Affordable Energy and Cost of Living

One Nation will implement low cost, reliable, dispatchable power by building new low-emission coal-fired power stations. We will restore Australia’s essential 90-day fuel security policy and commit to reducing cost of living expenses while ensuring manufacturers have a globally competitive power source.

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  • pauline hanson
    commented 2020-08-21 12:00:20 +1000
    pauline hanson sucks butt
  • Grant Lelliott
    commented 2020-07-19 08:18:30 +1000
    Whilst I am a whole hearted supporter of Coal, I also believe that it is time to support a move toward Nuclear power in Australia. Prior to the pandemic the mode was changing towards one of acceptance of small, safe, modular reactors or even Thorium technology.
    We can benefit from supporting Nuclear by framing it in two ways… firstly we push the environmental benefits, of which there are many. Secondly, we push the establishment of a new industry and the benefits that that will bring, everything from scientific research to trades and skills. The establishment of a nuclear industry in Australia also sets us up for the military benefits that that brings in the future.
  • Phill Mueller
    commented 2020-07-06 19:22:23 +1000
    If Australia has any chance of seriously becoming a manufacturer of essential goods, and export our manufactured goods we have to have much cheaper power, and that can only be done using Coal as we’ve done for over 50 yrs. Gas fired turbines is another option, but it appears our own gas is now not cheap. Best option is Nuclear. Today’s technology makes Australia one of the safest places on earth for Nuclear. We have to face reality, wind and Solar can NOT in its current form provide the megawatts needed, efficiently as coal, gas or Nuclear turbines. Our current LNP and ALP parties in Govt do not have the guts to do what’s necessary for Australia.
  • Dirk Egan
    commented 2020-06-10 20:22:05 +1000
    I would have thought a pine plantation was a good place for it since there are few ecosystems that are going to be at risk building bit there since pine plantations are one of the worst mono-cultures with the soil’s nutrients already depleted by decades of growing this crop and the fact very little else lives within these plantations.
    I don’t see what the problem is Kerrie.
  • Kerrie Osborn
    commented 2020-06-10 14:09:40 +1000
    Is One Nation going to do anything about the Wind farm set to be built on the Fraser Coast and said to be the largest one in the southern hemisphere, smack in the middle of a Pine Plantation, having laws being pushed through Parliament to ochange other laws to allow the builders of this Farm to be a law unto themselves.
  • Dirk Egan
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  • Anthony Brookes
    commented 2020-04-27 18:57:59 +1000
    Pauline is the only person that speaks any sense she knows what’s going on and I love her honesty that’s very me
  • Tom Auriac
    published this page in About Our Policies 2020-04-23 12:00:03 +1000