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NSW-born Seschelle has lived in Queensland since the age of 20, most recently in the beautiful Mount Tamborine area.

Throughout her career as a psychologist in private practice, Seschelle's primary focus is always assisting children, teens, adults, and families on the Autism Spectrum. Spanning 17 years, her career started with her contribution to the development of the 'Family Relationship Centre' on the Gold Coast, participating in mediation/child-focused processes with complex families after separation. Seschelle's priority has been meeting the needs of the local community through mentoring and training school staff, medical practitioners, and legal professionals. She helped establish the 'Young Einstein's Academy' in early 2020 and developed a 'Natural Integrative Therapy Program' which supports the necessary interventions for children and teens on the Autism Spectrum.

Seschelle's motivation to enter the field of politics was inspired by her research during the past three years. "I developed an increased awareness and understanding of factors and driving forces behind Australia’s economic dilemma. At a local level, it has been devastating to witness local council under a Queensland Labor Government cripple the local taxpayers’ businesses. I've witnessed the psychological impact this has had on the mental health and relationships of Australian families, limiting the 'normal psychological interventions' for improving mental health. This is due to the ongoing adjustments, uncertainties, and unpredictability of legislation changes and health directions. In short, today's political climate is making it impossible for local businesses and families to have any sense of security for their future."

With suicide rates escalating along with domestic violence, and significant divides between close family members and friends all substantially escalating people’s anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, Seschelle notes, "The current government has a great deal to answer for and I for one will not sit back and live in hope that all will return to 'normal' for the Australian people while we are governed under officials who continue to focus, not on the best interests of the Australian people, but on their own careers and lifestyles." For these reasons, Seschelle supports Pauline Hanson's call for a COVID Royal Commission into the state and federal governments' pandemic response. Understanding the expert advice that was relied upon to enforce lockdowns, mandates, and border closures is the only way we can ensure that mistakes made are not repeated in the future.

"I am honoured to have been provided an opportunity to support and work with the One Nation team who have clearly and consistently demonstrated a strong dedication to fight for what's fair—for the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Australians. I have no doubt that together we can return Australia to the free and secure country it was historically."

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Seschelle will not sit back and live in hope that life will return to 'normal' while we are governed under officials who continue to focus, not on the best interests of the Australian people, but on their own careers and lifestyles. #OneNationAus #auspol