Martin Stevenson for Dobell

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Martin is an honest, hard-working family man who, until recently, assumed politicians were genuinely looking after our best interest.

Born and raised in Granville, Martin comes from a working-class background. After he was married he moved to Warnervale and still lives there today with his wife and son.

A keen sportsman, Martin played rugby league with the Wyong Roos. On retiring from the game in his late thirties, Martin pursued his passion for classic cars and drag racing.

As a small business owner employing five local staff, including two apprentices, Martin takes great pride in buying and using locally produced products and services.

Martin says we need to stop the destructive, divisive policies and directives being churned out by career politicians at all levels of government. Our assets have been sold to foreign powers, and our jobs have been sent overseas or taken away. In the past two years, governments have over-reached to such an extent, that Australia no longer resembles a democracy. Our basic rights and freedoms have been removed. Every level of government needs to ‘please explain’. This is why we need the Royal Commission into COVID that Pauline Hanson has called for.

“Both major parties have trashed our country. They are their own ‘political elite class' and take their instructions from the UN-left-wing-Globalists. They are deaf to the voices of average working Australians.”

Martin understands that Dobell needs low-cost electricity and gas to encourage industry, employment, and infrastructure for our growing community. He knows that living and working locally is the key to a thriving community. That is why he strongly supports training development in trades and manufacturing projects here on the Central Coast.

For these reasons, Martin has stepped forward to stand in this election. Unlike the political elite, Martin will not sell out Dobell families, or the Australian people. For our children, grandchildren, and their children, Martin needs your support to make a change and secure our future.

“I will not support any deal the Government makes that is not in the best interest and for the benefit of the Australian people.”

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Martin epitomises the grassroots political movement this election. Family man and small business owner, Martin wants to help end the destructive, divisive policies and directives being churned out at all levels by career politicians. #auspol #OneNationAus