Colin Grigg for NSW Senate

Colin has always been someone who will not walk away from a challenge! In recent years he has become more and more concerned about the direction that Australia is going with the strong and deceptive political influence of the Left and Left-wing Policies.

Not only do they want to take control of our country, but they want to take away our freedoms and our future, and Colin is not prepared to just sit back and let that happen. That is why he has joined the team with Pauline Hanson at One Nation. "These people are fair-dinkum Aussies and stand for all that is good and right and wholesome for our country and its people."

Colin is very much a family man. He is married with four children and has eight grandchildren. He has served the community for many years as a pastor, feeding the hungry and providing clothing and furniture to those in need. He has an innate desire to maintain the freedoms that we have and to preserve and protect the Constitution and the rights of the people that we have enjoyed in Australia over many generations.

He says, "We were born in freedom, and we have a right to stay free as is clearly documented in our Australian Constitution. We need to put government back squarely into the hands of the people, as it was originally meant to be. Politicians are supposed to be representatives of the people and government should be as it was always meant to be—of the people, by the people, for the people".

That’s why he supports the One Nation Policy of a Citizens Initiated Referenda.

One Nation will push for the introduction of a Citizens Initiated Referenda, enabling Australian citizens to put forward legislation or a referendum question without waiting for politicians to listen and act.

Support Colin Grigg

Colin has served his community for many years. He's standing up for Aussies and their civil liberties in NSW this federal election. It's his aim to preserve the constitution & put government rightfully back in the hands of the people. #OneNationAus #auspol