One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson has announced a new push to rescue Australia’s dairy industry.

Speaking with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin on Sky News, Senator Hanson outlines a plan to table legislation that would ensure Australia’s struggling dairy farmers were paid a fair farm gate price for their milk.

This follows One Nation’s efforts in September last year to have the Senate agree to a series of measures to protect our dairy industry from further damage. These rescue measures were put to the Senate in a formal motion and called on the Federal Government to provide immediate additional financial support to dairy farmers who cannot feed their herds and regulate the price of milk per litre paid by processors to dairy farmers to ensure a viable dairy industry.

Sadly, One Nation’s proposal to save the dairy industry was rejected by the combined efforts of the Liberals, the Nationals and Labor.

Since last September, the state of Australia’s dairy industry has continued to worsen, yet the Government has failed to take any steps to protect the industry from ruin.

One Nation will be pushing this issue hard next week, its time the other parties were forced to acknowledge the destruction caused by their lack of action.

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  1. Walter Christy
    Walter Christy says:

    Couple weeks back Alan Jones summed up what the Federal Government planned was shut down farming, as he had first hand information from a Federal Minister. To shut down farming comes under Wildland’s Project

    What Australia has to do is take back our government and our country as Donald Trump is trying to do, including manufactory and ownership of one’s country

    When you think about our farmers going to the wall, where are we going to get our food and water when all sold out. Huge increases in all cost of living forcing many homeless and replaced by refugees, and good to know history on this.

    With what is happening in country NSW is happening in other countries all that comes under
    UN’s Agenda 21
    UN’s Agenda 2030
    UN’s Lima Declaration
    UNs Rio Declaration

    Broken down into many subdivisions all attacking different areas all under Sustainability Development, Global Warming or Extinction movement.

    Why the attack on farmers is because livestock farming produce Nitrogen etc.
    Germany, Netherlands already got demonstrations to prevent the governments sending them broke with restrictions on Nitrogen.
    Must not forget France and huge tax to be put on the farmers bringing out the Yellow Vest demonstrations some time back now.

    The objective is to depopulate the world close down large areas of the world and move all into the cities.
    In the USA, UN’s Wildland’s project is already moving people from areas into cities.
    In Australia, it is called Wild Country Project.

    When you think of the UN, think of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that has 57 states, that represent 1.8 billion Muslims. Do not forget the UN has been pushing the refugees with many Non Government Organisations.

    There are the major organisations. Had many elites of the World as members, associate and casual members in the below including Politicians, Presidents from many countries. These politicians represent the globalist and not the country there belong to. Just think of the loss of Industry, loss of Utilities, Land, even our students uneducated that we bring in migrant workers who take important positions. Even our Universities more Chinese.
    Global Warming been planned over 100 years with Committee of 300, Trilateral Commission 75 years and 50 years for Club of Rome.
    Committee of 300
    Club of Rome
    Trilateral Commission also Trans Pacific Partnership

    Under Club of Rome there are many other Clubs for each Country, usa/cor, can/cor, Club of Madrid and others.

    Sunrise Movement put Global Warming into schools as a way to push the Extinction Movement. Young Reporters for the Environment we heard through Greta Thunberg and others all supported by the UN, and globalist

    Travistock is media control

    ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is a global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. Active in 100+ countries, we influence sustainability policy and drive local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development.

    With child abuse you have to start with CIA’s Finders, but we must also look at CIA’s MKultra, pushing drugs into all areas of society, running prostitution and so on. Said to be closed down 1975 but to me still exists, as you also got the Cannibal Club and others.

    • Russell Mansfield
      Russell Mansfield says:

      It has become obvious to me that State and Federal Governments over the last 30 years have moved to sneakily demoralise and bankrupt all industry, especially agricultural, right across the country by:
      1. Removal of import quotas and taxes.
      2. Failure to tax internet purchases from overseas.
      3. Privatising water rights.
      4. Removal of farming and other production subsidies.
      5. Failure to police tax evasion through tax havens and other means.
      6. Failure to prevent monopolisation and bullying across many industries
      7. Inconsistent control of unions.

      I was at a loss to explain their motive but after reading your article I am considering you may have something worthy of further investigation.
      I am all for reducing the World’s population. Surely Australia…. whose population, without our massive immigration and refugee intake would have been in constant decline over the last 5 decades….. cannot be considered a candidate for such ruthless treatment. To the extent where we are now actually a net importer of food!


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