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Sabine is thankful to call Australia home. She has always prioritised family and is proud to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. Born in Germany, Sabine immigrated to Australia as a four-year-old and followed her parent's example to fully embrace the Australian way of life. She is now well settled in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne. 

Community-focused, Sabine is active in her local church with an employment background in scientific research, small business, administration, and community service. She has an Honours Degree in Science and a Graduate Diploma of Divinity.

The lack of evidence-based reasoning and debate in policy decisions made by the major parties has long been a concern for Sabine given her scientific and analytical background.

"There is a real need to differentiate evidence and facts from opinion, ideology, and politics."

At no time has this been more evident than in the response to COVID-19. Fear, media hysteria, and polls rather than careful data analysis drove ill-thought-out policy resulting in disastrous financial and societal consequences. But it was the erosion of people’s freedoms, supported by all the major parties under the cover of health advice, that prompted Sabine to put up her hand as a candidate in her seat of Fraser.

"Sensible, evidence-based solutions and strategies that respect our democratic freedoms have always been available to combat the spread of the virus, but these were suppressed by power-drunk and compromised politicians using manipulated statistics and fear."

This is why Sabine supports Pauline Hanson's call for a Royal Commission into the COVID health response. During the past two years, the need to act became more pressing for Sabine and she recognises One Nation’s efforts to preserve the Australian way of life and our Australian values best reflect the interests of everyday Australians.

As Australia comes out of the pandemic, Sabine considers the Government’s reckless commitment to the most extreme carbon emission cuts on a per person basis in the world as an issue of great concern. "This commitment is predicted to slow the Australian economy with massive job losses and increases in power prices. This economic suicide cannot be justified by the evidence put forward. Once again rational and evidence-based debate is needed."

Sabine offers a strong alternative to the politically driven and self-serving career politicians we now have in all major parties—whether Labor, Liberals, or Greens. A person of integrity, she will always examine the facts and act according to the best interests of the nation and all individuals. "I find it disturbing that the major parties have shown so little respect for the well-being of individuals or specific groups, either physically, socially, or economically in order to achieve their political goals. The government is there to serve the people—not the other way around."

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Sabine offers a strong alternative to the self-serving politics seen today among the major parties. Her science background and sense of community gives Sabine the ability to focus on facts and serve the people's interests in Fraser. #OneNationAus #auspol