Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony GOLD CLASS FAIL!

If you missed the closing ceremony or turned it off because they couldn't be bothered showing the athletes, you're not alone. JUST DREADFUL!!!! and just have a listen to the way the Channel 7 commentators summed it up.I said it earlier today and I'll say it again. Peter Beattie, you couldn't organise a fire in a match factory.For the athletes to walk out on the ceremony says something.Spare a thought for Channel 7, they only took the feed off Games organisers and are getting a lot of flack which they don't deserve. #Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #CommonwealthGames #Shocker #Athletes

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dreadful Peter Beattie Closing Ceremony Slammed

If you missed the closing ceremony or turned it off because they couldn’t be bothered showing the athletes, you’re not alone.

JUST DREADFUL!!!! and just have a listen to the way the Channel 7 commentators summed it up.

I said it earlier today and I’ll say it again. Peter Beattie, you couldn’t organise a fire in a match factory.

For the athletes to walk out on the ceremony says something.

Spare a thought for Channel 7, they only took the feed off Games organisers and are getting a lot of flack which they don’t deserve.

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  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    The athletes train for years to be able to earn a place in the Commonwealth games. And those people in power rob them of the right to be knowledge by the people disgusting

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      Peter Beattie is a likeable fellow but he just doesn’t have good management skills. His handling of the Games, his position as Queensland Premier are 2 excellent indicators. As premier he put the state into massive debt getting very little for it. He is easily persuaded by big business to adopt their plans, often due to him lacking the ability to understand the big picture or long term implications. Peter Beatties greatest skills were demonstrated when he resigned as Premier. He bailed out before his numerous bad decisions and failures come to light deferring them to Anna Bligh who was a perfect choice as successor being an incompetent patsy. Peter Beattie has no management skills at all, he should be given any management positions, he record proves he just can’t do this type of work.

  2. David J Prowse
    David J Prowse says:

    The opening and closing ceremonies were a complete disgrace, but what is more disgusting is that a Boston based company was paid $46 million for their efforts. That money should have been spent on an Australian firm who would have at worst, done a much more contemporary modern Australian approach to the opening ceremony.

  3. Geoff Schleehauf
    Geoff Schleehauf says:

    It was a complete slap in the face to all of the athletes, especially at the end as it is a traditional occurrence at the end of both the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. This allows the athletes to receive the accolade, not only for their efforts, but also for the great entertainment they have given whilst striving for the ultimate in their fields. To have this taken away by a bunch of bloody bureaucrats’ is disgusting and Peter Beattie should not be allowed to be in charge of anything more important that putting a toilet roll into it’s dispenser. God help the NRL, especially with his involvement there. It was the most embarrassing, disgusting, piss poor closing ceremony I have ever witnessed. Actually, I switched off when Guy Sebastion came onto the screen. I have nothing against him as he is a great entertainer, but the whole thing was a bloody fiasco!

  4. Chris
    Chris says:

    I waited for hours, suffered through the Birmingham film, endured the endless speeches and singing to see the athletes parade. What happened? Whose brilliant idea was it to exclude the athletes from the ceremony? The athletes are what the games are about, not a bunch of boring entertainers. It was a huge disappointment and a waste of hours of my time. As a viewer I am very upset and can only imagine how sad the athletes must feel after all their efforts.

  5. Peter Zazlan
    Peter Zazlan says:

    I suppose the State’s ‘Labor Party’ will have their mates bidding for the Olympic’s as well. Pay them a lot then allow them free; o/s flights { probably business class} accomodation, meals tickets to any Olympic game and all the ceremonies. Millions spent on just a’bid’, with little hope of sucess, let alone the billions needed to finance it along with infrastructure needs.

  6. N.P. Groot
    N.P. Groot says:

    I am a loss to understand why Beattie got the Comms Games job in the first place! He stuffed things up while Qld premier! And all he did then was saying Sorry! It is very easy saying sorry and then stuff something else. On top of that he called us whingers when we complained! What is wrong with the man. And he was doing all this with a fat salary and all the perks.
    Send him to Birmingham with a one way ticket only so we will never see him again.

    • CAL
      CAL says:

      Beattie is a loser. Always was, always will be. He rewrote our original Qld constitution and proclaimed himself as the new messiah of Qld. He is a TRAITOR. This games fiasco was all his own doing.

  7. Costa Jacovides
    Costa Jacovides says:

    A Class action should be taken against the committee and Peter Beattie in his personal capacity.
    I am not sure if indemnity covers him. But this was not only a waste of tax money it was a waste of spectators money and a waste of businesses turnover and losses who had to shut down and SUCK IT UP!!! This is not even to mention the athletes.
    A very poor and unjust depiction of today’s GOLD COAST.

  8. John Drew
    John Drew says:

    Let us hope that the Commonwealth Games is never staged in Queensland again. Not long into the opening and closing ceremonies I turned the television off. Obviously a small group of people seized the opportunity to run their politcally correct agenda.


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