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Born in Alice Springs and now operating a transport business in Karratha, Brenton Johannsen is a true servant of his community. He’s ready to take the next step and serve the people of Durack – Australia’s largest electorate at more than 1.6 million km2 – as their representative in Canberra.

A father with four young daughters, Brenton has spent most of his life in regional and remote Australia. As with so many country centres across Australia, community volunteers are essential and Brenton has been working hard in his community over the past two years helping vulnerable people through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I teach my daughters to be proud of their community and to be prepared to help anyone who asks for it.”

Brenton has organised care packages for locals in Karratha and in the small Aboriginal community of Cheeditha, and provided free rides and transfers for young people, essential workers and disability workers. He’s bought a block of land to start building a local activity centre for his town. Perhaps his most important work is in suicide prevention, providing links to counselling, and starting a ‘Music Ride Along’ program from Christmas last year.

“Suicide is a scourge across Australia. Every suicide death is a national tragedy and it has a devastating impact on families, friends and communities. The impact is felt all the more acutely in small regional and remote communities like those in Durack, where there simply aren’t enough mental health resources to cope with the problem. I’m standing for One Nation in Durack to be an advocate for these communities which have been left behind in funding and support by the major parties.

“Having experienced family separation myself, I’ve also been inspired by Pauline Hanson’s efforts to fix Australia’s broken family law and child support system. This system is unjust, with many parents unfairly denied access to their kids. Pauline has secured some changes that helped improve things but there is much more work to be done – I believe children should have both parents in their lives.”

Brenton’s transport company follows a proud family tradition. His great-grandfather Kirk is credited with the invention of an Australian icon, the modern road train. Brenton will be strong supporter of the industry, which he considers to be the lifeblood of Australia.

“I’ve been warned to stay away from the ‘dirty game’ of politics, but for me, this is all the more reason to get involved. It shouldn’t be a dirty game and it doesn’t have to be. What we need is a better class of representative, one who wields power on behalf of his community instead of over it as we’ve seen during the pandemic – especially here in Western Australia. I’ll always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.

“We need to restore some pride in our country and its institutions and protect the democratic principles that make Australia a great nation. It’s time to clean up the government. It’s time for change.”

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Brenton Johannsen is the #OneNationAus candidate for Durack in Western Australia. He will always fight for the rights & freedoms of the Australian people and believes in restoring pride in our country, its institutions and our democratic principles #auspol