One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson has announced a new push to rescue Australia’s dairy industry.

Speaking with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin on Sky News, Senator Hanson outlines a plan to table legislation that would ensure Australia’s struggling dairy farmers were paid a fair farm gate price for their milk.

This follows One Nation’s efforts in September last year to have the Senate agree to a series of measures to protect our dairy industry from further damage. These rescue measures were put to the Senate in a formal motion and called on the Federal Government to provide immediate additional financial support to dairy farmers who cannot feed their herds and regulate the price of milk per litre paid by processors to dairy farmers to ensure a viable dairy industry.

Sadly, One Nation’s proposal to save the dairy industry was rejected by the combined efforts of the Liberals, the Nationals and Labor.

Since last September, the state of Australia’s dairy industry has continued to worsen, yet the Government has failed to take any steps to protect the industry from ruin.

One Nation will be pushing this issue hard next week, its time the other parties were forced to acknowledge the destruction caused by their lack of action.


If you ever get the feeling the media is trying to convince you the day is night or that the grass is blue and the sky is green, you are not alone.

The media’s coverage of the so-called “outrage” that followed the announcement that One Nation had secured a comprehensive inquiry into our failing family law system is a crystal clear example of how they attempt to bend the truth.

Fortunately, Sky News presenter Chris Kenny took the time to compile an excellent segment that laid bare the shocking extent of the media spin on this issue.

Kenny’s segment included one “expert” which argued on the ABC that Senator Hanson’s claim that some women were lying about family law matters to get more favourable outcomes was quickly disproven by an Australian study which showed up to 14% of accusations of domestic violence heard by the family law courts were false.

Don’t believe us? Then you might want to check out the segment in full and see for yourself.


When the Government announced its Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019, One Nation was the first party in parliament to sound the alarm.

Initially, Labor seemed inclined to roll over and support the Government’s plan to ban cash.

This would have been a devastating set back because with Labor’s support the Coalition could have rushed the bill through the parliament with little to no scrutiny.

It seems this was what the Government intended to do as they initially recommend the bill to avoid any scrutiny from Senate Committees, however, they were thwarted following strong opposition from One Nation.

Once it became clear that One Nation had convinced Labor and the rest of the Crossbench to support a referral they caved and chose to allow the bill to face proper scrutiny.

Forcing politicians to acknowledge the widespread opposition of the people of Australia to this piece of totalitarian policy is the first step in making sure it never becomes law.

If you are interested in making a submission to the committee investigating the Government’s Cash Ban Bill visit this website and find out more.


Following the announcement that One Nation had achieved arguably the most comprehensive review of the Family Law System in nearly 4 decades, our phones have been ringing off the hook with people desperate to share their stories and contribute.

If you are one of the thousands of Australians seeking to share their stories with the committee then the best place to start is the official committee home page.

Because we are still in the early stages the committee has not progressed beyond allowing written submissions. However, as things progress the timetables for public hearings will be announced.

All those interested in this, and we know there are many, should keep an eye on the official inquiry page and keep track of One Nation social media because our representatives will be doing their utmost to keep the public informed.

Speaking of keeping the public informed, following the Senate vote that established the inquiry, Senator Hanson held a full media conference and took questions from reporters.

A few snippets made it into the news but you can view the entire presser in full online by following the link below.

Another important thing to remember is that while One Nation was able to convince the Government of the importance of this inquiry, the Labor party chose to oppose it.

This is just another example of how the Labor party has become beholden to far-left interest groups.

You would have thought that following their brutal drubbing at the last federal election Labor would have learned that it is not the shrill voices in the media, or the inane heckling from the Greens across the chamber they should listen too, it is the Australian people.

It seems Labor, under the leadership of Anthony Albanese, has learned nothing.

But the good news is despite the opposition from Labor and the Green the inquiry is locked in and will be progressing full steam ahead.

The plan is to take it across the country and ensure that hearings are held not just in big cities but in rural and regional areas to ensure that all Australians are given a say.

There is no doubt that once the heartbreaking stories from those whose lives have been destroyed by our broken family law system are made public that the system will be forced to change. 


It is no secret that China is aggressively pursuing its own interests across the world and doing what it can to influence countries like Australia.

That is why it was so disturbing when links between Liberal MP Gladys Liu and the Chinese Communist Party were brought to light.

The true extent of the problem became painfully clear after an interview between Andrew Bolt and Ms. Liu.

Ms. Liu refused to accuse China of theft in the South China Sea, refused to admit that China was a dictatorship and seemed extremely reluctant to criticise China.

Since then further evidence emerged that Ms. Liu had failed to declare tens of thousands worth of donations to the Liberal party and that ASIO had advised the Liberals against her preselection.

