free medical, free university, Job priority, etc..
    It is part of ‘Social Engineering’ that is being practiced upon ALL countries at the moment.
    And Mr Soros & his cohorts are up to their necks in this stuff.
    Wake up Australia, & look around at the ‘disfunctional society that is being manufactured’.

  8. Thoms Brown
    Thoms Brown says:

    Pauline you are right all the time. But what the heat in the summer is the councils are putting black roofs on all houses and the black roads causing massive heat. Hi pressure systems spin in a ante clock wise direction and come from the south nice cold wind then they come from south east then east then north east then NORTH now the hot air from comes down from Queensland and the hot air from the north heat all the black roofs and roads all over the place. Now I will prove it to you, take your shoes and socks of and when it is 40 degrease stand on the road then you will know the truth. Weather Toffs are U sexton open at the top they travel from the west to the east and they cause the same massive heat on black roofs and roads. Now do not forget socks off and stand on the road when 40 degrease you will know the real truth.

  9. Troy Hodgess
    Troy Hodgess says:

    I feel so sorry for Harper, a nine year old girl being ‘Brain Washed’ by her parents. Her father is an Associate Professor at The University of Queensland (School of Psychology
    Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences) and noted on their website as being “an Associate Editor: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology”. NO AGENDA HERE??
    Perhaps we could set up a ‘Go Fund Me” page to pay for Visa’s and Airfares to a country that has a national anthem they believe in


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