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Cyndi Marr comes from a family of tradespeople and farmers. She’s no stranger to hard work – for Cyndi, it’s part and parcel of the traditional Australian values she proudly holds close to her heart: hard work and the rewards which come with it, fairness, freedom, respect, equality of opportunity, and last but most definitely not least, mateship.

A mum with three children in whom she instills the same values, Cyndi has grown more alarmed about their future as the values she holds dear have been eroded – particularly over the past two years.

“Some of these values go to some of the fundamental principles of Australian democracy, and these have come under threat from Liberal and Labor governments. Instead of wielding power for us as they’re supposed to, they’ve been wielding it over us. It’s quite frightening how obviously they’ve relished this power during the pandemic and how reluctant they are to let it go.

“This is not what Australia is supposed to look like. I’m standing for One Nation in Flinders because Pauline Hanson has been an inspiration in her fight to protect the rights and freedoms of the Australian people. Governments and parliaments are supposed to serve the people, not rule over us. Her call for a Royal Commission into the management of the pandemic is spot on.”

Cyndi’s been involved in her own small business and has experience in the hospitality, retail, and property sectors. She’s keen to see the government get out of the way of small business, which is essential to post-pandemic economic recovery.

“Almost 99% of Australian businesses are small-to-medium enterprises and they employ almost half of all Australian workers. It’s these businesses that have been hit hardest by lockdowns. It’s these businesses that are continuing to struggle with bureaucratic red tape, over-regulation, and increasing government costs. I’ll be working hard to reduce these burdens on small-to-medium enterprises in Flinders.”

Cyndi will also champion family law reform, sustainable immigration, and ensuring foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax.

“Our family law and child support system is broken. Pauline Hanson has already forced changes that have helped family law courts run more efficiently, but there is more to be done to get fairer outcomes for children and parents.

“We need to have an open and honest debate about our currently unsustainable immigration levels and the impact on things like the availability of housing and increasing congestion in cities like Melbourne.

“And we need to make a transition to a transaction-based system for foreign-owned multinationals so Australia receives a fair return for the resources these companies are exploiting. We’re not a free-for-all dirt mine. Those resources belong to us.

“I’m standing for One Nation in Flinders because I want to be a different sort of representative – one who works for the people who elect her, and who fights to protect our rights and freedoms instead of discarding them. I will always fight to protect the rights and freedoms of Australians.”

Tel: 0412 912 214

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Cyndi Marr for Flinders in Victoria believes it's time for politicians to listen to what Australians want and put the needs of the nation first. She will work for the people who elect her and fight to protect our rights and freedoms #OneNationAus #auspol