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Australia’s first case of severe Political Interference from a Foreign Government – The Full Response


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Hi. Good morning and thank you for your patience in allowing me to recover these last couple of days. Today is the day of shame on the Australian media who have been sold a story that is too good to be true and you took it hook, line and sinker. Media across Australia had been blinded by the hate and bias towards One Nation and myself and rush to report on heavily edited footage. These covert recordings have been seen in full and the footage has been heavily edited. Therefore, comments aired have been taken completely out of context.

Admissions have been made by the Qatar Government funded organisation, Al Jazeera, that myself and One Nation had zero affiliation or connection with the NRA. When Al Jazeera discovered this, they orchestrated meetings with the National Rifle Association and donors to American President Donald Trump’s election campaign.

Let me make it very clear to the Australian people. I have never sought donations or political guidance from the NRA. An approach by Roger Muller, who was working under cover for the Islamist organisation made an offer to me to be a guest speaker at the annual Congressional Sportsmen’s Dinner in September, 2018. I declined that offer based on two reasons. One, a federal election could have been called at any time last year and I had been heavily criticised when a previous holiday overlapped with the Longman by-election.

Two, I felt there was no reason to talk with Americans when my voters are here in Australia. It was not a good look. Roger Muller’s persistence for my attendance was endless. My refusal not to attend led Roger Muller to instead invite Steve Dickson and James Ashby. Roger Muller and undercover operative for the Al Jazeera, took it upon himself to prearrange a guest speaking position at the Congressional Sportsmen’s vent for my chief of staff prior to any commitment from One Nation agreeing to attend.

Roger Muller also took it upon himself, not at the request of One Nation, to prearrange two meetings with the NRA campaigners and social media staff. They were not there to learn how to sell a mascot or weaken Australians’ gun laws as his programme has tried to depict. Roger Muller and Al Jazeera was responsible for every single orchestrated meeting during my staff’s visit to the United States. If it wasn’t for Roger Muller and the Islamist Al Jazeera network, One Nation would never, never have had any association with the NRA, Coke Industries or the Congressional Sportsmen’s dinner. They would never have gone to the United States full stop.

My approval of their visit was to learn campaigning techniques, meet with other elected officials at the Congressional Sportsmen’s Dinner and learn about the power and economy of the United States. This is not uncommon for political staffers from Labour, the Liberals and the Greens to travel to the United States for political knowledge. And unlike the major parties, my staff did not travel at the expense of taxpayers.

In an interview I did with Roger Mullah for his website, Gun Rights Australia, I rejected his calls for a concealed carrying of guns and the watering down of Australia’s gun laws. He also asked me these same questions at the dinner table insisting that women should be allowed to carry guns for protection. Again, I said we weren’t changing the laws in Australia. I am also aware that Steve Dickson and James Ashby gave him the same reply when he asked them on multiple occasions.

Why haven’t these comments being shown? This is Australia’s first case of severe political interference from a foreign government. The questions must be asked. How much involvement did the ABC having this illegal covert operation and how much money has the ABC paid using taxpayers’ dollars to organisations affiliated with Qatari Islamist government? Qatar is a government that enforces Sharia law, public floggings, genital mutilation, suppression of women and stoning.

This is a political attack by Al Jazeera in cooperation with the ABC. If the ABC had any ethical bone in their body, they would refuse to put this unfair and unbalanced story to air tonight. Ita Buttrose, you need to ask the question of your organisation as the chairwoman. Is this the unethical behaviour you support or do you truly believe they should be aired before a full investigation by ASIO and the Federal Police in light of the true extent of deception? I note ASIO and the Federal Police because I have personally ask them to investigate this matter and I am awaiting a response from them.

Al Jazeera refused to release the unedited covert recordings and I call on them to hand the tapes over to police and to other Australian media sources to clear this party and its members’ names. Even Peter Greste, a former Al Jazeera journalist has pulled out his former employer for unethical practises.

Journalism ethics are on the line today and Australian voters are asking if the Australian media are complicit in airing this false story. There are comments that have been aired in relation to Port Arthur that are obviously heavily edited and do not reflect how I feel about those tragedies that occurred in 1996. There is no question in my mind that Martin Bryant was the only person responsible for the murders of 35 innocent lives. And my belief stands today that he should have faced the death penalty.

