Government Plays Citizenship Catch Up

Yet again, the Government has had to play catch up to One Nation in their Citizenship policy. If they could use some common sense in assessing who we let into our country, Australia would be in a much better position.

This should read migrants MUST face English competency test!Looks like the Government is still trying to keep up with…

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Friday, June 15, 2018

From February, Pauline’s proposed Stronger Citizenship Bill:

CITIZENSHIP REFORM | Pauline Hanson calls for tougher citizenship test

Today I moved a private senator's bill addressing the issues of immigration and citizenship reform.The Government has failed to tackle this issue and has abandoned its attempts to legislate a solution. So it looks like it is up to One Nation to make sure this is put back on the agenda and debated.FIND OUT MORE: Nation has also released an updated policy on Immigration and I am keen to hear what you think.IMMIGRATION POLICY: #OneNation #Citizenships #CitizenshipReform #ImmigrationReform

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Since 1996 Senator Pauline Hanson has been calling for a stop to Australia’s high immigration levels and today she has taken the Government to task by tabling an amended version of their abandoned citizenship bill.

“Australians are now suffering the effects, mostly in our cities, not only from high immigration, but from the impact that is occurring on people’s lives when new migrants who have no regard for our culture, way of life or laws, do not assimilate and don’t wish to. It is these people Australians are rejecting but their calls for control by governments, fall on deaf ears”, Senator Hanson said.

“Australian citizenship is a privilege, something that is earned, respected and cherished. This could not possibly be the case if citizenship is available after 1 year’s residency on a permanent visa and by passing a pathetic multiple choice test, not requiring to speak, read or write English. I am infuriated like many Australians are, including those who were once migrants themselves and are now Aussies,” Senator Hanson said.

In her amended bill Senator Hanson is calling for the waiting period for citizenship to be 8 years on a permanent visa, instead of the Governments proposed 4 years.

“Permanent residents have the same rights in this country as do its citizens, other than voting. We don’t have to rush in to handing out citizenship papers. Once they are citizens we cannot remove them from our shores if they are criminals, persons of bad character, or wish harm to our country and people,” Senator Hanson said.

Coinciding with the Senators move to reignite debate on the issues of citizenship and immigration reform, One Nation has also released a revised immigration policy.

One Nation’s revised Immigration policy recognises the invaluable contribution of overseas born Australians, who have enriched our culture, committed to our values, our laws, our political institutions and the equality of the sexes.
“Population size and immigration are never open for debate or public input by any of the political parties except One Nation. The people of Australia have a right to know what their politicians have in store for our country when it comes to the population size and the cultural destiny of our country. I well and truly believe we need to let the people have their say,” Senator Hanson said.

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  1. Rose Figtree
    Rose Figtree says:

    The most important goal is to have migrants assimilate. In the past we saw great waves of Greeks, Lebanese, Italians, Russians and Asians all arrive here with no English speaking ability but were so grateful for the opportunity to start a new life in a free country that rewarded individual responsibility and hard work.They bought a wonderful range of cultural attributes to Australia and added to our great diversity. The recent influx of Islamic cultures has not been so easy to assimilate. It is not about one’s ability to speak English that should be the test but rather the motivation to assimilate into our Western Culture. With universities refusing to teach ‘Western Civilisation’ we need to turn the focus onto our rebranded Marxists in the universities, the media, the public service and most especially to talk about these topics to engender a concenses that Western Civilisation is worth protecting and worth fighting for should the need arise again.

  2. Anthony Visser
    Anthony Visser says:

    I totally agree, I’m 58 yo male born in broken Hill as my parents and there’s. I’m a crane operator Dogman an do shutdowns at whyalla. I only get work as a casual when they are short. The work force is full of Philippines,Shir lank in who are full time. I’ve been casual for four years. If I try to go on the dole it’s a joke. How am I supposed to work until I’m 67 try to find a job in Port Pirie when you’re 30 let alone 58 I also run my own carpet cleaning to survive but my back is suffering. Go Pauline I’m a paying member.
    Tony Visser I’ll back you up👍

  3. Brenda simpson
    Brenda simpson says:

    Absolutely agree with you Pauline. Migranrs must be able to speak English, this is a deterant to finding a job. And more importantly prove they agree to follow our laws and custons. I’m a migrant myself and am a proud Australuan.

  4. Peter Zazlan
    Peter Zazlan says:

    Major Parties like dummies..Our duopoly keep playing revolving chairs, relying on votes from those less intelligent, along with wealthy donations, keeping them in power and strengthening Plutonomy..

