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Nikki Civitarese is all about fairness. A fair economy, a fair society, and a fair system of government. A fair go. Nikki’s standing for One Nation in Fairfax because in recent years she hasn’t seen a lot going on in Australia that’s especially fair to most people.

“I believe in a fair system of government that works for the people rather than against them. The past two years have shown us it is anything but fair. It’s unjust. Discrimination, segregation, coercion, and prejudice used to be bad things that fair-minded Australians stood against, but during the COVID-19 pandemic they have been indulged and encouraged by governments and unelected bureaucrats.

“These issues go to some of the most important principles of Australian democracy: freedom of speech, individual autonomy, and the right to choose. I wholeheartedly agree with the need to establish a Royal Commission into the management of the pandemic by Australian governments — federal, state, and territory.”

Nikki used to run her own construction company and has been involved in delivering major projects such as the $96 million Main Roads National Disaster Road Reconstruction in the Mackay area.

“From the beginning, running my own company, I was exposed to the bureaucratic red and green tape imposing unnecessary limitations on small business. Governments need to get out of the way and let small businesses do what they do best: create Australian jobs and grow our economy.

“We also need leaders in government with vision and the courage to see it through. I’m standing for One Nation in Fairfax because I fully support Pauline Hanson’s proposals for nation-building infrastructure like the hybrid Bradfield Scheme and a national fast rail network. We need to invest in the future of Australia. I know all about delivering large projects and I know we have the ability: we just need political will. I’ll also be pushing hard for projects that deliver energy security for households and businesses in Fairfax, and water security for our farmers.

“One Nation puts Australia and Australians first. We need to reduce immigration to sustainable levels to relieve congestion in our cities and the demand for housing and accommodation. We need to ensure foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax.

“I want the people of Fairfax to get a fair go. I won’t rest until we put a stop to government-sponsored vaccine discrimination and coercion and have safeguarded the democratic principles that make Australia a great nation. I’ll always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.”

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Nikki Civitarese, an experienced and successful business owner, is all about fairness. A fair economy, society, & government. Nikki’s standing for #OneNationAus in Fairfax because in recent years she hasn't seen Australians getting a fair go. #auspol