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At age 19, Ludo arrived in Australia from The Netherlands with his parents and six siblings.

After a short time in a Victorian migrant camp, the family settled in Launceston, Tasmania, where they quickly made friends and began working.

The family were great nature enthusiasts and appreciated the lifestyle and close proximity to the wilderness Tasmania offered.

Ludo was active in the YMCA, Judo club, sailing, hunting, and horse-riding.

He soon joined the Hydro workforce as a carpenter in Gowrie Park, followed by six years living on Flinders Island managing a beef farm, and enjoying all the benefits of an adventurous island lifestyle.

After returning to the Ulverstone area, Ludo was employed as a Project Officer working with unemployed people. He observed firsthand how soul-destroying life on the dole could be and how it kills the incentive to work for a living. The One Nation policy on apprenticeships and bringing manufacturing back to Australia is realistically the only way to solve this generational unemployment issue.

Ludo then started a small home-based business called Tassie Barrel Woodheaters which sold heaters Australia-wide including to aboriginal communities in Central Australia.

Ludo is however best known as The Alpaca Man. He was widely used by Tourism Tasmania in their promotions and featured on Japanese and Chinese television.

These and many more life experiences have shaped Ludoʼs view that One Nation's policies are the best way forward for Australia.

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Ludo's many and varied life experiences ranging from carpentry to farming, and even being promoted as The Alpaca Man for Tourism Tasmania, have contributed to his view that One Nation's policies are the best way forward for Australia. #auspol #OneNationAus