Double standard at work with pandemic migration

Unskilled immigrants are flooding across the international border while fully vaccinated Australians are still locked down in their own states and homes.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said with the latest migration program figures showing a dramatic increase in family places for unskilled immigrants, the Morrison Government needed to explain the double standard at work and what it was doing to ensure more COVID-19 cases did not arrive on Australia’s doorstep.

“Despite the world being in the grips of a pandemic, more than 160,000 people moved to Australia in 2020-21 and half were under the migration program’s family stream,” Senator Hanson said.

“Not all of these people could possibly have received COVID-19 jabs, yet the Morrison Government allowed them into Australia anyway while fully-vaccinated Australians are still being locked down in their own homes and unable to cross state borders.

“This government has a real problem with priorities, putting Australian citizens and residents last while opening the door to thousands of people who will only put an even greater burden on taxpayers at a time when they can least afford it.

“This government has a real problem with leadership, with national strategies for the pandemic being held hostage or simply discarded by Labor state premiers playing their grubby little political games.

“With vaccination rates rising both here and overseas, at the very least Scott Morrison should be ensuring no new COVID-19 cases can arrive in Australia by demanding that all arrivals are fully vaccinated and thoroughly tested, and that our international border is as impenetrable as some of our state borders appear to be.

“Anything less is a blatant double standard being inflicted on Australians crying out for freedom from lockdowns. Our international border should be shut until Australian citizens and residents can live, work and move freely in their own country.”


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