Government budget doubles foreign workers, increases immigration


Both the Government and Labor have delivered their budget reply speeches this week.

One Nation was shocked to see the Government commit to doubling the number of foreign workers allowed into Australia from Indonesia under the Free Trade Agreement, as well lift the cap of 2000 Pacific Island workers coming to Australia for work. The plan will be to have no limit.

And although Scott Morrison flagged cuts to Australia’s immigration to 160,000 per year, the budget has revealed an increase to 271,700 this year and a further 271,300 in 2020.

You honestly can’t trust either Labor or the Liberals.

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  1. Susie Howlett
    Susie Howlett says:

    How about no immigration & no foreign aid.
    Pull out of Paris & the absurd climate change hoax.
    Install our rights to say what we think (free speech ).
    Build more dams
    Build more coal power stations
    Deport law breaking refugees & mirgrants anyway regardless of what the court of appeal says. Over turn the ruling.

  2. Grahame
    Grahame says:

    They talk about skilled staff from overseas.
    How skilled are they. They talk about about importing techs from INDIA.
    This is the country with very rough cables on polls.
    The country that take complaint calls which you have trouble with talking to.
    They would not have the training required.

    Question to one nation.

    Farmers Land you own. What do you actually own. Can the ground underneath be classed as crown land and sold to overseas miner and you can do nothing.
    If it is aboriginal land it cannot happen. Is this the case.

    This was on a NITV program a few years ago and it left a few questions unanswered.

  3. Margot
    Margot says:

    Stop all immigration. Stop handouts to refugees. Stop foreign ownership. Reclaim Australia. Stop all Isis members who left Australia, to fight with Isis, returning. With their multiple wives, children. Our welfare system alone, cannot afford it. Let the danger they pose to society.

  4. Robyn Wilde
    Robyn Wilde says:

    The two party preferred system no longer cuts the mustard with me.

    There’s Shifty Shorten banging the drum for the union band; he’ll have this country on the rocks in no time, with long term repercussions. Then there’s Scomo sailing in his rudderless ship of in-fighting fools, smiling happily as he peers into the future with eyes firmly shut. Both are throwing money around like confetti at a wedding. Neither is addressing real problems, real issues. Both apparently lie through their teeth. Neither will get my vote!

    With serious Immigration problems and excesses, foreign ownership and its flow-on of disasters, freedom of speech, foreign workers, free trade and the whole bag of problems this once fantastic country now has – it would seem only two parties truly give a damn: One Nation and Australian Conservatives (if it’s okay to mention them on this site!).

    The stupidity and mismanagement this country has endured for more than a decade makes my blood boil!


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