In relation to the discussion of donations from America, I did not give my consent for those conversations to be had. My words and actions on the floor of parliament speak the loudest when I voted in favour of banning all foreign donations in late 2018 well, after Steve Dickson and James Ashby visited the United States. One Nation has never received any foreign donations and you are all welcome to review the electoral commissions reporting of donations to this party.

Let me make it very clear to everyone in this country. One Nation will never water down gun policy in this country. One Nation’s firearms policy is one of the strongest and most widely accepted policy in the country. It is stronger than the new laws put forward by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern because One Nation want to take guns off criminals and those on terror watch lists.

I call on all Australians, take the time to visit our website and be informed. One Nation will never sell its vote to donors and I make that very clear to those who have given money to this party. Perhaps that’s why big organisation and big business don’t give us donations. I have rejected a $50,000 donation from a tobacco company here in Australia and I will reject donations from anyone that feels I, does not share the values of our party. We are a small party that gets very few donations compared to Labour, the Liberals, the Greens, and the National Party who have all taken foreign donations until changes last year. Our donors are mums and dads and retirees who have had a gut full of the two party preferred system that are slowly destroying our country, culture and way of life.

Do I need political donations to keep this party going? You bet I do. We’re up against the major parties who spend up to $60 million each election to win seats across this country. I make no [inaudible 00:10:22] about wanting to change the political voting system. Only today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced he will be preferencing the Labour Party. And Bill Shorten has done a deal to give Labor’s preferences to the Liberals. This is why we have free trade deals that are destroying industries and manufacturing and bringing in thousands of foreign workers under the same deals. It’s why Australia has the highest immigration rates in the developed world. It’s why the UN are making decisions on Australia’s refugee intake, freedom of speech and opinion, our water and our electricity, which both labour and the liberals support.

Why are Australians allowing these major parties to sign over our rights to who decides who controls this nation? I am the last political voice in Australia who is genuinely here for the people of this country. No wonder Australians have had a gut full of Labour and the Liberal National Party. Voters are being misled by the major parties and I wish people would understand how to take control of their own preferences.

I am here to inform you today that James Ashby will remain as my Chief of Staff and Steve Dickson will remain on the Senate ticket in Queensland. These are two very good men who want nothing but the best for this country and the people of Australia. There has been a deliberate and intense effort for years to destroy James Ashby’s credibility since he came to work for me. He has made some stupid remarks as we all have, but I’ve worked so closely with this man for years to know his integrity is unquestionable and he will not be given a trial by media in an effort to have him sucked. He has been targeted over the pain and has been found to have no case to answer by the Electoral Commission.

He is facing false allegations of assault by a member of parliament. There is security vision and three witnesses that have verified James Ashby did not assault anyone. I have no problem [inaudible 00:12:56] people, just asked Brian Burston, John Passarelli or David Oldfield.

It brings me to Steve Dickson. When I first saw the initial hit piece and Steve Dickson’s comments, I was disgusted. But having watched my own comments, knowing how out of context they were portrayed to the Australian people, I knew he was stitched up. I’ve worked closely with this man for at least two and a half years. I know his family and I have stayed at his home. He is a friend. I acknowledge that Steve made some inappropriate comments. However, let’s not forget he was set up. It is all a ploy to destroy One Nation leading into the election.

Steve has admitted and understands what he said wasn’t the right thing, but he was taken out of context and a victim of entrapment. Sometimes we learn the hard way, but we all deserve a second chance and that is exactly what Steve will get. I stand by Steve and James and so does the party. Al Jazeera and media within this country may have tried to destroy One Nation. However, it has backfired. Instead, we stand here today united even stronger. This was a four year ploy designed to target conservative parties. I am aware that Katter’s Australia Party was also a target of this Middle Eastern foreign agent.

For 23 years I had been targeted by the media with a biassed political agenda who have not bothered to report the full facts or give me a fair go. In 1998 I was informed that Rupert Murdoch offered staff a bonus to get any dirt on Pauline Hanson. He’s motto, kill the cow or get the bitch. I ask you what has changed? Not a great deal. Just take a look at white ribbon advocate David Bosch. I don’t hold all media with this contempt and you know whether you’ve given me a fair go or not. You don’t have to agree with my policies or my presentation to give me a fair go.