This is not acceptable behaviour from someone who claims to represent the people of Australia.

Following these disturbing revelations, Senator Hanson called for a full investigation of the matter saying Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a lot of questions to answer.

One Nation supported a full inquiry into the issues of Chinese influence but the inquiry was blocked after the Liberals and Labor united to defeat the legislation.

One Nation also voted to have the Government table a full report explaining in detail the issues surrounding their MP Gladys Liu.

However, the Government was also able to quash the report after receiving help from the Centre Alliance.

One Nation will continue to fight to hold the Government to account but so long as Labor and the Cross-Bench work to protect them, they will never face true scrutiny.


Great news for anyone who is passionate about fixing Australia’s Family Law system, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has intensified her call for a Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into Family Law as male suicide rates escalate to three a day and one woman is murdered a week due to the country’s outdated family law system.

Senator Hanson has called for an overhaul of the 1988 child support system and has flagged a three-point plan to repair the payment calculation so that non-custodial parents are able to continue to meet the needs of their children, without creating a lifestyle for their former partners.

According to Senator Hanson, the current system penalises non-custodial parents who work overtime, take on a second job and are forced to pay the custodial parent, based on before-tax earnings.”

However, Senator Hanson believes child support calculations should be based on a standard 38-hour week, therefore quarantining overtime payments and the earnings from a second job.

As Senator Hanson said, “why should a person who decides to work their guts out on their days off, lose an enormous chunk of that money?”

“It not only deters a person from putting in the hard yards, but it prevents the non-custodial parent from getting back on their feet and ahead in life.”

Senator Hanson also believes a new child support formula should be broken into three categories where non-custodial parents are obligated to meet the needs of a child in prep, primary and high school.

Senator Hanson has sent a detailed list of terms of reference into family law to Attorney General, Christian Porter and has called on the Government to hold a 12-month inquiry that she would chair.

If she is able to get the inquiry across the line, Senator Hanson has vowed to take it to areas right across the country and not just to the major cities because all Australians deserve a voice on our broken family law system, not just those in the big cities.

I’ve outlined a number of changes I believe are required to modernise our country’s outdated Child Support system….

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One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has officially launched the campaign to prevent a watering down of the Banking Code of Practice.

Speaking at the Financial Services Council 2019 Summit, Senator Roberts announced that One Nation will vote to disallow the ‘2019 Code of Banking Practice’, introduced by the Morrison Government in July.

This move would ensure that the Banking Code of Practice is not watered down further, but One Nation has gone further and called for stronger terms to be included in any future banking code.

One notable example of how the 2019 Code weakens scrutiny of the banks is the removal of the requirement for banks to be ‘honest’ and instead uses the word ‘compassionate’.

I’m sure we could all agree that demanding that banks act honestly should be a minimum requirement.

Since re-entering the Senate in 2016, One Nation has fought tirelessly for major reforms and greater accountably of the banking sector.

From spearheading the Senate Inquiry into Rural Banking, the major precursor to the Banking Royal Commission, to now One Nation has never let up in its struggle to hold the banks to account for their poor treatment of many Australians.

One Nation will be seeking the support of all other parties to ensure that the current weak regulations are scrapped, and then replaced with significantly stronger regulations.

A detailed media release about how One Nation will continue to hold the banking industry account has been released by Senator Roberts and is available to read on his social media.

Media ReleaseSenator Roberts says One Nation will oppose the2019 Code of Banking Practice.Speaking at the Financial…

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On a lighter note, Senator Roberts was also named the 45th most influential Climate Change Politician by Nature magazine!

While it is likely that the authors at Nature Magazine did not intend this as a compliment the list is chock-a-block with so many of the world’s leading opponents of the Climate Change Con that it really must be considered a great honour.

I have a feeling a framed copy of that edition of Nature Magazine will be heading straight to Senator Roberts’ pool room.

And who knows, with all the hard work he has been up too since his re-election, next year he might crack the top ten.

World's Most Influential Climate Contrarians Named. Nature magazine has gone from a once great scientific giant to…

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Unless you were living under a rock you couldn’t have missed Senator Hanson climb the rock but with the media being what it is, you might not have gotten the full story.

Following the much publicised trip to the rock, Senator Hanson released a detailed statement outlining not just how and why she believed the rock should remain open for all Australians, but a number of other issues that were brought to her attention by the local community that the other parties have ignored.

For instance, the six Anangu Mayatja Council Elders that Senator Hanson spoke with explained that they do not accept the Uluru Statement from the Heart, describing it as a “rag” that does not speak for their people.

Furthermore, there are issues around aboriginal academics and activists speaking on behalf of the community and misrepresenting their desires.

