Tammi Siwes for Canning

Tammi originates from South Australia, and has travelled extensively across Australia before finally calling Perth home.

One of nine children from a hard-working family, Tammi has seen her fair share of poverty and the toll on families caused by the injustices of the family law courts.

Having worked ‘real-life’ roles, from check-out operator to hospitality positions, Tammi lost her administration job because she simply refused to have the COVID-19 vaccine mandated in her workplace.

Never one to give-up or give-in, Tammi established a successful Perth cleaning business in the wake of her dismissal.

Tammi has endured the mandates forced upon many within the Western Australian community and is seeking to bring about a new wave of unity, solidarity and nationality during this federal campaign.

With a promise of honesty and no fancy words, Tammi is seeking your support in the seat of Canning.

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Tammi brings honesty and plain speaking to the federal election campaign and seeks your support for the seat of Canning. #AusPol2022 #OneNationAus #auspol