It’s at this point I must congratulate Andrew Bolt for seeing through the spin and propaganda Al Jazeera and the ABC have aired. Ellen Jones who stood by me when I was imprisoned in 2003 and has to this day continued to give me a fair go. Paul [inaudible 00:15:55] has always been there to offer me a platform unlike so many others. Others to have been generous with their time. They include Laurie Atlas and Aaron Stevens on 4RO. John MacKenzie at 4CA FM. Perko at 4MK FM. [inaudible 00:16:14] who does the country show on Triple M in Brisbane. Wildy on Power 100 in Townsville. [inaudible 00:16:21] Armstrong who’s left Townsville and gone to the Sydney Morning Herald. Kyle Sandilands at KIIS FM and Brent Bultitude at 2HD.

Michael Mckenna from The Australian. He has been reasonable and so too has Renee Viellaris from The Australian, from the Courier-Mail I should say. Both have given me a fair go. There are many more in regional and rural areas across this country and I thank you.

I want to congratulate Mark Latham on is win in New South Wales and welcome him to the baptism of fire. I also want to thank the people out there who have stood by me and One Nation. I think our candidates who have stood strong during these testing times and my amazing staff who have been with me from day one. And lastly my family who again, have had to sit silently and watch me go through hell.

Australia, we are only weeks away from a federal election and One Nation is the biggest threat to the major parties. With Scott Morrison’s comments today where he has done a preference deal with Labour, you Prime Minister have just handed the keys to the large, to Bill Shorten, Dina Tali and the CFM EU. You’re a fool. To the media here today, you have come here bane for my blood and I will not give it to you. I am answerable to the Australian people only and they will have their say at the ballot box. Thank you.

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    • Elaine Herold
      Elaine Herold says:

      Both ALP & LNP have lost the plot. Power has gone to their heads and they are prepared to sell this country to the detriment of all Australians, Their preferencing speaks for itsself. Last Qld election I believe the same thing happened. They will support each other to the death. It is now up to voters to look at the big picture and vote for ONE NATION or KATTER AUSTRALIA PARTY. I Believe they are the only honest parties in the political arena. Time the people realised the corruption of both parties and stood up for what is right. This country is being sold out and the people are the ones who will suffer. Stand up for this country. Stand up for Australian Small Business and help save our economy. Stop supporting Multi nationals to the detriment of hardworking people.

      • Frank
        Frank says:

        They railroaded you years ago because the Aussie public was hearing what you were saying, Pauline, and now they’ve tried again. If you vote for either of the “big three” then your voting for offshore interests and “leaders” who care only about the next 4 years….oh, and their own offshore bank accounts! Sheep, line up!

    • Wayne
      Wayne says:

      Yes how ironic it only aired a couple of days after election ! They all think we are that stupid to not question this !

  1. Reny
    Reny says:

    News reporters never disclose the whole story but edit to mirror their story Today news screwed up this morning they did not edit all it’s was clear Pauline was quoting what a politician had said and not what Pauline said. The meadow takes viewers for fool how many missed the comment that Scott Morrison made about dress code for Australia Day when becoming a citizen then the next day states his does not get involved in dress code when it came to the burka does the meadow and Scott Morrison really think the public have small memories keep the good work up one nation

    • Reny
      Reny says:

      News reporters never disclose the whole story but edit to mirror their story Today news screwed up this morning they did not edit all it’s was clear Pauline was quoting what a politician had said and not what Pauline said. The media takes viewers for fools how many missed the comment that Scott Morrison made about dress code for Australia Day when becoming a citizen then the next day states his does not get involved in dress code when it came to the burka does the media and Scott Morrison really think the public have small memories keep the good work up one nation

  2. Ian Williams
    Ian Williams says:

    The Australian Broadcasting Commission has colluded with a foreign Government — the government of Qatar — to influence the outcome of an Australian election.
    This is a treason-like offence. The ABC should be investigated for this offence — possibly by a Royal Commission and people should face jail time.
    The ABC has gone way beyond normal journalism. One Nation has not done anything illegal — it is completely legal in a democracy to look at changing laws — even gun-ownership laws.