Not to mention the danger that, with the closure of the climb and a potential drop off in tourism numbers, the hundreds of millions of dollars loaned for the purchase of the Ayers Rock Resort might never be repaid.

You can read the entire statement online at www.senatorhanson.com.au, this is also a great resource for keeping up to date with all media releases coming out of the Senator office.

And for those of you who didn’t catch the coverage on A Current Affair, you can see the entire segment on Senator Hanson’s Facebook page.

Pauline Hanson climbs the Rock

If you missed A Current Affair tonight, here's the story of my visit to the Rock and my talks with the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders about jobs, the parliaments push to accept the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the imminent closure of the Rock climb.If you want to vote on the poll ACA are conducting, click on their facebook link above.** Just for the record, Tjimpuna Ruby has asked that I correct one point of tonight's story. She has said that she never wanted to keep the climb open for the purpose of jobs. **#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Uluru #ACA #ACurrentAffair

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One Nation defies polls, celebrates return to form

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was celebrating a return to form as the party defied polls pointing to declining support and emerged from the election with a chance of increased Senate representation.

While One Nation had not secured any lower house seats at last count, the party commanded impressive support of between 13 and 22 percent in Queensland electorates such as Dawson, Capricornia, Flynn, Blair, Maranoa, Hinkler, Wright, Longman, Groom and the seats of Hunter and Paterson in New South Wales.

Read: Hunter delivers two-fingered salute to Labor’s energy plan, via One Nation

With the count in the House of Representatives still continuing Monday, One Nation had notched 3% of the national vote. This represents a more than doubling of One Nation’s vote in the 2016 Federal Election (1.29%) which saw the party burst back onto the political scene.

Although commentators highlight that Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party achieved a similar figure by standing 151 candidates across the country, this comparison doesn’t account for the fact that One Nation stood candidates in only 59 of the 151 House of Representatives divisions.

As of late Monday with 75% of the vote counted, One Nation had achieved an average 7.8% of the vote in areas it stood candidates.

Counting for the Senate is expected to continue for a number of weeks. The party’s best chance at increased representation is Malcolm Roberts for Queensland Senate who sits on 9.8% of the vote with just over 40% of Senate ballot papers counted. This places the party in a very strong position but fighting a scattered field of preference flows to achieve the 14.3% needed to secure Mr. Roberts’ return to Parliament.

ELECTION UPDATEThe focus of the vote counting is still in the Lower House to confirm whether the LNP will form a…

Posted by Malcolm Roberts – Pauline Hanson's One Nation on Sunday, May 19, 2019

New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia Senate races continue with One Nation in smaller primary positions and having to rely on very large preference flows in the coming weeks’ counting to secure more seats.

The hope of increased One Nation Senate representation comes even in spite of a much harder, non-double dissolution election.

This year’s half-Senate election (where the quota for a Senate position has increased from 7.7%(2016) to 14.3%(2019)) has wiped out minor parties such as Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationals, United Australia Party and Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party. Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservative’s have been unable to secure additional Senate positions.

Only time will tell the exact results in the Senate and while the party won’t be, “doing a Bill Shorten,” and counting its chickens before they hatch, it thanks all of its supporters, candidates and tireless volunteers that have helped increase the vote across the country in a resounding success.

The result shows Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is here to stay as a driving force in Australia politics and getting the country back on track.


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You own your preferences

Every election, the Liberal party will say that One Nation preferences the Labor party and the Labor party will say that One Nation preferences the Liberals.Its all a big party trick to confuse voters.One Nation does not control which party your vote flows to. If you vote 1 for One Nation, we can't decide who your vote gets handed to if our candidate is knocked out.If you vote 1 for One Nation and our candidate gets knocked out, your vote will only flow to the candidate YOU marked 2 on the ballot paper. Any party's how to vote card is only a recommendation.Don't buy into the big party lies and confusion. You own your vote and a vote for One Nation is a vote for One Nation, its as simple as that.#preferences #onenation #paulinehanson #longman #election #auspolAuthorised by M Pucci for Pauline Hanson's One Nation 2/38 Hudson Road Albion 4010

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The Truth About One Nation Preferences

Not many people know how preferences work and believe if they vote 1 for One Nation, the party will decide where that vote goes if the candidate isn’t elected. Preferences are unavoidable because voters must number every box on a ballot paper, but the political parties cannot dictate where your vote goes.


Share this post with as many people as you can to ensure they understand that political parties don’t own the preferences. How to vote cards are only a recommendation, your vote will only go where you mark your numbers on the ballot paper.

While many people don’t realise they own their preferences, we believe preferences should be abolished altogether.

What do you think about preference voting? Did you know you owned your preferences and not the political party? Do you agree with One Nation’s plan to abolish preferences?