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Growing up in regional Central Victoria, William has witnessed the slow erosion of Australian culture, Australian morality, and what it means to be Australian. Pauline Hanson's One Nation is the only party preserving these important values which is why he's standing for One Nation in the electorate of Cooper at the next Federal election.

William is lucky to have worked in an area that he's passionate about for the last 15 years. An electrical drafter in the manufacturing industry, he recognises that returning manufacturing to Australia is imperative for Australia’s economic future.

Cooper has an impressive manufacturing sector and it’s William’s ambition to foster and grow Cooper’s manufacturing industry despite the major parties' plans to cripple the industry with their new workers' schemes and allow manufacturing to go offshore. Seeing Australian power stations unnecessarily decommissioned without even a proposed replacement has made the power and energy sectors a key concern for William.

"Power stations must not be closed until a reliable replacement is commissioned of equal or lesser cost to the consumer, equal or greater power output, and equal or greater reliability."

William’s wife has worked in aged care for over 10 years, giving him insight into the conditions in the facilities that are overdue for improvement for the aged and the staff.

"Quality aged care shouldn’t be an option only for the rich. Both the aged and the carers have been overlooked and now it’s time to upgrade and change."

Sensible immigration reform is a high priority for William. "Australian society faces challenges today unforeseeable to previous generations. Surges in violent crime, increased competition to university then the workforce, increased competition to good lower-skilled employment, as well as cultures and customs being introduced to Australia that are completely at odds with traditional Australian values."

William recognises and appreciates what an important role Pauline Hanson has played in bringing taboo cultural and social issues to the table that the public can finally discuss comfortably. For a multicultural society like Australia to exist cohesively, the public must be able to freely discuss all issues affecting Australian culture.

Seriously unethical policies were passed in Victoria during the COVID pandemic that were more detrimental to the health of Victorians than the virus. Individuals, including business owners, were coerced by mandates. Businesses have been forced to close. People are still not allowed to see loved ones, attend funerals, weddings, and more. "I saw businesses in Cooper close, and many didn’t reopen. With all this, further constraints are still being forced onto local businesses. This is why I agree with Pauline Hanson's call for a broad Royal Commission and why I will be standing up and fighting for businesses in Cooper."

William attended freedom rallies in Melbourne during the lockdowns. He knows what's at stake and will always fight for our civil rights and freedoms against the government's overreach.

"It’s time for Australia to be a proud and serious nation once again. Aussies always come first."

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Seeing Australian power stations decommissioned without even a proposed replacement has made the power & energy sectors a key concern for William. He says power stations must not be closed until reliable replacements are commissioned. #OneNationAus #auspol