    • Michel
      Michel says:

      My thoughts too. I posted this story on fb because the oz public in general need to know this deceptive behaviour is espionage in my view. I wanted to read the Act first and didn’t. The fact that both the PM and Shorten have not publicly voiced their respective concerns about this is a huge indication of their lack of ethics, responsibilities towards our Nation’s security and their lack of character by doing nothing they are complicit.

    • Sharyn
      Sharyn says:

      I agree! It is atrocious what they have done…and there is nothing worse than MSM picking their bits and pieces to “make up” a story that is the complete opposite of what was said…the reason I never watch MSM news anymore…I have earphone in and watch Netflix if hubby is watching….I just can’t tolerate all the lies they report !
      There most certainly should be a full enquire into the ABC….and yes, those involved with illegal activities should be jailed ! Disgusting!

  3. Ray.c.Reddacliff
    Ray.c.Reddacliff says:

    Go girl go ,Im old but not dead ,keep your chin up ,there are a lot of people depending on you for a voice.

  4. Alen
    Alen says:

    Senator Pauline Hanson. You are an inspiration. You delivered that speech perfectly. You were prepared and composed and spoke clearly and confidently. I am proud to be your supporter and very proud to be a member of One Nation. Please continue to present yourself in this way. Always take your time and do not let your emotions get the better of you. No one can ever deny your love and passion for this country. You are a true Patriot and have only ever been guilty of one thing and that is, of loving this beautiful country so much. God bless Senator 🙂

  5. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    Pauline. You not only looked stunning in that dress, you were magnificent in your speech.
    Those liars who attacked you, i bet they wont apologise. These islamic grubs should be shot.
    Lets go get em mate.

    • Malcolm Roberts
      Malcolm Roberts says:

      “Those liars who attacked you, i bet they wont apologise. These islamic grubs should be shot.”
      Which liars? who attacked her? Should anyone apologise for reporting facts and for broadcasting their own words?
      Which islamic grubs should be shot?..
      Putting aside your call for murdering people, ( like Christchurch killer Tarrant )..not one person in the aljazeera investigation was islamic, muslim or middle eastern..but hey, dont let that stop you from calling for murdering people.

      • chris symon
        chris symon says:

        Al Jazeera is the mouthpiece of the totalitarian state of Qatar.No free press in Qatar.Dissent ~Gaol. Only Qatar males are “first class” citizens. Everyone else is subservient to them.( Sounds like the plan Hitler had for the Aryan race). All underpinned by a SLAVE class actively encouraged by the Qatar government and its first class citizens.

  6. Bruni Brewin
    Bruni Brewin says:

    I watched James Ashby and Steve Dickson give their version of the story. I have a gut feeling that they won’t meet with anyone and not be aware of what they say in future. We all learn the hard way when we are too trusting and expect people to be like us and be like us when they aren’t. I am a counsellor and hypnotherapist of 30 years standing. I have a good intuition and often people people have said to me; “How do you know that?” Is it a learnt skill from childhood or our other life teachings or are we born with it? I can’t answer that honestly. What I can answer is that their explanation to me is a genuine expression of the events that occurred, and Pauline I admire your resilience in the face of adversity – and you are a strong woman to be admired with ethics we should be grateful that you have. I send you an e-hug across the miles and thank you for your determination. I envisage that some honest people who have the fortune to be able to support One Nation are coming your way to help you fight the good fight. If I come into money, I can assure you that I will be one of them.

  7. Norman Mazlin
    Norman Mazlin says:

    I’ve never voted for One Nation before, however this disgusting and sly attack on the party by a foreign Islamist press, supported by the Islamapologists in our own media has backfired on me and hopefully many others. The Prime minister’s response to this attack was as cowardly as his pathetic response to the Turkish President’s threat to kill Australians and send them home like the dead ANZACs in 1915. I will vote for this lady who is NOT frightened to speak out on difficult and controversial issues.

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    I’d rather we were doing business with the NRA to help retain our freedom, but well done anyway One Nation team. Media spin is losing its power.

  9. John Snow
    John Snow says:

    Now the truth has been told !
    The question has to be asked –
    1/ WHY DID AL Jazeera SO OBVIOUSLY TARGET 1 NATION and its staff ????

