Fishermen Freed from Green Agenda

WARNING – Tonight Labor and the Greens are putting up a disallowance motion which will lock out recreation and…

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Monday, March 26, 2018

This week the Labor and the Greens put up a disallowance motion which would have locked out recreation and commercial fisherman from another 1 million square kilometres of coastal waters!

This works out to an area the size of NSW. If this motion got up, it would have destroyed tourism and jobs across many states.

One Nations deciding votes saved Labor and the Greens disallowance motion getting up.

Recreation and commercial fisherman have a sensible outcome that won’t lock them out of a further million square kilometres of fishing areas.

Most people who fish, don’t rape and pillage our oceans.

Let’s keep sensible outcomes for Parliament, not ratbag ideologies sprouted by the Greens and supported by Labor.

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  1. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    The Greens and ALP are communists and their intent is to eventually shut down what little remains of our once great fishing industry and culture taking away the little pleasure off the recreational fisherman too. How nasty !

  2. Ian Longston
    Ian Longston says:

    Just a thought, has anyone actually read the Turnbull proposed amendments to the National Marine Parks? I have, and they want to CUT BACK or Close down entirly some of the most iconic and Important Marine Parks that Australia has. These Marine Parks are not just in one state but spread around Australia, and as such they have become the nurseries for BOTH the commercial and recreational fishing industries. Some of the Marine Parks that they are seriously looking at closing down or reducing in size dramatically are: The Coral Sea, Geographe Bay, the Kimberley, Great Australian Bight, Lord Howe Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, Perth Canyon and more – ALL are at risk of being cut back and a message from you to the review would be incredibly valuable.
    As you can see from this small listing most of them are inaccessible to the vast majority of the recreational fisher’s anyway.


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