Bill Shorten pledges $500 million to UN and confirms Labor will increase refugee intake

This is just a friendly reminder Australia.

While your friends and loved ones are battling bushfires, floods and drought – the out of touch Labor party are gifting your money to foreign aid and promising to double Australia’s refugee intake.

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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    It is all part of the lefts,cunning move to bring in more welfare dependent people to vote for the socialists,where the Government owns all and controls all.

  2. kerry allen
    kerry allen says:

    Can ANYONE, anyone, honestly look at Bill Shorten and see him as our next Prime Minister? He is a little twerp. Surely after Rudd and Gillard you can see “here is another one”. The choice for Australia is between 2 main parties – 1 is gutless, and 1 hates Australia but loves refugees. So I will vote for Pauline instead.

  3. John Forbes
    John Forbes says:

    Surely Australia will not follow Europe & Canada while being led by SOROS??
    This is the Soros Foundation – open borders plan as dictated by the Multi-Billionaire George Soros of NAZI FASCIST fame from the Second World War in Hungary.
    Australians have also fallen head first for Multiculturalism & have not bothered to look at the MASSIVE CHILD RAPING epidemic in the UK & Europe as very well in EASY MEAT – by Peter Mclocklin & again illustrated by the London Times Chief Investigator Andrew Norfolk – An Uncomfortable truth both on youtube & easily found.

    • Keith Haycraft
      Keith Haycraft says:

      I agree with most of this statement. Our isolation is our best defence against these people. Euurope is buggered by the ease with which borders can be crossed, to the detriment of locals.
      We need to cut all ties with the UN because it wants us to free our borders like Europe!

    • Debra Mieth
      Debra Mieth says:

      I just recently discovered from an Internet post that the young Afghanis who grabbed guns and killed our soldiers and US soldiers on bases in Afghanistan before being hunted down and probably killed were boys being used for sex and often chained to beds ON THE BASES by the Afghan police and soldiers being trained by our troops. These young people – young girls are also being taken and raped – see the US and Australian forces as being just as guilty as the Police and Afghans raping them because Defence Force policy forbids our soldiers from doing or saying anything. They are even saying they were better off under the Taliban.

    • Margaret Holmes
      Margaret Holmes says:

      I’m with you all the way. We’ve got an overload of muslims from all different countries and while they love our centrelink system they really do not like us as Australians because they want to live under shariah law. With Shortens help they will turn our country into a muslim state. And as for the lawless South Sudanese who are also making a welter of our handouts , left, right and centre : It’s time to start sending them back to South sudan where they are comfortable with their own and let them fight for the justice and freedom they don’t appreciate here. We need all these governerment funded houses for Australians. Definitely, AUSTRALIA FOR AUSTRALIANS NOW !

  4. Nina
    Nina says:

    One Nation should make Citizen Initiated Referenda it’s priority so that we the people can decide what’s best for our country.

  5. Alan Webb
    Alan Webb says:

    Spot on John Forbes !
    Australia is in danger of following the UK down the same path of destruction. Complete censorship and loss of free speech ! Mosques being built everywhere. Sharia courts and Muslim no go zones. Wake up Australia for God’s sake !! Communism is what the left have in mind. What a success that has been NOT.

    • Glynis Robinson
      Glynis Robinson says:

      Alan Webb, I agree, when will Australia learn from the rest of the worlds mistakes? Why are we following them blindly?

  6. Arthur Fletcher
    Arthur Fletcher says:

    If the the person doing their job makes many mistakes , not doing the job correctly,stealing company or share holders money and giving it to another country.They would be sacked and imprisoned!!! What is the difference with politicians???? They do NOT have the right to take OUR TAX MONEY and give it away, before looking after Australians. These politicians obviously earn to much money and think everyone in Australia does Too!

  7. Glynis Robinson
    Glynis Robinson says:


  8. David A lawton
    David A lawton says:

    SHORTEN ? judge him on his record … just another UNION Criminal.
    Check me on this …. when TRUMP got in dumb nuts Shorten lambasted him in every manner.
    Look at how TRUMP has resurrected the economy in the USA … that is all you need to know about SHORTEN.
    A dope of the highest order !

  9. Anon to you
    Anon to you says:

    Ugh why is the West so STUPID lately? It seems like it is hell bent on giving all its money away and turning itself into a third world hell hole! What is WRONG with politicians and why can’t anyone stop them ??!

  10. Lisa Manning
    Lisa Manning says:

    If Shorten gets in , We may as well say Good Bye to Australia!! Its fast becoming 3rd world Country..It will be our Grandchildren who will have to put up with a hugh mess left by the brainless, cluless idiots running this Country

  11. Gordon Daniels
    Gordon Daniels says:

    problem is – our grandchildren and our children will be the (green lefty) ones who will help Commy Labour Bill Shorten get in – why ? – because they are so UNINFORMED and MISGUIDED by the lefty ideas of the ABC etc – they take no interest in politics – wouldnt know who is who -or what plans they have for OZ – just think they are somehow going to save the planet from The HOAX of Climate change – all the time not realising the consequences of their dumbness – and totally destroy life in this country as we now know it – Australia will NEVER be the same again if the Lefty Labour Communist govt gets elected – George Soros will be ever so pleased!!!!

  12. Keith Haycraft
    Keith Haycraft says:

    Two of my relatives have had experiences with Bill Shorten when he was a Union Rep.
    He would say one thing in a meeting then, go to the press & say something completely different, therefore I consider him untrustworthy.
    What should be a priority is to get rid of the 2 Party Preferred system we have in Australia because, no matter for whom we vote, either Labor or the Coalition will govern. All they want to do is maintain the status quo which is why Australians are voting for small Parties first.
    America sent the same message to the US Government that I want sent to the 2 major Parties, change what you do for the good of the Country, not for the good of themselves!

  13. Russell Mansfield
    Russell Mansfield says:

    How can the Labor Party, while supported by the unions, actively pursue the intake of thousands of refugees who will compete for jobs with his own supporters. The labor market is already being decimated by un-skilled and semi-skilled migrants taking the jobs of farming and house building activities from Australian citizens. Is anyone currently surveying the number of jobs lost to these low-paid workers, living on a pittance (commonly 6-8 people living in a 2-bedroom apartment, or at the back of a factory, working only for cash) are taking from Australian citizens? Shorten should have been exposed by his own labor supporters for the hypocrite that he is.

  14. Marcus Fairfax
    Marcus Fairfax says:

    I can’t see the logic of the Australian voter. Ever since I was able to vote (over 45 years ago) it was a two horse race with Labor and Liberal being the two big parties. Until such time that the Australian voters wake up and see that the Liberal and Labor parties are NOT the only parties in the ballot nothing will change. If you want to change something you have to do things differently! Here’s a tip, don’t vote for Liberal or Labor as a matter of course! Pick a different party to vote for, one that will put Australians first! Ever heard of Pauline Hansen? Of course you have, she’s the only one who tell’s it as it is!


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