Make the banks pay for the Royal Commission

This morning on Sunrise Pauline explained why the Federal Government needs to make the banks pay for the Banking Royal Commission and why corporate tax cuts to the sector should be quarantined so that victims are guaranteed to receive compensation.

Posted by One Nation Political Party on Sunday, April 22, 2018

Banks Must Pay for Wrongdoings

This week on Sunrise Pauline explained why the Federal Government needs to make the banks pay for the Banking Royal Commission and why corporate tax cuts to the sector should be quarantined so that victims are guaranteed to receive compensation.

You can watch the full interview where Pauline also gave some more detail on her recent trip to Afghanistan prior to ANZAC day.

Pauline Hanson: Banks must pay for Royal Commission & Afghanistan recap

This morning on Sunrise I explained why the Federal Government needs to make the banks pay for the Banking Royal Commission and why corporate tax cuts to the sector should be quarantined so that victims are guaranteed to receive compensation.I also gave a recap of my trip to Afghanistan to visit Australia's troops, show them my support and listen to what they had to say. I hope you are keeping the brave man & women who are serving, and who have served in our defence force in your thought ahead of ANZAC day.#PaulineHanson #OneNation #ADF #BankingRC #BankingRoyalCommission #Banks #Afghanistan

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Sunday, April 22, 2018

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  1. John and Shirley Kilby
    John and Shirley Kilby says:

    Banks to pay back. That’s a pipe dream for us, we will be paying till the cows come home, the anz gave us a loan at the age of 75 and we had trouble paying for it, we were able to have it reduced a bit with no interest now but we still struggle to afford it on our meager pension. B… banks. We only have our pensions in credit unions now. We both worked our butts off for this country with seemingly no thanks at all for a lifetime of work and taxpaying. Our savings are nil. Not happy jan.

    • Lyn Bennetts
      Lyn Bennetts says:

      John and Shirley
      No disrespect but you have to wonder why the banks would give you a home loan at the age of retirement?
      Even a home loan for 20 years would mean you need to work until you are 95, did this not cross your own mind when applying for finance?

  2. Daryl Dasha Miechel
    Daryl Dasha Miechel says:

    There needs to be competition and that’s why I support creating our Own Bank again the Bank of Australia? Yes and we all have one person to blame for the Banking Deregulation in the 80’sand he should also be made accountable something changed hands back then but although there was a Lot of effort and at our expense into disclosing just what did go on they used the Taxpayers money to Escape brings a true meaning to bring home the bacon? keep up the fight for democracy Pauline Dasha

    • alan ginns
      alan ginns says:

      Yes I agree, a bank for the people by the people with multi-national people /companies excluded. Also we need superannuation funds run by people for people where the funds saved can be lent to the people in the funds and NOT gambled away by companies playing with our money and reaping the benefits for the top brass and giving nothing back to the shareholders.
      The days of wages in the millions for CEO should be banished, THEY are NOT worth it.
      The small people miss out all the time and Government does nothing to protect them.

  3. Judy Flood
    Judy Flood says:

    After reading the article on our veterans homeless. Suggestion: Maybe we could have a retirement village for veterans built, after all Vietnam veterans would be in their 60s now. They would be well cared for and have companions to talk too.

  4. DENIS
    DENIS says:

    Yep, we loathe the CEO scumbags and their immoral underlings and perhaps the whole industry in general. And real punishment is unlikely. But let’s keep the subject it in balance. Don’t blame institutions for initially-wrong decisions. If somebody is unwise enough to take loans inappropriately (whether age or circumstance) or invest unwisely (I have done so), then personal responsibility and accountability cannot be ignored. Naiivety doesn’t cut it! By all means punish severely all malpractice by financial establishments; but don’t forget the lawmakers and regulatory agencies which are supposed to monitor and prevent the widespread chronic misdeeds which frequently never make the headlines. Hands out for the ‘cuts’ you lot.

  5. Donald Rouse
    Donald Rouse says:

    Yes I agree we should have a government owned national bank to keep the bastards honest. Privatisation is not always a good thing. Look at the gross over payment of CEO’s. And when we are at it nationalise the electricity grid. Some things should remain in government hands. Look at the huge salaries CEO’s of electricity retailers pay themselves. In the USA electricity is 11.5 cents a KW Hour ( according to a former USA resident on 2GB). Not 26.8 cents kwh as it is in Australia. And while we are at it create another Commonwealth Oil Refineries. Refine our own fuel and retail petrol. This will keep downward pressure on petrol prices. Yes Keating deregulated the banks. Thanks Paul.

  6. Garth
    Garth says:

    What we all must come to terms with is that our governments sold us out and now borrows from the International Banking Elite who create this money out of thin air and loan there-bye feeding a debt economy that we will never pay back. This is usury at its most evil and, although our constitution allows us to coin our own money in relation to our GDP, we remain in the clutches of this Banking Elite.
    Our governments all agreed on the Lima Declaration in 1975 that sent some 30% of our manufacturing overseas has now morphed into some 90% and this act against the Australian people meant that we would have to borrow from the International Bankers.
    Planned….. you bet!
    The Banking system today is nothing more than legalised criminality and no matter how much they would ever refund it will never be enough for the decades of plundering the wealth of this country.

