Funding Announcement

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT | Here's a recap on the 3-million dollar Federal grant announced by Peter Georgiou - One Nation Senator for Western Australia recently to help refurbish our spiritual home #LitisStadium.And don't forget our annual awards night is on Friday October 5, and tickets can be booked by contacting the club on 9242 1132 or email #Football #WesternAustralia

Posted by Floreat Athena on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Wins for WA piling up under Senator Georgiou

In a whirlwind 3 weeks One Nation’s Senator for Western Australia Senator Peter Georgiou has seen hard work come to fruition on some issues close to his heart.

$3 Million for Floreat Athena Football club #kidsinsport

Senator Georgiou was successful in lobbying the Federal Government for $3 million in funding for the iconic Floreat Athena Football club to refurbish their spiritual homeground, Litis Stadium.

With soccer being a great passion for the Senator he was especially proud to be part of getting more kids on the pitch, especially when that pitch has brought up sporting champions such as Bobby Despotovski (Perth Glory) and Stan Lazaridis (Perth Glory, Socceroos).

Football Announcement

FOR THE KIDS | In case you missed it, here's a wrap of the enourmous pleasure I've had in announcing a federal government grant to help combat the rising rate of obesity and to help an iconic football club in Western Australia secure its future.After all it's all about #kidsinsport #OneNation #PeterGeorgiou #Auspol

Posted by Peter Georgiou – One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Some local councillors seemed to be a bit jealous of Senator Georgiou actually delivering for the iconic club, but at the end of the day common sense will prevail in seeing that funding for getting kids in sport is a win for everyone.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Has local government gone mad? My take on the cold response by the City of Vincent to a…

Posted by Peter Georgiou – One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Thursday, September 6, 2018


Saving Moora College

One Nation Senator for WA Peter Georgiou has played a pivotal role in keeping the embattled Moora Residential College stay open after taking up the case personally with the Federal Government.

Senator Georgiou welcomed the Commonwealth’s decision to inject an $8.7 million refurbishment of the 40-year old college which will give security for its students which is crucial for rural families between Perth and Geraldton.

“After visiting the college and talking to the locals earlier this year, I knew the prospect of the college closing down would create further gaps in the city to country divide” the Senator said.

“Prior to today’s announcement I had lobbied the Commonwealth and secured one million dollars to keep the college open for at least two more years but I’m delighted the Federal Government has seen the light and has topped that funding up to $8.7 million”.

“The closure of the Moora Residential College would have impacted on employment and expenditure in the town and would have led to the loss of at least 15-jobs”.

“I’m stunned as to why WA Labor thought shutting down the College was a smart move and why it should have been accepted by the public in the first place” he added.

“If we want to keep rural communities alive and thriving then we need important infrastructure like the College to attract students from across the state, which has a multiplier effect on the local economy”

Senator Georgiou said this was a clear case where One Nation was the party for the people.

“It’s One Nation that lobbied hard to get an MRI license for Kalgoorlie Hospital, it was One Nation that secured three-million dollars to upgrade the historic Litis football Stadium in Mt Hawthorn and now it’s been left to One Nation again to push for a positive outcome for Moora College” he said.

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Senator Georgiou Delivers MRI

In a great win for Senator Georgiou, an MRI license has been granted for the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital. The Senator has fought on this issue for a long time and was happy to finally see the license granted.

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GST OVERHAUL | Finally Malcolm Turnbull and his team listened to my calls on behalf of all West Australians for a FAIRER share of GST.It's come but at what cost ??I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts on this too!#GSTForWA #OneNation #PeterGeorgiou #Auspol #WApol

Posted by Peter Georgiou - One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Senator Georgiou and WA Win on GST

