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Lisa is a proud first-generation Australian. The child of an immigrant European family, she was raised understanding the privilege of living in such an amazing country and taught to respect freedom and the pillars of democracy from a young age. Lisa believes the four major parties have betrayed the Australian people by compromising those freedoms and democratic rights, failing to operate under the Constitution, and not appropriately representing the people of our great nation.

"Together, we created a uniquely Australian identity and spirit in this 'great southern land'. We respect and are tolerant of each other’s beliefs, religions, cultures, and values. We allow (or did allow) everyone to express their opinions. We greet people with open arms and a good old Aussie BBQ. You can be anything and anyone you want to be. This is all at risk as our politicians move further away from the values held by most Australians."

As a businesswoman with a dynamic career across diverse industries, including leadership roles in major companies, developing start-up businesses, and owning a franchise, Lisa is deeply concerned about the policies that have eroded our local manufacturing, damaged small to medium businesses, and taken jobs from our people. She believes her business understanding and insight will be invaluable in supporting the right initiatives in Parliament, that will move Australia forward as a whole.

"I’m proud to be part of One Nation, rejecting the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and supporting jobs for Australians first and foremost, combined with nation-building infrastructure projects including water, rail, roads, and energy, with considered and science-based regard for the environment."

As a mother of three (plus one fur-baby), and as a grandmother, Lisa is committed to protecting their future by ending the government’s disregard for quality education, manufacturing, energy independence, resource utilisation, and culture, all of which have been actively raided, dismantled, disregarded, and divided for decades.

"I’ve fought this insidious erosion since high school, where I studied politics in year 12. In the boardrooms, where I demanded ‘Buy Australian’ policies and resisted offshoring. In my children’s schools, where educators sought to eliminate individuality, critical thinking, and merit-based rewards. On the streets at protests since day one. And on social media, as traditional media has failed us. However, none of this is quite enough. It is time for all Australians to come together, to defend liberty and our way of life."

Lisa strongly believes that together, the Australian people, have a chance to rebuild our country; to create a wonderful future for all. A country of inclusion, cohesion, community, collaboration, and opportunity. A return to shared national wealth, with manufacturing, cooperative farming, thriving tourism, great infrastructure, energy independence, and environmental and trade protections. Where we respect individuality, human rights, equal opportunity, and family values, supported by an education system that achieves quality outcomes.

"I firmly believe the time for 'traditional politics' is over. We are overrun by performative activists when we need real action. We must have representatives of the people, who will put the people at the centre of everything we do. We won’t let our culture be destroyed and our sovereignty eroded. I have the skills, knowledge, integrity, and courage to represent Goldstein and our country with determined honesty and dignity. I will not be bought, compromised, or intimidated."

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Lisa says the time for 'traditional politics' is over—we must not let our culture be destroyed & our sovereignty eroded. With the skills, knowledge, integrity & courage to represent Goldstein she will not be bought, compromised or intimidated #OneNationAus