  5. Wayne Neilson
    Wayne Neilson says:

    MY SUBMISSION IS NUMER 50. COPY FOR YOUR INFORMATION. First Name: Wayne Last Name: Neilson I am 60 years of age. I have worked as a Policeman, General Duties, Designated Detective, Intelligence Officer, Prisoner Security and Communications. I have also worked as a Juvenile Justice Officer in Juvenile Detention Centres in NSW. I am currently a motor cycle rider instructor and assist on my Uncles sheep farm. I have also worked in mines and many other occupations. I am married. My wife is German, my son’s wife is of Cambodian heritage. My daughter is engaged to a male of Norwegian Heritage. I wrote the below submission to the then Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison in 2014 before the Martin Place Siege, which says a lot about the lack of understanding the problems in the community face and fear. The Martin Place siege should not have happened if the Immigration Laws seriously took into account the safety and security of citizens. I was going to attach the letter but I could not copy it. It is available if required. This is the letter I wrote to Scott Morrison. MIGRANT/REFUGEE – 10 YEAR QUALIFYING PERIOD, FREE OF VIOLENCE AND/OR CRIMINAL PROPERTY DAMAGE. Prior to applying for Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency, all migrants or refugees arriving in Australia by any means, will be on a 10-year temporary entry visa. Migrants and refugees can only become Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents after a ten year crime free qualifying period. If a person is convicted of a crime involving violence or offer or threat of violence, or convicted of property damage, within the qualifying period, they will be deported. This will give Australians a chance to see that the migrants or refugees are genuine of wanting a better life in a safe country and that they will uphold Australia’s democratic and liberal way of life. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status, should be viewed by all applicants as an immense privilege. The 10 year qualifying crime free period, will also allow the migrants or refugees, who genuinely want a better life in a new country, not to live in fear in Australia, from the same violent persons, criminals or crime gangs who may have made their lives fearful and dangerous, in the countries they emigrated from. It will also deter crime gangs from using newly arrived persons to commit crimes (FOBS).
    Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Commitments for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill 2018 Submission 50
    FURTHER POINTS. Many countries I would not go to for fear of violence, crime and corruption, but the Governemtent brings the same people to our Country, with no social or integration training, whereby some then commit the same crimes they would commit in the country they came from, against Australian Citizens. The same Citizens who would not ever visit the criminals country of origin through common sense. It totally defies logic. There should be a Certificate 3 to be completed to be an Australian Citizen and references checked, no different to applying for a job! Where are the statistics for how many crimes are committed against Australian Citizens by non citizens every year? It should be known as part of the arguement. Thank you Wish you the best Wayne

  6. Rudolf Stroessenreuther
    Rudolf Stroessenreuther says:

    When we came to Australia from Germany we were put in the ex-Army Nissen huts
    here were no Handouts we had to go to Work to exist. Don’t forget we were to ask to come to Australia to fill the gap of tradesman which were missing here.

  7. Tammy Bendall
    Tammy Bendall says:

    It is well said and well thought Pauline Hanson.
    I have been telling some of my friends and gave them an example”: “if it is my house and who i want to invite into my house it is up to me “

  8. Helen richards
    Helen richards says:

    Thanks for sticking to what you believe in Pauline,you have had to put up with so much rubbish , take courage, be strongAustralia needs you.

  9. David Wilkinson
    David Wilkinson says:

    Well done Pauline. I for one whole heartedly agree, further more you should not be able to claim benefits or access Medicare until you’ve contributed say $10,000 in tax to this country
    and our own school leavers should have to wait 3 months to apply and be cut off after 3 months to motivate them to succeed or temporarily lower their standards. what ever happened to the ideal of starting at the bottom and working your way up. We don’t need migrants to do the ‘shit work’s that’s where you kids should start it’ll either teach them some humility or motivate them to succeed and climb the ladder.
    cheers for all your hard work

  10. kevin thornton
    kevin thornton says:

    i live in the western suburbs of melbourne and i can tell you if the immigration continues at the rate it is today we are going to have complete shutdowns of business and people being able to travel to and from work, it only takes one disaster, like a bad car accident, to shut the westgate bridge, this has already occured on several occasions, the rate of home building is out of control, no planning , no infrastructure , the housing being built is of low quality, to close to each other,blocks are tiny, a big proportion being bought for leasing, what you end up with is areas looking like slums, the reason being people who own these homes do no maintenance at all and the area looks terrible, i was stunned to read jeff kennett, saying that we cannot stand still or will will go broke, the only reason he says that is because where he lives there is no effect on there areas of hawthorn and toorak, everything stays the same. keep up the fight pauline my wife and i are right behind you

  11. N.P. Groot
    N.P. Groot says:

    On the requirement for immigrants to speak English before becoming naturalised, I like to make a comment:
    I arrived in Australia Nov. 1959. I wanted to continue my studies and after doing a trade course as a Radio/TV technician, I had to sit for an English examination to continue studying at a TAFE for a Certificate in Electronics and later on the same happened for acceptance to a University. Mind you my English at that stage was a lot better than many a foreign person who has been in Australia for many years that I meet nowadays!
    I am amazed at the number of people I see on TV being interviewed who speak NO or very little English. As is stated in a previous comment that they are building “Ghettos” in Melbourne, which will become centres of foreigners where the English language is not important, as the government is providing translation services anyway.
    I know, I am also a (Naturalised) immigrant. However, I have never been on welfare and I paid for my education myself (no hex? loans), whilst holding down a 40 Hrs/week job.
    All this pandering to these immigrants (legal or illegal) is being paid for by the tax payers: I can see very little benefit to Australia except for the consumer market.
    Pauline, keep up the fight. We are right behind you. As long-time Liberal voters, that party is not looking good anymore. Let us not mention the ALP or the idiots of the Greens at this stage!!! If there is an O-N candidate where I live (and there was one onetime), he/she will get our vote!!

  12. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    Keep fighting pauline we all need you to speak for us an why are theses migrants that have only been hear 4months aloud to work in our hospitals when they don,t understand anything an egnore us when we know what were doing treat us like we shouldn,t be hear it,s descusting what this goverment is doing love you pauline xxxx


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