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Travis Carter moved to Western Australia when he was just two years old. He grew up in the regional town of Geraldton, finishing his schooling in Mandurah. He has lived in the Electorate of Burt for the last five years.

Travis ran in the 2019 Federal Election and achieved a primary vote of 8.47% which was the third-highest in the state in one of the safest Labor-held seats in all of Australia. "I feel I can do a lot better than that, having now set down roots in the Electorate of Burt", he says.

"Some of the biggest issues that people have come to me over the last few years has definitely been the failing education system, poorly organised health system, and an outdated family law system that is failing kids all across the country. Being an alienated father myself, I have experienced how bad the Family Law Court is."

With regard to the education system, Travis notes, "It is failing our children that there are too many bureaucrats with no experience in education who are making up systems that do not help teachers to teach, do not help the children to learn, and make it harder for parents to be involved in their children’s education. The entire system needs to be focused on our kids’ education, not on administrative duties. Teachers have become nothing more than box tickers and our children are suffering because of it."

After a major motorbike accident in 2015, Travis personally experienced the failings of our health system. "Again, as with the education system, there are too many bureaucrats making decisions with no real life and practical experience, a high level of waste of taxpayers funding, and not enough focus on training Australians to enable hospitals to open more beds. The failure of both Labor and Liberals is not acceptable and Australians need politicians who will support them."

Finally, as a victim of the Family Court, Travis sees the treatment that men, in general, receive as heart-breaking.

"Suicide rates are out of control and real action needs to be taken. Pauline’s work in getting the inquiry into the Family Law Court was a huge success for fathers all over the country. Now, further action is required to make sure the issues uncovered in the inquiry are resolved. Both Labor and Liberals have failed families across the country and a change is required. And Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is that change.

"We have the guts to stand up and say what everyone else is thinking, we have the guts to fight it out with the majors, and we have the guts to represent the Australian people!"

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The big issues One Nation candidate Travis Carter wants to address in his Burt electorate are a failing education system, poorly organised health system, and outdated family law system that's failing children and hurting their futures #OneNationAus #auspol