Kylee Stanton for Capricornia

Having been born and raised in Brisbane, Kylee was lucky enough to spend a great deal of her childhood holidaying with her grandparents and cousins on grazing properties in both Toowoomba and Stanthorpe.

"I was so lucky to have the best of both worlds. The opportunity that comes from living in a major city, as well as the agricultural education afforded me by my relatives."

In 1992, Kylee had the opportunity to travel, living in Spain for 8 months and traveling through Asia and the US, before returning to Australia and then relocating to Toowoomba. Kylee dabbled in many different vocations from Clerical work to hospitality and even as a singer for a few years before having children and eventually returning to her hometown of Brisbane in 2004.

During this time, Kylee was witness to some extreme droughts throughout regional South East Queensland and is very passionate about assisting farmers through their water struggles.

"I have often wondered how we can pump gas all around the country, but we cannot seem to create a catchment or excess water in high rainfall areas and pump water to drought-stricken areas."

Excited to leave Brisbane behind in 2014, Kylee, with her husband, and children made the decision to move to Mackay and enjoy the lifestyle that Central and North QLD brings. This has given her the ability to see the opportunities available with the monsoonal runoffs.

"Without water, our farmers are unable to produce and we will starve. That is why I am proud to align myself with One Nation and look forward to putting forth the One Nation policy to build the infrastructure required to make this happen with the hybrid Bradfield Scheme.

"There is potential for the Clarence River to be redirected as part of the hybrid Bradfield Scheme. Monsoonal water in Queensland goes to the sea and could be redirected as part of the hybrid Bradfield Scheme. Desalination plants could be built around the Gulf of Carpentaria and run using coal-fired power stations. The water could be piped to say Longreach and into the Darling River as part of the hybrid Bradfield Scheme."

Kylee has spent most of her working life as a self-employed small business owner.

"Things can be really tough at times for small business, with more and more 'bureaucratic red tape' surrounding everything you do, not to mention the GST and tax obligations. Just when you feel like you are getting ahead, you pay everything you have to the Tax Department."

Kylee would love to see mum and dad businesses prosper again whilst still managing to have free time for their family and other responsibilities instead of having to spend every spare minute bookkeeping and coping with rules and regulations initiated at all levels of government. She believes a great start to this would be to see tax reform and a more streamlined way of being able to cope with their obligations moving forward.

"One Nation opposes any increase to the GST as it will reduce spending and destroy small business, and it supports the investigation of an alternative tax system and fairer tax reform."

Kylee believes in family values and would like to see Australia get back to the freedoms and lifestyles that we all cherish. She maintains that our current government does not work for the people anymore—serving only themselves and their donors.

“I have always had a keen interest in politics and never have I been more disgusted with where our country is at than now. It is time we send them a message and the next election is the best place for it.

"I will serve the people, not the agenda. Being an elected official is a privilege, not a green light to corruption, and I firmly believe that One Nation's policies reflect what the general population wants for this country. The Citizens’ Initiated Referenda policy illustrates exactly that.

"One Nation will push for the introduction of Citizens Initiated Referenda (CIR), giving Australians the opportunity to have their say and bring about change without waiting for politicians to listen and act.

"I will always put Australians first."

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One Nation Capricornia candidate Kylee Stanton knows government doesn't work for people—it only serves itself and its donors. She believes #OneNationAus policies reflect what Aussies want and, if elected, Kylee will serve the people—not the agenda #auspol