Advocating for Veteran Mental Health: South Australian One Nation MLC, The Hon Sarah Game

In a remarkable stride towards addressing the mental health needs of veterans, South Australian One Nation MLC, The Hon. Sarah Game, has been at the forefront of advocating for equitable support for South Australians who have valiantly served our country. 

Recent developments have seen these advocacy efforts reach new heights.  On September 13th, a critical question was raised by Ms. Game to the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, highlighting the troubling disparity in federal rebates for mental health counselling provided to veterans compared to NDIS patients—a difference of $61 per session.  This has attracted attention at the federal level, and an investigation into these discriminatory costs is now underway. 

The move signals the need to bridge gaps in mental health service accessibility and strives for fairness in treatment from healthcare providers, ensuring that veterans receive the support they deserve without financial prejudice. 

In an equally exciting development, Ms. Game’s inaugural International Men’s Day lunch, aimed at raising awareness for men’s mental health, has seen overwhelming community support, with tickets completely sold out.  The event is set to be a benchmark for South Australia, not just in commemorating International Men’s Day but also in fostering support for men’s mental well-being.  Supporters are encouraged to mark November 19th for next year’s event, as it promises to grow into an even more significant occasion. 

Ms. Game is proud to support Legacy as our ‘Charity of Choice’, an esteemed Australian charity that extends its services to the families of those who served.    With pride in the past and hope in the future, they continue to forge ahead stronger than ever like they have been doing so far for almost 100 years. 

South Australia’s Sarah Game MLC's continued endorsement of Legacy is not just about recognition but a testament to the collaborative spirit that inspires and unites various community groups and stakeholders in making a real difference in the lives of Australian Defence Force veterans and their families.