    • Michelle
      Michelle says:

      Yes, I’d love to know the (truthful) answers to your questions too John. I fear we will never know though. They will have covered their tracks too well as they are more adept at muddying the waters than One Nation or her people.

  10. David Jones
    David Jones says:

    Stand fast Pauline, You are Australia’s Joan of arc only you won’t be burned at any stake although they did unlawfully imprison you, that didn’t work did it, The other parties are so afraid of you because you talk the truth and walk the truth and they can’t handle the truth!!! (I’ve heard that somewhere!!) Please publicly get a Royal Commission or some sort of public inquiry into all these allegations and do it urgently, no publicly insist on it. You have such a strong following of supporters and so many who are not game to come out of the wood-work, please just hang in there. Australia needs you so much.

    • Sharyn
      Sharyn says:

      Yes, most definitely! Well done Pauline, you are certainly a woman of strength and they are obviously running scared …as they should be….let’s hope and pray that many have now turned their backs on the other two and will vote for your party….let’s shock them all so they are shaking in their shoes ! Go Pauline !!

  11. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    Stand strong Pauline you will get my vote pronto at the next and future elections and not and never the hounds that are after you !!! Myself and many others are behind you ALL the way 👍

  12. Ray Smith
    Ray Smith says:

    I believe at this time as the election looms closer certain people or political parties Will try and dis Credit those who they feel will be a threat to them.
    As Pauline grows from strength to strength and speaks her mind as she calls a spade a spade and is not a puppet to the minorities groups and media around this country she will find herself to be a target for every left-wing activist and media do-gooder which this country seems to be full of at this present time.
    At this time Australia more than ever needs a new political party on the landscape one that is for the people and listens to the people and Pauline is trying to do this but keeps getting branded a racist but there are many of us out there that need one nation to grow with numbers in our political system and get this country back to its former glory and a good place to start that is In Queensland so please my fellow countrymen get behind her a one nation party and give these other bastards a good shakeup at the upcoming election in May 2019 and voice our opinion on how degrading and disappointing to us all on the way this country is Governed and the stupid ideas other parties have for us if they win this election which is more likely now we need one nation to have numbers in parliament to block all their stupid ideas and keep the country running smoothly for the future and to have commonsense thinking for the countries growth in power and water needs just to name a few plus our ever growing cost of living expenses I just got out of control with overpaid politicians wearing Rose colored glasses.

    • Sharyn
      Sharyn says:

      Well said ! I sincerely hope that one nation wins every seat they run for ….how awesome would that be ! Might give these other goons a shock and make them ( if possible) to take stock and look at what they are doing wrong and all the country is so fed up …..

  13. Delqui
    Delqui says:

    Pauline Hanson your courage and honesty is admirable. You always speak the truth and the truth will set us all Australians free from foreign interference, antagonistic terror inducing ideologies and you will never sell out (unlike unpatriotic sell outs like David Koch, Derryn Hinch, Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten and ABC). Martin Luther king has once said; I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character… There is nothing wrong about being a proud white Australian patriot, or an Australian patriot of any colour. Al Jazeera is an islamic state sponsored anti-Australian propaganda broadcaster. Islam is and always will be fundamentally anti Judeo Christian faiths and an anti-Western civilisation movement. Even an Idiot like David Koch and his intellectually challenged mate Derryn Hinch should be able to see this.

  14. William
    William says:

    You should stand fast .. but challenge those slimes in the big parties to come up with “real proof” that it wasn`t a conspiracy at Port Arthur .Confront them with the evidence for example that one year before hand , the records show that the then NSW Premier, Barry Unsworth said in parliament, basically this….rough quote ..” do we have to have a massacre in Tasmania before we get better gun control in Australia ” end rough quote .( I, and many many thousands of other Aussies not only just believe it, but also KNOW it was a set up and a conspiracy to get full gun control, and the sheeple of this country fell for it hook line and sinker,).You know and I know it .

    The latest polls in the U.S.A. show that more than half of all Americans know that 911 was an inside job.. You know that as well I am sure ..please have the guts to tell the truth and let it all out there .You may be surprised at just how many more followers you may have then.
    We are being kept like mushrooms , kept in the dark and fed “bullshit” as a whole ..Please Pauline as a fellow Ipswichian…stand up and fight the mongrels ..

