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A successful small business owner for over 16 years, Julie Hall’s life work has always been about empowering and helping others to responsibly follow their dreams and live their best life. During the past two years many people’s dreams have been devastated by the impact of decisions made by the two major parties with businesses destroyed, jobs and livelihoods lost, and mental health issues soaring. Julie believes that under the major parties our human rights and freedoms are slowly being stripped away, and along with them our ability to continue to live the great Australian dream. She strongly believes in sovereignty, freedom, and democracy as the fundamental elements to living a fulfilling life with opportunity and diversity.

Julie supports One Nation’s policy for a Citizen Initiated Referendum, a policy that provides the structure and opportunity for the people to have a say and bring about change without waiting for politicians to listen and act. The current government isn't listening and seems to be more focused on their own agenda which is why Julie put her hand up as the One Nation candidate for Dawson.

“Politics under the major parties has lost its way and has become more about serving big corporations and international interests. It is time to implement better policies and legislation that supports the whole community and all businesses. We need more integrity and accountability and it’s time to put the heart and humanity back into politics” Julie said.

Julie grew up in rural South Australia before moving to Queensland in 2005. She is a proud mother and grandmother and feels very blessed to have a close and loving family.

“Growing up in a rural South Australia and now living in North Queensland I know how the rural areas struggle with essential services when they are overlooked or don’t get enough funding. A two-week waiting list to see a GP, or not enough childcare positions to allow parents to work is simply not good enough. It is time funding was allocated to areas where it is really needed and more in line with the cities.”

Julie feels it is time for fresh leadership, with real people who know what it is like to live in the real world instead of career politicians who are only interested in serving their own interests. Fresh leadership can break the cycle of top-heavy governance with more openness, integrity, and accountability.

“It is time to address the unelected bureaucrats and bureaucracy that is driving and influencing Australian Policy and bring more unbiased investigations and accountability to all levels of government. For reform to happen, we need change and that is something I believe is worth standing and advocating for.”

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It's time for fresh leadership with real people who live in the real world rather than self-serving, self-interested career politicians. Julie Hall will deliver integrity and transparency to break the cycle of top-heavy governance #OneNationAus #auspol