Carlos Quaremba for Barker

Carlos Quaremba embodies the Australian immigrant success story.

When Carlos was very young, his parents left everything they knew behind them in their native Argentina to escape to Australia following that country’s military coup.

“My mum was very well educated and she could the writing on the wall – we weren’t safe in Argentina. The military junta was picking people up off the streets and executing them. It’s believed some 30,000 people were killed.

“My parents were very grateful after finding refuge in Australia. Within a week of arriving, they got jobs and started building our family’s future in this wonderful country.”

Carlos is a parent himself now. He’s worked in factories and nightclubs, on oil and gas fields in the Cooper Basin, and as a carpenter. Today he runs his own building company, and he’s especially keen to help fix Australia’s housing crisis.

“There are a lot of things that could be done to help fix this crisis, which is being felt as strongly in Barker as anywhere else, but what we really need to do is increase supply and reduce demand. We can increase supply by banning foreign ownership of residential property, and we can reduce demand by reducing immigration to more sustainable levels.”

Carlos recognises the importance of agriculture to Barker’s economy and will be a strong advocate for farmers in the electorate.

“Primary production in Barker is amazing. We grow almost everything, we have thriving livestock and dairy industries, we have forestry and we have fisheries. I strongly believe in the right to farm.

“This means I’ll oppose any more water being taken from irrigators in Barker for the Murray Darling Basin Plan. I’ll work to reduce red tape. I’ll work for trade agreements that are fair as well as free, and I’ll advocate for infrastructure projects which provide water security and more efficient export paths for agriculture.”

Carlos is particularly concerned about government authoritarianism and overreach he’s observed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What really worries me is that the past two years in Australia have reminded my mother of what it was like living under the Argentine military junta. That should worry anyone. I have no issue with vaccines – like One Nation, I’m pro-choice, not anti-vax – but I do have issues with vaccine mandates, coercion, and discrimination.

“These issues go to some of the most important principles of Australian democracy: freedom of speech, individual autonomy, and the right to choose. Pauline Hanson has been an inspiration in her efforts to outlaw vaccine coercion and discrimination, and her efforts to put Australia and Australians first. One Nation will always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people, and so will I.”

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Carlos Quaremba embodies the Australian immigrant success story who's worked his way up to running his own building company in Victor Harbor. He’s keen to provide an independent voice in Parliament for the people of Barker #OneNationAus #AusPol2022 #auspol