  15. keith holder
    keith holder says:

    I do not like preference voting never have and never will the only way I can see a way around this is NOT to put the NUMBER 1 on the top of the long white paper, look to see who you are voting for , and write in the numbers for who you want .. putting the number 1 on the top line is the lazy way and that’s what the major parties want you to do because it is the way they want it ( all fixed ) .
    for all the One Nation supporters look at the ballet paper closely before you put it the ballet box . there are a lot of names & parties on the white paper and I only hope Pauline can let us know how we can fill our our vote to make our vote stronger than ever and keep her seat in parliament with a larger majority than she has now ( I would like to see egg roll off there faces of the big names especially Bill Shorten ) I would like to see Pauline in the parliament for the long haul to keep the others honest ( if that’s possible )

    • elaine herold
      elaine herold says:

      I too dislike preferential voting. I want my vote to count only for the party I choose. Not have it passed on to a party for whom I would never vote. Such as ALP. Should ALP win the upcoming election then it is time to leave our beautiful country, It will be run by spend crazy idiots and then given away to pay off their massive debt. Not to mention us all being controlled by UNIONS. The ALP is the nearest thing you can get to communism. It happened in over 40 countries and look where they are today! Broke and starving! Voters… look at the big picture. Remember promises are free, especially when no plans are given to achieve. Take electric cars that must be regularly charged….they will use up power….where is it coming from? Yet they promise to meet climate change target. Does not add up.

  16. Peter Greenfield
    Peter Greenfield says:

    Well said Pauline. It was great to hear your reply. For those who speak and live the TRUTH, the truth will out, and when it comes out and the people come to realise just how they have been deceived by the main stream parties, they will have their say, as you said, “At the ballot box”
    This is one vote you will definitely get, and I hope many thousand more.
    Just one other thought, in agreeance with your statement, Lets get rid of preferential voting. First past the post wins. That will certainly shake up the major parties.

  17. Delqui
    Delqui says:

    Pauline Hanson your courage and honesty is admirable. You always speak the truth and the truth will set us all Australians free from foreign interference, antagonistic terror inducing ideologies and you will never sell out (unlike unpatriotic sell outs like David Koch, Derryn Hinch, Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten and ABC). Martin Luther king has once said; I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character… There is nothing wrong about being a proud white Australian patriot, or an Australian patriot of any colour. Al Jazeera is an islamic state sponsored anti-Australian propaganda broadcaster. Islam is and always will be fundamentally anti Judeo Christian faiths and an anti-Western civilisation movement. Even an Idiot like David Koch and his intellectually challenged mate Derryn Hinch should be able to see this.

  18. Steve
    Steve says:

    Your courage under fire has left me awestruck. I have never been more impressed with your integrity, love for this country and sheer iron will. I honestly believe you would make an outstanding Prime Minister. You have inspired me for the first time in my life to actually get involved in this country’s politics. Those awful, awful people have made a huge mistake which will be the beginning of the end for leftist ideology.

  19. Susan
    Susan says:

    So disgusted with the ABC and their constant political bias and now trying to bring down One NATION. Most normal Australians can see through this, we are not completely stupid. The undercover camera sting was dishonest and unethical, how could the participants do such an underhanded thing. I respect your honesty Pauline.
    Your response was good. Stay strong like Mr Trump, I notice our media are unusually quiet this week after the results of The Mueller report.

  20. Kev Lemberg
    Kev Lemberg says:

    I get the feeling that the ABC has to be asked some very important questions, I smell a RAT there. I’ve followed Pauline Hanson ever since she made her first speech to the general public. She’ been through much that the average person would have said ‘To Hell With It. Whats the use’. She’s seen the inside of a jail for a time then when found she had done nothing wrong she was set free. Many have taken their shot at her most recently David KOCH Ch7. I believe in her, and the parties policies, sure I’m not always in full agreement, but 99.999999% of what she has to offer I support her on. There is one thing I’d like to say to James and Steve. You may not agree, but in my case back when I was 20 yrs of age, I decided that I needed to do it because I got me in more trouble than I wanted. If you boys can not control your mouth when you’ve had one or 100 too many drinks, then give it away. I do believe that your trip to the USA was a con job and you were set up. To all future and current candidates standing in Federal or State Elections for One Nation, if you like to have a drink or three, plus keep a check on what comes outa your mouths because there is always someone who will use what you have said against the One nation Party. Please be careful everyone, this party is what the decent average Australian wants, Pauline and others have given their all, so please put this party first, and those drinks they should run a very far distance last. I’ll be doing my very best to try and get our party One Nation Party through this current mess we find our selves in, so please do what you can to help as well. Take Care, Stay Safe and Travel Safe everyone, Tomorrows a new day Pauline, we are right behind ya sweet heart, right behind ya.

