Make an Online Donation - Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party

Change Starts With You.

If One Nation is to continue to be a voice for the people, then we need funds to continue our fight, for your rights and way of life. Your donation will allow us to run our offices, pay for outgoings and volunteer expenses. It will enable us to help candidates with escalating costs to stand for election.

We know most Australians are struggling, but nothing will change unless One Nation is on the floor of Parliament. In anticipation, we thank you for your kind donation no matter how big or small, it will be very much appreciated.


How Does Your Donation Help?

🗸 Funds candidate promotional tools & expenses for election campaigns

🗸 Funds office administration expenses - electricity, rent, stationery, website maintenance, computer & hardware maintenance

One Nation is currently run by a very small team of dedicated, hardworking people. Due to the lack of party funding, many candidates must spend their own hard-earned money on their election campaigns. These candidates have put their hands up to make a difference for you, your children and grandchildren - they’ll need your support to make that difference.

Note: If you’d rather donate by cheque, direct debit or phone, or if you have trouble donating via credit card please call 1300 857 466 or email [email protected]