Sam Schriever for Fisher

Sam Schriever is one of those achievers who can turn their hand at pretty much anything. He’s worked in the agriculture, construction, hospitality, telecommunications, and energy industries and learned responsibility at a young age when at 16 he moved interstate to manage one of his father’s beef cattle properties.

Sam is standing for One Nation in the Sunshine Coast electorate of Fisher where he grew up. He’s strongly motivated to put his hand up for his community; he’s extremely concerned for the future of Australian democracy.

“As kids, we were told that we're lucky to live in Australia, that we were fortunate to be raised in a free country where we’ll be given a fair go no matter our background. The undeniable reality is our freedoms in Australia are meaning less by the day and the idea of a fair go is rapidly disappearing. Loosening the government's tight grip on our daily lives has never been more crucial to the survival of Australian democracy.

“Our governments are exercising command and control over us to a level not seen since the Second World War. They’re relishing it and they don’t want to let it go. I’m standing for One Nation in Fisher because Pauline Hanson has been an inspiration in her efforts to protect the individual rights and freedoms ignored and discarded during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ll always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.

“Lockdowns and mandates have destroyed families, jobs and businesses – there must be a Royal Commission into Australian governments’ management of the pandemic so we can see the advice they relied on to justify shutting down entire cities, shutting borders, and shutting Australians out of their own economy. There must be a Royal Commission so we can learn what went right and what went wrong to inform our management of the next inevitable pandemic.”

Sam knows all about business and knows all about what excessive red and green tape can do to a business.

“On our farm, we had 400 acres of useless land because we weren’t allowed to remove a noxious weed – because it was native. That sort of policy might please a greenie who’s never ventured outside their woke clique in the city, but that weed wasn’t doing the environment any good and we were short $100,000 a year because we weren’t allowed to spray it.

“Governments need to get out of our way and let small businesses do what they do best: create Australian jobs and grow our economy.

“I’m also passionate about helping Australia become as self-sufficient as possible. We need reliable, affordable energy. We need to bring back manufacturing and innovation. We need to ensure we have adequate fuel reserves – at least 90 days’ worth. We need water security for our farmers. We need to think about long-term investments in Australia’s future; nation-building projects like the hybrid Bradfield Scheme and a national fast rail network. We need leaders with vision and the courage and ability to see it through.

“That’s what Pauline Hanson is offering and that’s what I’m offering to the people of Fisher: a genuine representative who puts them and Australia first. One Nation supports participatory government through mechanisms like citizen-initiated referenda, and I want the people of Fisher to participate with me. If elected, I’ll hold regular online meetings with constituents of Fisher to listen to what they have to say about the issues which matter to them – because they will all matter to me.”

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Sam is standing for #OneNationAus in the Sunshine Coast electorate of Fisher where he grew up. He’s worked in agriculture, construction, hospitality, telecommunications and energy industries and is committed to protecting Australia's freedoms and democracy