Australia is Taking a Stand Against the United Nations

The UN is now condemning all countries that don't agree with their Global Compact. One Nation played a big part in Australia's pushback against them, with many countries around the world now following Australia's lead, waking up and bowing out.The UN or any other foreign entity should never have power over Australia and our decisions as a country.We need One Nation protecting our voices.

Posted by Steve Dickson - Pauline Hanson's One Nation on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Australia Takes A Stand Against UN

The UN doesn’t look out for Australia’s interests so why should we be dictated to by them?

No one in Government would be talking about rejecting the UN if we didn’t have the guts to say what you’re thinking.

The UN is now condemning all countries that don’t agree with their Global Compact. One Nation played a big part in Australia’s pushback against them, with many countries around the world now following Australia’s lead, waking up and bowing out.

The UN or any other foreign entity should never have power over Australia and our decisions as a country.

We need One Nation protecting our voices.

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  1. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Sovereignty is the most fundamental of human rights. Without it, humans cannot establish community and belonging, turning us into purely interchangable economic units.

  2. Kay Scurr
    Kay Scurr says:

    One Nation …You do great work, you are truly a voice for the people….The UN way too controlling…I support One Nation on this issue and numerous other policies.

  3. Ken
    Ken says:

    The So called United nations is not about uniting nations of the world. it is about destroying them using a socialist form of subservience politics for unelected officials who do not need permission to bring in draconian legislation to change how a country works or for that matter thinks.The previous Australian governments have secretly signed thousands of documents to null and potentially void how the Australian Constitution works .It is now to a point of collapse after 40 years of mismanagement by government officials.It is now Time to sign out of this criminal organization once and for all. No wonder Australia has failed in the last 40 years to build the country. All the secret deals with the So called United nations has disabled every industry every business for years .Why we should go on with the destruction of Australia for some poisoness organization just to remain popularity vote.

  4. Lyn Dunbar
    Lyn Dunbar says:

    Well done One Nation. I know this is the top priority for many Aussies as well as myself. We didn’t elect them, we don’t want them! WE the people are supposed to be sovereign in this country not the government with their underhanded deals. Donald Trump has the right idea, get the hell out of there. It would be nice to see things like we did in the 70’s – 100% made or grown in Australia.In Australia means Australian not mixed in with imported goods that we don’t like, often are not safe, and positively don’t want.
    Keep up the great work One Nation and make this happen.

  5. Ian Brander
    Ian Brander says:

    Absolutely fantastic, the UN is the ‘new world order government’ conceived by those private big super rich and super evil group that rules in this present world. I.E the Rockafellows, who donated the land in New York for it’s headquarters. It came out of the league of Nations after WW1 & it’s publishing arm at that time was called the ‘lucifer publishing company’ in the early 1920’s……but due to public outrage the name was called to the ‘Lucis Trust’ in 1925. The UN’s official publishing arm is still the Lucis Trust a Non profit organisation. If you don’t believe me, check it out. This is the New ‘disorder or chaos that they have planned for us. Wake up Australia. Wake up everybody.

  6. Karen Thompson
    Karen Thompson says:

    Both major parties need to realise that Australia must get the unemployment, deficit and infrastructure under control first before any immigration. REMEMBER – Vote only on Election Day as your vote is not safe being stored for weeks, and put both major parties last on your ballot.

    • Walter Christy
      Walter Christy says:

      Both parties same kettle of fish and we still fighting for same issues never fixed while our country been sold out from underneath us.

      Go into KMart for example count how many items made in Australia and most things are foreign owned.and made.

  7. Ricardo Anasco
    Ricardo Anasco says:

    I could not agree more, we should be the owners of our destiny and not a bunch of parasites who want to own the world by dividing it, oppressing it and control it.

  8. Walter Christy
    Walter Christy says:

    Still with you Pauline.

    Your never forgotten. May not be a big voice these days as I guess most of my letters to the Newspapers blocked these days as I fight on many fronts.

    You should include a Disqus link an alternative to Twitter and Facebook I do not use.

    Your a strong woman Pauline and stay strong amongst the many attacks you have endured. As long as you stand your a thorn in their side.

    I just wish people would look at the many similarities going on to make countries One World Order and what is blocked by the media


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