One Nation Senator for Western Australia Peter Georgiou has cautiously offered a luke-warm response to the state’s 4.7 billion dollar Goods and Services Tax windfall following the long awaited findings from the Productivity Commission’s review into the GST saga.
“Being a passionate advocate for GST reform I am pleased Treasurer Scott Morrison has listened to my calls on behalf of all Western Australians for a better and bigger slice of the GST pie” he said.
“This has been long overdue and finally it’s good to see that after eight years Western Australia can expect to see some GST justice!” he added.
“That money will allow the state government to use the funds for schools, hospitals and road upgrades and other infrastructure as needed”.
The Senator also added that in reality, the Commonwealth was doing the minimum as a step toward genuine GST reform.
He said it was clear from the PC report, Western Australia generated more state-sourced revenue than any other state and as a result had been penalised for its achievements over the last decade.
“So what Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull are offering WA is at the very least, what this great state deserves”.
“At the same time I am concerned the government will be forced to dip into its own coffers to the tune of billions of dollars to “ensure no state is worse off”.
“I remain unconvinced about the Commonwealth’s desire or intent to pay off the nation’s rapidly rising debt and have concerns about its budgetary and fiscal management skills”.

ANZAC Day Honoured from East to West

One Nation representatives from Queensland to Western Australia attended dawn services and street marches to commemorate ANZAC Day. Senator Pauline Hanson attended a dawn service in Mudgeeraba before travelling to attend the Brisbane street March.

Senator Peter Georgiou along with Senator Brian Burston and WA One Nation leader Colin Tincknell descended onto Albany to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War (1918-2018). It was in November 1914 in Albany where the Anzac spirit was born after 30-thousand service men from across Australia and New Zealand sailed out of King George sound.

For many it was the last time they would see Australia. Despite the drizzle on Anzac morning the sun beamed out later  lighting up the Anzac Peace Park on the Albany foreshore for the annual parade down York Street.

During the trip the Parliamentarians planted poppies on Middleton Beach and met several war veterans including 87 year old Korean War veteran Victor, who had been a POW for 18-months, which was truly a humbling moment.

Great numbers for ANZAC services were reported across the country, a testament to the enduring respect Australians have for our service men and women. To all members of our defence force, past and present, thank you.

Lest we forget.

You can see some video of the Brisbane street march below:

ANZAC day march in Brisbane

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This Week in Politics: White/Black Segregation Returns, China Scoops up Baby Food

Peter Georgiou: Banks can’t be let off


BANKING COMMISSION-WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?Today I pressed Finance Minister #MatthiasCormann on the current Royal CommissionWATCH what he said next!#OneTeam #OneGoal #OneNation #PeterGeorgiou #AusPol

Posted by Peter Georgiou – One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Peter Georgiou pressed Finance Minister Matthias Cormann for answers on the current Banking Royal Commission. You won’t believe what he said next.

Pauline Hanson encourages you to watch 4 Corners tonight

Tonight on 4 Corners, the ABC are discussing immigration.It seems it's ok now days to discuss this topic even though I've been hailed down as racist for the past 21 years. I've been calling for an open and adult conversation about who we let into our country and how many people we let in, to ensure we have the infrastructure and needs of our already 24 million Australians. a look at One Nation's Immigration policy and please watch tonights 4 Corners show. I'd be keen to get everyone's feedback.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Immigration #Australia #4Corners

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Suddenly not Racist: Talking about Immigration

Monday night on 4 Corners, the ABC discussed immigration.

It seems it’s ok now days to discuss this topic even though I’ve been hailed down as racist for the past 21 years for doing the same thing.

I’ve been calling for an open and adult conversation about who we let into our country and how many people we let in, to ensure we have the infrastructure and needs of our already 24 million Australians. It’s far past time for Australia to have that conversation.

Read the One Nation immigration policy here.

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Wednesday live stream with WA elected MLC team

Live with QLD State Leader Steve Dickson, Hon Robin Scott MLC, Charles Smith MLC and WA State Leader Colin Tincknell MLC.

Posted by One Nation Political Party on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WA Members Go Live

Jobs, Infrastructure, Asset Sales, the TAB, LandGate, crime, ice, hospitals, budget blowouts, Labor’s failed election promises and education cuts.

Nothing was safe in this sit down with QLD State Leader Steve Dickson, WA State Leader Colin Tincknell, and One Nation WA MLC’s Charles Smith and Robin Scott.