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Amit is a first-generation migrant Australian with a proud Indian heritage. He is married with two children and has enjoyed living in Blacktown for over 16 years. He has been running a small business for over 15 years and understands the challenges that come with raising a young family and running a small business in Western Sydney.

Although a newcomer to the political arena, Amit brings an everyday Australian’s thought process to politics and a fresh approach and solutions to the problems facing everyday Australians.

“I want to see my local community thrive and make a genuine effort to solve issues and problems in the community.”

As a parent of two high school kids, he feels that the education system is being slowly and gradually converted into a left propaganda machine. Our schools are being systematically targeted by activists and have become breeding grounds for the new generation of political activists.

“Our children are paying the price for the personal agendas of these leftist activists. They are being treated as props and are getting deprived of knowledge and independent thought.”

Amit thinks that the latest National Curriculum demonstrates clearly how Liberals are bending over backward to please the Left ideologists.

“It is absolutely necessary to bring education back to basics and repair the National curriculum.”

Amit has worked with a number of businesses around Sydney and has seen firsthand the problems they face with rising costs such as electricity and fuel prices. While the big businesses are favoured, the local businesses are being left high and dry.

“COVID has just brought forward the problems that already existed for the small businesses. The constant struggle faced by the local businesses, the level of frustration, and how they are ignored is appalling.”

“The loss of income due to COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates has broken the backs of many everyday businesses. You don’t have to go far to see the effect on the streets of any CBD. Take your pick.”

Amit believes that COVID response policies have transformed into an exercise to control the masses and are impinging on the rights of the public. The disagreement between the Federal government and the States shows how inefficient and how inept they are at working together to handle a situation of such magnitude.

“These last two years with mandated vaccines, border closures, lockdowns, vaccine passports, and emergency health powers have shown how governments can work to control the population and how easy it is for the government to keep changing the goalposts to curtail our freedoms.”

Amit says that we are being forced to fight for our freedoms at every corner from the same government that is supposed to be protecting them in the first place.

“It's about time that people like me, the everyday Australian, put their foot forward and bring the issues that matter to us to the forefront. We need to be our own voice.”

Amit believes that One Nation's policies provide commonsense, simple, and practical solutions to problems faced by fellow residents of Chifley.

“I joined One Nation because it's the only party that talks about real issues. Other parties are just trying to please one group or another.”

Amit says he is fighting for the future of Australian children. "A good future for the kids is directly related to a good future for the community and the country. Problems with our education system, the PC madness in our society, and an ever-increasing cost of living are the real threat to this future."

Amit is asking for your support to take the fight to the big parties and make a change for Chifley.

“I will be fighting for the future of our children, our freedoms, our country, and the great Aussie spirit.”

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#OneNationAus candidate Amit Batish is asking for your support this election to take the fight to the big parties and make a change for Chifley. Amit stands for the future of our children, our freedoms, our country, and the great Aussie spirit. #auspol