Free Tommy Robinson

Pauline Hanson will travel to UK this weekend to visit Tommy Robinson

The media ban on Tommy Robinson has been lifted and I can officially make my comments public.On Saturday I will be traveling to the UK on a parliamentry delegation to meet with experts on; • counter-terrorism, online abuse, security• energy regulation• online abuse• child and youth crime• health and social care;• and try to visit Tommy RobinsonIf you'd like to email your encourgement to Tommy, send it to #OneNation #PaulineHanson #TommyRobinson #FreeTommy

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The media ban on Tommy Robinson has been lifted and I can officially make my comments public.

On Saturday I will be traveling to the UK on a parliamentry delegation to meet with experts on;

• counter-terrorism, online abuse, security
• energy regulation
• online abuse
• child and youth crime
• health and social care;
• and try to visit Tommy Robinson

If you’d like to email your encouragement to Tommy, send it to [email protected]

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  1. Derek Jones
    Derek Jones says:

    Thank you Pauline I have been following this story online and I am deeply concerned about this, silencing of reporting on the reporter is almost unbelievable if it wasn’t true. Thank you for your sharing your message.

  2. Pam & Bill Webb
    Pam & Bill Webb says:

    Everyone should have the right to freedom of speech & not just the minority groups that seem to gag the majority. It is so wrong & we stand with you & pray common sense will prevail for you to return home where you belong. Keep on doing what you’re doing & making a stand for what is morally right. God bless you & be with you.

  3. Lina
    Lina says:

    Thank you this is really important for all of us in all countries. We cannot allow this precedent to take place. We must fight this right now.

  4. Steve Parker
    Steve Parker says:

    I wish other politicians would speak out on this issue and help get Tommy out of prison.

  5. Kev Lemberg
    Kev Lemberg says:

    Our legal system was based upon and around the British system, what happens in the UK I believe will happen here in our country eventually – its already started with Sonya and its going to spread. I support you Tommy, keep out of harms way because I do fear that you will be taken from us and if that happens we in the so called free world I believe will in our own way seek revenge for you. Stay Safe Tommy, we do support you.

  6. Sharyn
    Sharyn says:

    Thank you Pauline for standing up for what is right, too much political correctness, no more real freedom of speech, let alone speak against islamic terrorists….. I think that what Tommy was jailed for is disgusting, the government, and the judicial system over in England should be ashamed of themselves for this unjust and totally unfair act. Am I shocked ? To be honest sadly, No, because no one can dare to say anything against a muslim ……England is no longer the England I visited, that’s for certain and I have no desire to ever visit again, it’s way too overrun with muslims for my liking ! They have lost the plot altogether….very sad for the true English people.

    • Yvonne Tierney
      Yvonne Tierney says:

      Sharyn Well Said!! We in Britain are in a desperate situation, it’s frightening!! Our Treasonous Prime Minister and Government are Complicit in letting the Muslim Minority take over our Country!!

    • Julie
      Julie says:

      I agree 100% australian politicians are the same ..the only difference is it is hidden except for pauline. .she speaks the truth!

  7. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Orwellian censorship is unfortunately becoming the case in the west, particularly the anglosphere.
    The cause is a number of lobbies that influence universities, government and private enterprise.
    What I suggest doing is scrutinising non-profits that may be funded by government and defunding those lobbies.

    • Reg
      Reg says:

      We no longer live in an honest to goodness democratic society, Intelligent opinions are no longer tolerated if it conflicts with the lefty minorities. Tommy has the courage to express the majorities thoughts on the imbalances that the world is suffering from right now. Thank you Tommy. we really are with you,

  8. Warwick Jackson
    Warwick Jackson says:

    There are some seriously sinister forces at work trying to curtail free speech and the mainstream media in there failure to give the Tommy Robinson arrest and imprisonment the attention it deserves are nothing short of complicit.
    If we don’t support TR now, who knows who will be next.

  9. Joan Gordon
    Joan Gordon says:

    Hang in there Tommy Robinson. You have been treated shamefully, but rest assured that we in Australia appreciate your resoursefulness, persistence, honesty and love for your country. We in Australia support you 100%.

