Liz Suduk for Blair

Active in the community, Liz Suduk volunteers and fundraises at her local Pony Club is a riding member of Warwick Montrose Light horse troop, and takes part in every ANZAC and Remembrance Day parade.

Liz runs tours of her farm for school groups to show kids a hands-on approach to agriculture. Liz and her husband also house cattle for the local schools for their agriculture programmes.

As the Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate for the electorate of Blair, Liz is passionate about returning Australia to a place where the Australian people feel that they can trust their government again. She is keen to give the people a voice in Canberra. She is pro-choice and strongly opposed to the current mandates for Australian workers and wants to see people's rights restored over what substances they put into their bodies.

Liz supports Pauline Hanson's call for a Royal Commission into the COVID health response and the expert advice that informed the decisions of state and federal governments.

In her experience as a small business owner, Liz has first-hand experience in the challenges of being an employer people whilst also battling Government red tape. 

“The over-regulation from the government on small business is nothing short of terrible. The hidden taxes, levies, and stamp duties that are attached to everyday living expenses must stop. The cost of living needs to be more affordable. The state governments are using our resources and taxpayer money to control people and together with a relentless media presence and fear-mongering it's just a disgrace,” she said.

Liz is an honest hardworking Australian with unshakable ethics and a love of her country and the Australian People.

“I will fight to get this Government cleaned up and be a voice in Canberra which is something that the people of this amazing country deserve.”

Tel: 0448 512 953

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Liz Suduk is passionate about returning Australia to a place where the people feel that they can trust their government again. As One Nation's candidate for Blair she will address foreign ownership of water and push for accountability in government #auspol