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Paul is passionate about his country and believes it’s not too late to bring back Australian values. First and foremost, he wants to see more homegrown jobs rather than sending industry overseas or importing workers at the expense of Australians.

A hard-working man and caring father, Paul (aka Murph) was born in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs. During his early years as a family-focused man, Paul moved closer to his parents to care for and enjoy quality time with them.

Paul says he was lucky enough to be able to serve in Australia's Army Reserves while also following his career path and starting a family. As life progressed for Paul, his passion for community drew him towards voluntary work with CFA, youth organisations, and becoming a youth leader, and coaching Youth Basketball.

"Like Pauline Hanson, I’m all for a review of family law and child support—we must create a fairer system for families. During my time as a Youth Leader, I’ve personally witnessed the systemic failures of the Government to support today's youth."

As someone who lives life to the full, Paul enjoys his sports and hobbies and encourages those around him to share his love of being active and experiencing this country’s great outdoors. The past two years have been tough on mental health and well-being for many Australians who were locked inside their homes and afraid for their lives. Paul sees a role for community-driven recovery. He wants to see a Citizens Initiated Referenda implemented to give Australians the opportunity to have their say and bring about change without waiting for politicians to listen and act.

To ensure that the mistakes made during this pandemic are never repeated, Paul says "I support Pauline Hanson’s call for a broad Royal Commission into the management of the pandemic by our governments, both State and Federal."

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Paul believes it's not too late to make a course correction for Australia. He sees a role for community-driven recovery by giving Aussies the opportunity to have their say in bringing back Australian values, manufacturing, and homegrown jobs. #OneNationAus