  10. Sonia Stephenson
    Sonia Stephenson says:

    We’re with you Tommy Robinson.
    We are seeing more people being vilified and/or prosecuted for daring to have an opinion contrary to the Left’s agenda.
    Minorities have more rights than the average citizen.
    We are headed towards that 1984 state, where free speech is outlawed.
    Just as they did in Nazi Germany, books will be burned, statues defaced or removed, history will be amended because it is no longer relevant or suitable & doesn’t fit the socialist/communist narrative, the family unit will be seen as irregular & not to be encouraged.
    Brainwashing of our kids is happening now, aka Safe Schools, which has little to do with anti-bullying & everything to do with social engineering.
    Paedophilia willl be promoted as ‘normal’.
    We, the people, are starting to say enough is enough.

  11. Christibne Daunt
    Christibne Daunt says:

    Hi Pauline I am so glad that you have been following Tommy Robinson. These grooming gangs are disgraceful and yet the UK police did northing for 30 years. Say Hi for me and wish him luck in his fight for justice.

  12. Mick
    Mick says:

    I always was led to believe Tommy was some kind of Nazi- Research him and it is horrifying to see what he has had to endure and how the PC police are the real criminals.

  13. Wendy Bysterveld
    Wendy Bysterveld says:

    Keep up the good work Pauline. Both on the tax front and
    Tommy Robinson. It is unbelievable what is going on in the
    world. Britain of all places, putting an Englishman in jail for daring to
    speak publicly about something that everyone is concerned

  14. Greg Doyle
    Greg Doyle says:

    Notice there is not a word in the complicit Australian MSM about Tommy Robinson? If you still think Australian media and government has your best interests at heart, think again. At least we still have Pauline. Go you good thing.

  15. Blair Cheshire
    Blair Cheshire says:

    Thankyou pauline for being our voice you are a credit to this nation .Godbless and protect you.

  16. Christopher Wright
    Christopher Wright says:

    Thank you Pauline for raising awareness re Tommy Robinson,he is one of many being held incognito by the ZOG.
    We in all countries are captives of the global plantation owners.
    Our Governments are mere reflections of UN policy and financed by Global debt Oligarchy, corporates,disguised as countries.
    Good on you Pauline for standing up to our enemy.

  17. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    When you loose your freedom of speach your then entering the transition of becoming a citizen of a dictatorship, this is not what our former soldiers and citizens fort and gave their lives for.
    I believe that the United Nations is influencing those strong developed countries that once ruled, to break down and devide for another agenda that will be obvious ( taking away the right to speech) later on, but perhaps it may be too late then to regain our sovereignty.

    I hope not as in my country my grandchildren and their sidings will suffer as will many other citizens of other nations that will be under the same circumstances, you need to read between the lines.

  18. Colin Tincknell
    Colin Tincknell says:

    Tommy, I’m Pauline’s Leader in WA and wanted to pass on my support to you and your cause. Today I attended a rally for you at the UK Consulate in Perth where I witnessed great Aussies standing up for freedom of speech in all its forms and of course You. Chin up mate, my leader Pauline has done time and just like you was found to be totally innocent of all charges! (It will happen)

    Regards Colin Tincknell MLC

  19. Marion Tomes
    Marion Tomes says:

    I believe Pauline Hanson was Australia’s first political prisioner. Australian politicians are mostly self-seeking, and thoroughly untrustworthy. Most should be convicted of treason because they endanger Australia and its citizens by their profligate spending, mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren. How wonderful that we have people like Pauline Hanson and Tommy Robinson who will stand up and be counted.

