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Tamera Gibson commenced her service in the Royal Australian Navy at age 18 before leaving after 8 years. She followed this with roles in Aged and Disability, Education, and Banking before commencing her own businesses in Hospitality, followed by sustainable small acreage and now retail. She has worked, resided, and raised children in the Samford Valley over the past two decades.

With no previous burning political desires, Tamera says she has been so moved by the events of the last two years that she has decided to make a stand for her community. “This country we now live in is nothing like the country I grew up in and is not what I want to leave for my children or grandchildren. I have friends and clients that are doctors, teachers, nurses and disability workers, and kids working in hospitality that have lost their jobs and livelihoods, simply because they chose to decide how to manage their own health needs. I know many local businesses that are struggling to hire quality staff, obtain supplies, meet increased costs of stock and products just to stay in business.”

Tamera Gibson says it has only been Pauline Hanson that has stood up in parliament for the rights of all Australians and attempted to legislate an end to these crippling mandates. There were several avenues that the LNP, Labor and the Green parties could have taken to ensure the vaccine mandates were not enforced by the states, including enacting legislation to protect an individual's right to bodily autonomy and upholding international agreements that Australia is a signatory to. These are all powers bestowed on the federal government by the constitution. They also had the capacity to withhold the national vaccine registry information from the states which would have made the task impossible.

Tamera says that the Dickson Electorate is diverse and individual areas have their own specific concerns, from flight path noise in the Samford Valley, supply chain and qualified staffing issues in the small business community, and concerns over freedom and government overreach within families. Tamera has a strength of character forged in military service, corporate management, and small business ownership, and is determined to stand up for the people of Dickson.

“Bureaucratic red and green tape is imposing unnecessary limitations on small business in Dickson and across Australia,” she said. “Governments need to get out of the way and let small businesses do what they do best: create Australian jobs and grow our economy."

“One Nation puts Australia and Australians first. We need to reduce immigration to sustainable levels to relieve congestion in our cities and the demand for housing and accommodation. We need to ensure foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax."

“I want the people of Dickson to get a fair go. I won’t rest until we put a stop to government-sponsored vaccine discrimination and coercion and have safeguarded the democratic principles that make Australia a great nation. I’ll always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.”

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With no previous burning political desires, Tamera Gibson says she has been so moved by the events of the last two years that she has decided to make a stand for her community as One Nation's candidate for the Dickson Electorate. #auspol #OneNationAus