  21. Willem de Raadt
    Willem de Raadt says:

    It is quite obvious that the fake Australian mainstream media news reporting has it in for One Nation party. One Nation is becoming more prominent in Australia. A party for telling the truth and exposing the corruption. I hope that the Australian people wake up to the distorted TV news media.
    My vote goes to ONE NATION.

  22. Mr & Mrs Coddington
    Mr & Mrs Coddington says:

    To the Honourable Pauline Hanson we are farmers from Central West NSW and my husband and I have just become members of your party tonight. We are ashamed we didn’t join years ago you are a real inspiration to the Australian people and we support all your policies other parties have let us down. We would like to hear from you personally. When the going gets tough, the tough get going and never give up thank you for your courage.

  23. M Wilson
    M Wilson says:

    Pauline, I must admit my initial reaction to the story put One Nation in a poor light, disappointing to me as I had just voted in Mark Latham, my first vote for One Nation. However I took the time to listen to Andrew Bolts analysis of the stich up and wow did I get it wrong. The political interference from Qatar is unprecedented and the complicity of the ABC is troubling. I for one will be contacting my local Federal Member, Dr David Gillespie, to ask for an investigation into the foreign interference and the involvement of the ABC. You are a true champion of the everyday Australian Pauline, I hope out of all of this Australians will see though this and vote One Nation for the Federal election, I know I will.

  24. Peter Groot
    Peter Groot says:

    A question needs to be answered. Who contracted Roger Muller to do this job on O-N?
    There obviously is an agenda. Ita Buttrose has been too short in her position with the ABC to have been involved, but it could be her first major project to sort out the possible involvement of the ABC, if so requested?
    For a long time I have been wondering about the decision making processes of our government, both the ALP and the Coalition (the Greens are off the planet), and also what is going on in the USA, the EU, with Brexit, and the rest of the world. Until I discovered the AGENDA 21, the UN scripted code how the world is to be run, aiming for a One World Order!!
    Suddenly, I was able to join the dots! Check it out on Google!
    It has all become quite clear to me.
    So Senator Hanson, you do not fit in with the aims of Agenda 21. This does not mean that at this stage we should adhere to this Agenda. However, the boffins of the ALP and the Coalition have their policies tuned to this Agenda. O-N is becoming a real threat to both parties, because more people are starting to realising what is going on. With many electorates having very small margins, preferences can determine the outcome. So it could be very interesting to see who organised Roger Muller!
    So for the time we have left, let us try to make Australia a better place to live.
    As I wrote another time, I have been a Liberal voter for a long time. Not because I agreed with all their policies, but because they were a better financial manager than the ALP, who do not understand economics.
    I have not always been able to vote O-N (I have been a member for 2 yrs), because there was not a candidate in my electorate, but this time there is.
    Senator Hanson, keep up the good work, as I know a lot of people who like me fully agree with O-N policies.

  25. nathan dunning
    nathan dunning says:

    Only makes us more determined than ever to elect One Nation to Power. Thank you for the hard work and sacrifices you make for your country.God Bless you.

  26. Ron bryant
    Ron bryant says:

    Ron going great you are right sco mo and his mates are parasites but they have just handed you a massive boost for the elections.you have my vote.media_LIARS.cheers to you

  27. Judy
    Judy says:

    Pulse elevated! This is a truly despicable act of the ABC if they assisted in orchestrating this deception. I have always been a One Nation supporter, but I worry terribly when I saw Steve Dickson discuss the fact that they are well on their way to getting the numbers in parliament to CHANGE the gun laws. That terrifies me. I hope there’s absolute clarity that this remark is definitely a stitch up. Reassurance needed!