  20. Gordon mckie..Thankyou Pauline for takingvrhe trouble to visiting Tommy Robinson..Its absolutely disgusting what the british government are complicit in silencing free speech and democracy..Bring on Brexit asap, can't wait to secure the borders
    Gordon mckie..Thankyou Pauline for takingvrhe trouble to visiting Tommy Robinson..Its absolutely disgusting what the british government are complicit in silencing free speech and democracy..Bring on Brexit asap, can't wait to secure the borders says:

    Congratulations Pauline..we need more people like you and the Tommy Robinsons of this world to stand up for our freedom of speech and democracy…We desparately need a party like yours in Aust. And the Ukip in the uk and get rid of labor and conservatives who do nothing for the people and dont listen.Get rid of all this PC crap.
    We demand democracy /freedom of speech returned ..Insert it into our constitution..Rhankyou for seeing Tommy and let hm know all Australians are with him and wish him well..Try and have him separated from the mob while in prison so he is not attacked..He is our Mandella ..and look where he eventually ended up..Prime Minister
    Take care on yr trip regards Gordon Mckie

  21. Beverly Whyte
    Beverly Whyte says:

    Islamic Invasion is happening now in the UK and the rape of thousands is WAR BOOTY.

  22. Christine
    Christine says:

    Your the only one with guts in Australia! We need you as our leader not what we have now. I’m so glad your helping tommy , He would be safer in Australia 😕

  23. Michael
    Michael says:

    To the only public figure in Australia that is willing to talk about Tommy Robinson, Pauline, thank you. You give me faith in free speech because what happened to him is scary and it’s gone too far. The media in Australia just isn’t covering it. I don’t know what to think but please keep fighting for free speech! I will vote for you in the next election! Regards Michael.

  24. Greg
    Greg says:

    In 2000, muslim rape gangs from western Sydney were responsible for a reign of terror in which girls as young as 14 were brutally raped. As happened in Rotherham in the UK, the cowards in government, the police and the media refused to label the perpetrators as Muslims which they were. This secrecy and failure to call out what were Muslim hate crimes against vulnerable white Australian girls was one of the causes of the Cronulla riots. The elitists should be aware that Aussies are an easy going bunch but push us too hard and watch out. Free Tommy.

  25. Alan tye
    Alan tye says:

    Tommy is a hero and a REAL PATRIOT ! He seems to be the only person fighting for
    A decent Britain and to stop the evil being committed by Islamic men against children.
    Plus many other things that are happening .

  26. Belinda Stevens
    Belinda Stevens says:

    Good on you Pauline ******************
    This is Stalinist style communism
    Tommy Robinson apparently has recently been moved to a new jail (within the last 24 x hours) with 71% Mulim population where they chanted for his death ALL NIGHT
    A fatwa is out for his death
    An Iman has called for his death
    This is unbelievable – Stalin and Lenin would be so proud
    If something bad were to happen the British government is directly responsibile
    This is absolutely appalling
    The United Kingdom is no longer united. No longer a Kingdom.
    No longer Great. No longer Britain
    Please help Pauline – Tommy needs our help ******

  27. Flick
    Flick says:

    Pauline. You are amazing and that is why we continue to vote and support you. Shame on the UK government for silencing a man reporting on horrific crimes which need to be voiced. What happened to our freedom of speech. What happened to our voice. The worse part is as Australia is common law, what happens in the UK will happen here. It is only a matter of time.

  28. Dean
    Dean says:

    just wanted to say thankyou to Pauline Hanson for all she has done, a true Aussie patriot who stood up for this country her whole career and very appreciated, she gets my vote, would love to see her as Australian PM, lets make it happen Australia. To Tommy Robinson, there are no words to describe the injustice Tommy has been through at the hands of such a corrupt and illegitimate un elected British Orwellian government and police force. As we all know Britain has suffered at the hands of political traitors for far too long and i hope the tables are turned and they are the ones who are one day sent to prison as it is where they truly belong. Lets get Tommy ourt of Jail and back to doing what he does, stronger and bigger than ever with an army standing beside him and protect a good man with our lives never to let this type of thing happen again..

  29. Steve
    Steve says:

    Thanks Pauline for being the only politician who seems to care about the appalling treatment of Tommy Robinson . I to have now changed my vote to one nation please don’t let this happen in Australia and when you see Tommy tell him that he and his family are welcome in Australia

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