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Shane Mezger is a proud Western Australian who loves his country and the values which made it great. He’s worked in health care for more than 20 years and is a dedicated family man with three sons. Shane is like a lot of people from regional Western Australia: a can-do attitude with a common-sense approach to problems needing solutions.

Shane is keen on community soccer, having served on committees at two local associations, and he’s also served on Western Australia’s State Chiropractic Board.

Shane’s putting his hand up for One Nation in the seat of Forrest because the big problem he sees now is how Australian governmentsespecially Mark McGowan’shave curtailed or discarded the rights and freedoms of people while managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m backing Pauline Hanson’s demand for a Royal Commission into the management of the pandemic by Australian governments. When I speak to people in Forrest about this damned pandemic, they tell me they’re scared, confused, angry, and frustrated. Trust in government has been lost, with good reason. The rules are always changing, always contradictory, and often just ridiculous and pointless.

“Fundamental rights that are important principles of Australian democracyfreedom of speech, association and public assembly, and individual autonomy and choicehave come under attack. It’s alarming how quickly, and easily Australian governments curtailed our rights and freedoms. It’s been disturbing to see how much they’ve relished it, and it’s frightening to see how reluctant they are to give it up. I’ll always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.”

Shane believes government should be more participatory and is an advocate for citizen-initiated referenda.

“The political establishment has been out of touch with the people for a long time. It’s time we gave Australians more of a direct say in what their governments do. They are supposed to wield power for us, not over us.

“I’ll also be pushing for foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia to pay their fair share of tax; keeping prime agricultural land and important national assets and resources in Australian ownership, and reducing immigration to sustainable levels to reduce congestion in our cities and take some heat out of the housing and rental market.

"Pauline Hanson puts Australia and Australians first, and so do I.”

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Shane Mezger is putting his hand up for #OneNationAus in Forrest, WA, to help Pauline Hanson fight for the rights and freedoms of Australians and to work for more participatory government through mechanisms such as citizen-initiated referenda. #auspol