Bring Back ANZAC Day Marches

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:
Anzac Day events across the country were cancelled in 2020 due to Government regulations. Since then, we have seen crowds of up to 50,000 people at footy games, mass gatherings of 30,000 BLM protesters on our streets, crowds of 10,000 at music festivals and thousands on our nation’s beaches over summer.

Given these mass gatherings, it appears to be inconsistent for state government to impose drastic restrictions on this year's Anzac Day celebrations.

For example, In Queensland the march has now been moved to the Ekka show grounds, made a "banner-only", mostly veteran-free event, with just 350 'special invitees' allowed to watch. Of those 350, only 20 places have been allocated to veterans from regional and rural areas. We are told it is for veterans' "protection", but veterans are deeply upset.

Many veterans feel that issues of personal "health and safety" are matters for them and their families to decide, not the Government.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate:
Support our Veterans and ask that the Government reach out to state leaders and do everything its power to ensure Anzac Day celebrations take place.

We ask that the Senate take note of the need for fairness and consistency when applying state laws on mass gatherings and social distancing.

We also ask that the overt bias against regionally based veterans be redressed.


If you are a Queensland resident then pleaser consider also signing One Nation’s official Queensland petition on this issue so it can be tabled in the state parliament by One Nation MP Stephen Andrew | LINK:

3,531 signature
Goal: 1000 signature

Will you sign?

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