Dale Grillo for Curtin

Dale is no stranger to politics and is once again representing One Nation in the upcoming Federal election.
Dale will bring her experience in local state and federal governments to our team and will draw heavily on her last experience campaigning and representing the people of the East Metro Electorate if she is successfully elected.

In addition to her political experience, Dale has owned and operated a small business and understands how important these businesses are to the economy. "Small businesses representing 97% of all businesses in Western Australia and their ability to continue operating effectively and profitable is one of my major objectives."

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on the supply of goods to everyday Australians and illustrated clearly the need for Australia to become increasingly self-sufficient through nurturing and growing the opportunities for small businesses.

She stood for One Nation in the recent state election and this campaign gave her a sound understanding of the Australian public and the issues which are important to them. Information that has only reinforced her belief that it is now time for a political change. The major parties have long forgotten the art of how to listen and acknowledge the needs and desires of those they are elected to represent. This is a cycle that Dale is determined to break.

Dale was employed previously at the Perth offices of a One Nation Senator and saw first-hand the party achieve a higher GST percentage for our state. This gave Dale a thorough understanding of the processes and structure of Australia’s federal government which means if she is successful in her election campaign stepping into the political arena will see her more than capable of representing the people and One Nation competently.

If Dale ever needed reassurance that Australia needs to remain true to the principles it was founded on, it was delivered to her while attending this year’s Anzac Day dawn service. Listening to the ultimate sacrifice and commitment made by these brave men and women to ensure Australia’s freedoms would never be compromised only reinforced Dale’s values and commitment to this election. National security, citizen-initiated referenda, pro-choice, and controlled and capped immigration are all key One Nation policies that align directly with Dale's personal views.

Dale believes the time for change is now, "Australia still has the ability to remain the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, recent history shows that if we do not have a significant change in government and government philosophy this will not be the case and even worse, we may end up in a situation where we will never be able to take it back."

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Dale believes the time for change is now while Australia still has the ability to remain the greatest country in the world. If we do not have a significant change in govt & govt philosophy we may be unable to keep our Australian values & freedoms #auspol