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Tony Margos grew up in Revesby, Sydney, and moved to Fairfield in 1984.

He bought a block of land in the area and built his first home. Interest rates at that time went up to 18 percent and most people, he recalls, were working two jobs to keep up their repayments. So Tony can relate to young people today trying to buy a house. That's why he supports One Nation's policies on foreign ownership, affordable energy, and cost of living. "These and other common-sense solutions are what's needed in Australia today."

He's seen how people in Fairfield feel forgotten by the Government. "Fairfield has one of the highest unemployment rates and it also has one of the highest multicultural communities with many different languages spoken in one area and those who are living here now need to be focused on first before the problem gets bigger."

One Nation will extend its zero-net migration policy and focus on permitting only highly skilled migrants from culturally cohesive countries into Australia. Migrants must demonstrate a sound level of English for assimilation purposes.

Education courses in Australian universities should not be used as a backdoor to immigrate to Australia. Putting the brakes on migration reduces congestion on our roads and allows Government services to focus on Australians, including those who have already migrated here. "We need practical solutions for all Australians rather than the 'Big Australia' open-door policy that disadvantages those already in need and simply adds to existing problems."   

Tony lives in Fairfield, worked in Fairfield, shops in Fairfield, supports local business in Fairfield, and he is standing as your One Nation representative for the seat of Fowler this federal election to make sure your voice is heard.

"The people I speak to just want politicians to use commonsense in the decisions that they make. That's what I stand for."

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The people Tony speaks to in his home town of Fairfield just want politicians to use common-sense in the decisions they make, and that's what he and Pauline Hanson's One Nation stand for in this federal election #auspol2022 #auspol #OneNationAus