Hon. Colin Tincknell MLC

Colin, married with four children, sees the opportunity to serve the South-West Region as a serious honour that brings with it enormous responsibility, and he believes his business, professional and life experiences warrant his selection for the seat.

He is a highly qualified and experienced senior sustainability and social performance professional, evidenced through his 18 years’ working in aboriginal affairs and corporate communications/social responsibility; 12 years in the extractives industry; and as a stakeholder engagement and cultural diversity specialist with international experience.

As the Party’s WA State Leader and an elected member for the South-West Region seat in the Legislative Council, Colin is fully focused on explaining and delivering the local policies the Party espouses.

They include:
  • Enhanced political attention to the needs of people, families, and business, agriculture and forestry enterprises throughout the South West region.
  • Small business is the backbone of our State. It needs support in order for it to flourish.
  • The South West agricultural and forestry region needs a solution to salinity in its groundwater. There is a long-term solution, one that will create 3500 jobs.
  • An expanded rail freight line through the South West region will build agriculture, business and social opportunities.
  • Establishment of a fully serviced drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in or near Bunbury.
  • Serious attention to improving roads and infrastructure throughout the region.
Western Australia State Parliament Member in the Legislative Council for the South-West Region.
Party Leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation WA.
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