Bringing Back Australian Values

One Nation supports:

  • Freezing politicians wages and a review of their perks, including pensions.
  • Fairer Tax Reform including multinationals to pay their fair share.
  • An increase in the aged pension.
  • Returning permanent immigration numbers closer to the 20th century average of 70,000 until our infrastructure can handle a population increase.
  • A sustainable refugee intake, with a priority given to Australians in need first.
  • Jobs for Australians first. Introduce an apprenticeships scheme to support businesses and create skilled Australian workers.
  • A Travel Ban (similar to the Trump administration in the United States) on countries that are known sources of radicalism coming into Australia.
  • A review of family law and child support—we must create a fairer system for families.
  • Review Australian ‘Free Trade Agreements’ and exit those deals not in Australia’s best interest.
  • Increase rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts and life sentences for drug traffickers. This can be achieved by using the proceeds of illicit drug crimes to fund further rehab centres.
  • The introduction of an identity card to access taxpayer-funded services and stop the tens of billions in rorting.
  • Responsible gun ownership and maintain current gun laws. Tougher sentencing for gun-related crimes and traffickers.

One Nation opposes:

  • Full foreign ownership of Australian land and assets.
  • The privatisation of water.
  • Mining and CSG exploration on farmland, where it will have a negative impact on our environment and water table.
  • The privatisation of our universities. Our youth deserve to have access to education. Financial assistance on a needs basis.
  • Changes to Superannuation—certainty is required for long-term plans.
  • Any increase to the GST.
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