  7. Elaine Herold
    Elaine Herold says:

    My Brother at the age of 75 went to the CBA to make his final Superannuation Contribution from DIRECTORS CONTRIBUTION. Although the Bank member had handled his requests on 3 previous occasions, he made a mistake when processing the forms. My Brother was sent away with the forms…told to complete same….and transfer the funds to the account number given. He came home and did what he presumed was correct. On the form it stated…tick box….Spousel Contribution…..personal contribution. So as he does not have a spouce he naturally ticked the only other box…..Personal Contribution.. He did not realise he had not completed the correct form until tax time and he found he had to pay $5,250.00 additional income tax due to the Banks error.
    I personally wrote numerous emails to the CBA Superannuat ion Department only to be told that the file has been closed. Speak with my accountant. The accountant says it is up to the Bank to rectify the situation. So where do you go at the age of now 77 when your health is not good and the fight has been knocked out of you. Further more he is associated with the Taxi Industry and due to many bad decisions by Queensland Government which has crucified and destroyed the Industry he is in a position that all he really owns iare the clothes on his back. He has less now than when he commenced work at the age of 14 years! May I say, this has happened to many elderly people within the Taxi Industry.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      Elaine, I understand that this is difficult for your brother and that you are helping him with his problem. But seeing that his
      accountant wont make an approach to the Australian Taxation Office ‘ATO’ you may have to do that on his behalf. I know they can be difficult to deal with in some things but in situations such as yours I think they will be understanding of the problem and help you to resolve it. I had a matter with them last year and they were most helpful and readjusted my taxation return. I was able to do everything on line through MyGov. Try and register you brother on that Government Service to save time and effort. Wish I could help further.

  8. Lyn Bennetts
    Lyn Bennetts says:

    Pauline Hanson,
    I have to say that this cannot just stop with the big four banks, this MUST EXTEND to include smaller banks such as RAMS/RHG MORTGAGE CORPORATION P/L at least, please see RHG REVIEWS on the web and RHG Victims Class Action on Facebook which l started long before l spoke to Malcolm Roberts and his right hand man Leon Ashby and who were kindly representing me during your Banking Enquiry and they said they wanted to put our case up front as soon as a Banking Royal Commission was under way but unfortunately that hasn’t happened.
    RAMS went bankrupt when the global financial crash hit in 2007, but John Kinghorn the director of RAMS started up another arm of RAMS called RHG (RAMS HOME GROUP) he transferred all RAMS home loans into RHG and then went bankrupt on his $650 billion dollar lenders. RHG pushed interest rates up .5% each month until our interest repayments hit 10.9% interest and they left them there; while the reserve bank had reduced interest rates to 4% RHG kept pushing ours up, our repayments were $4,700.00 per month. RAMS/RHG have broken every law and code of conduct written, the National and Consumer Protection Act Section 3 states “A bank cannot raise interest rates to the point that the borrower cannot afford to meet their repayments” and yet that is exactly what they did, my husband was forced to park up our truck which we got the loan for and go and work at the mines in Port Hedland in order to be able to make the morgage and truck repayments. RHG kept coming back threatening to repossess our house knowing we had some money set aside, then they would come back again after our Superannuation. They agreed to our hardship application and then 10 months into the agreement they renigged on the agreement and demanded we pay everything within 2 weeks or they would repossess, the hardship agreement was due to me breaking my back and not being able to walk, run, sit or lay down.
    They went to court but did not serve us with a Notice to Appear and a Deputy Registrar (Not a judge) issued RAMS RHG with a judgement to repossess our property.
    Each time they demanded more and more money off us and would hang the unlawful judgement over our heads until we scrapped up the money we needed to give them.
    This continued until last year July 2017 when they eventually repossessed our family home (we had no more money to give them) they robbed us of everything we have ever worked for. They committed Maladministration, Fraud and Treachery against hundreds of their customers including us and these people have been contacting me so we can get a class action together but we can’t get a solicitor to represent us against the banks.
    I really need you to contact me Pauline, Leon Ashby has my contact details, l really need to explain to you in detail what John Kinghorn has done through RAMS/RHG. When you go bankrupt you actually lose your banking license (you cannot trade) so how did John Kinghorn keep trading under RHG without a license and being bankrupt? PLUS the fact that Banking licenses are not transferable to another company and RHG were not registered with ASIC until 2014 so where was RHG’s Banking license and under what authority were they charging interest on loans that they had no license for.
    I contacted the CIO who put RHG on hold telling them they could not use the judgement against us, the CIO sent them a notice demanding all the documents we were chasing as we had not received one statement since we got the loan in 2007, before we knew it the CIO gave RHG the green light to repossess our home but didn’t bother to inform us of this.
    We lost our house last year in July 2017 (just 9 months ago) and our heads are still reeling from what happened, it was heart breaking.
    It was later that l found out that the Ombudsman is actually paid by the bank that they oversee, so naturally the CIO are not going to be impartial are they?
    We tried financing out a couple of times and each time RHG would raise the exit fees to exorbitant amounts to the point that the new lender advised us not to go ahead with the refinance.
    I have dozens of RHG victims who have lost their homes and some are still living in their cars.
    Please Pauline can you ring me on

    Thank you

    Lyn Bennetts


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