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Born into a working-class family in Manchester, UK, Stephen was educated at De La Salle College, Salford.

After leaving school he trained as a journalist before switching over to science and then later to medicine.

He has been married for 38 years to Susan, a mathematics teacher, and they have three grown-up children and one grandchild.

Stephen brought his family to Australia in 1998 after becoming disenchanted with the mishandling of the NHS and British domestic affairs in general by the government under Tony Blair. He could see no future there for his children.

He spent 34 successful years as a doctor, both in the UK and Australia, mainly working in rural and remote locations. Then 12 years ago he started a practice in Hobart, on the Eastern Shore.

Last October, Dr Stephen Hindley was stripped of his career for declining the COVID vaccine. This has spurred him to seek political office in the hope of righting some of the many wrongs which he considers are now being done to Australian citizens in the name of government. This is why he supports Pauline Hanson's call for a COVID Royal Commission into the state and federal government response to the pandemic to get some transparency on the events of the last few years. We will only learn from the mistakes made if there is the ability to uncover what the expert medical advice was that guided the government's decisions.

As a doctor, Stephen held a reputation for straight-talking, integrity, tenacity, and courage when dealing with the problems of his patients, and all these qualities he now brings to the political arena.

In addition, he is not short of energy. Alongside his medical career, he somehow managed to find time to become a sponsored windsurfer, surfer, competitive triathlete, and hang glider pilot. He also trained in and taught martial arts for many tears, running his own taekwondo school in Bicheno and becoming President of the Hobart Kendo Club. He has represented Tasmania at National level in Kendo competition.

His interests these days are much more civilised and include a lifelong passion for history, writing poetry, bushwalking, beekeeping, and gardening. He’s been a resident of the electorate of Franklin for over ten years and is well-acquainted with the local people and their problems.

Of his former career, he has this to say: "People tend to trust you automatically as a doctor, but this can go to your head, so I made a rule for myself from the outset. I only ever considered myself to be as good as my next diagnosis, not my last one, so consequently, I never took my own ability for granted.

"I think that trust is the most precious thing that someone can give you in life. I’ve always felt that if you’ve asked for it then you simply must be worthy of it, no matter what the cost. I lived by that philosophy for 34 years as a doctor and I won’t be changing anything as a politician."

Tel: 0400 964 214

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For 34 years as a successful medical doctor Stephen Hindley was known for his straight-talking, integrity, tenacity, and courage. These are the same qualities and values he brings with him to the political arena. #OneNationAus #auspol