  28. Adam
    Adam says:

    Great work, Pauline & boy are the big political players spooked by one nation. Liberal, Labor & Greens are Opposames & we are sick of their nonsense so let’s replace the Greens with one nation for starters.

  29. Sandee Weinert
    Sandee Weinert says:

    Good on you Pauline. I never doubted for one minute that the meeting and what was said was edited to make One Nation look bad. If only more Australians would wake up and see what is going on behind closed doors we would all be better off.

  30. James E. Bryan
    James E. Bryan says:

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. It helps me to understand these accusations and see them with more clarity. I have been told voting for One Nation is a “wasted” vote and will be giving the election to Labor. I disagree and feel that only One Nation shares my values.

  31. knowles peter
    knowles peter says:

    Pauline. Give your two men a serve for being so stupid. I hope they have learned a lesson. I watched Andrew Bolt explain the con job done on your party. Forge on and get as many seats as you can from the Libs/Greens/ Labor parties. Australia needs One Nation. You are our last hope.

  32. Michael hickman
    Michael hickman says:

    You know your on the right path this election will show that people have finally woken up to the puppet politicians. This countries undeniably in need of change and we believe your our only hope. Keep on these treasonous bastards backs don’t let up.

  33. Rosey Palibrk
    Rosey Palibrk says:

    The truth will set up free.
    If anything this will go in your favour.

    Aussies aren’t stupid, we know your character and that of One Nation is good,

    Don’t be surprised ad other Aussies do as my hubby & I will be doing & abandon other political parties in favour of One Nation in protest of this most recent ambush.

    Hang in there.

  34. ken stewart
    ken stewart says:

    thank u Pauline for clearing that up I did hear u say on sunrise that u had read about the .Port Arthur tragedy but I only seen one time with that in it . and what they did to u and mark latham on sunrise was just disgusting and total disrespectful for people who have been put there bye the people of Australia . we all know its a scam and I wonder how many of the labor and liberal leader would like a hidden mic and cam on them when there doing deals with the chines sell of Australia I bet there is a lot of cash dropped into pockets there at the cost or our country . thank your Pauline

  35. Hartmut Knitschke
    Hartmut Knitschke says:

    I for one will not give up on you I will admit I got caught off balance.T than remember the time you got stitched up and jailed.I will remain a remember.Please tell the Boys it is no different than drink driving stay alert Never trust a foreign-funded news story they are as sly as murdocks puppies..

  36. Daniela Ruegg
    Daniela Ruegg says:

    Pauline I admire your courage in this despicable act of entrapment by the corrupt leftist media and the foreign infiltration by Al Jazeera and the Qatar government. This is unprecedented and shameful . You deserve better than this battery from the media for well over 20 years now. You are a strong and passionate woman and that passion you have for Australia and Australians shines and irradiate from you. Never lose that passion that fire that keeps burning inside you as your day will come when you will shine. Thanks for all you do.

  37. michael
    michael says:

    every australian should read the book by joe vialls called deadly deception at port arthur . he starts by saying that all information in the book is factual. therefore i believe it because it could be proved otherwise very easily . is it true that a little before the port arthur incident john howard stood up in parliment and stated ” there will be a massacre in tasmania before we get proper gun controle” if that is the first thing thats proven then it leads to a lot of other question to be answerd.i have a copy of the book . i have never seen another one . some body please respond to this so i know others read these messages and i havnt wasted my time. i support one nation and am considering becoming a contributer of money to help try and keep it afloat.

  38. Karen Thompson
    Karen Thompson says:

    What cowards in the ALP & LNP party. Not a fair fight by anyone of them, not one of them comes out to support Pauline Hansen. What a bunch of PUSSIES!!

  39. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    Get in there Pauline and teach these spineless leftist traitors a lesson.Please people vote for One Nation coming election every vote counts and paves the path to common sense leadership.Lovely Pauline you can do it !

  40. tom-paul jagg
    tom-paul jagg says:

    Pauline Hanson, the AUSTRALIAN People are waking up. You’d be amazed on how many people have finally realised You are 100% for the Australian People. Thank YOU and all the best on the upcoming election. Love from Manly, NSW


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